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Some of the hits released by this label include Elements, Fired Up, and Be Yourself among others. Make Your Noize Recordings. Some labels, especially larger labels, will not accept unsolicited demos for legal reasons - they worry about people sending them demos, and then later suing them, claiming their songs have been stolen. We accept demos in all Christian genres, such as: Rock, Pop, Singer / Songwriter, Country, Metal, Hip-Hop, Rap, Latin, R&B & Soul. Support or dislike tracks, give feedback and download demos. You will have to create a Drop Track account to send your song. Your demo submission doesn’t need to be perfect. Kiss Dance aims at promoting new talents by accepting your demos in the genre of electronic music including Tech House, Deep House, and Techno. You can upload your content to Zippyshare.com. Do not feel discouraged if we do not accept your demos, just keep believing in your projects, and maybe one day, we will have the opportunity to work together. That’s why we’re sharing this primer on the “Big Three” major record labels. Follow channels, friends and artists. Because we have the assets to put your music out there and to bring it some concrete exposure with the cross-platform strategy we’re leading. Most Selling Record Labels Of Modern Times, Record Label and Industry Leader Fuel 2000 Leads the Pack with it’s Extensive Music Catalog. BID BEATS RECORDS. Sidefunk Recordings. The majority of record labels don't accept any demo submissions at present times, but perhaps they will after some time. Hi and welcome to our  "Labels accepting demo submissions" page . Hip hop indie record labels are also making a big splash as well. Unofficial materials lead to strikes on music platforms and in some cases, legal issues, so we will not accept unofficial remixes, edits, bootlegs, etc… but, if you can have the authorization from the copyright owner(s) of the song you are willing to work on (edit, remix, etc…), we will definitely be glad to consider it. Poolside Recordings features genres such as Tech House, Deep House, and Future House. You will be required to create a Drop Track account to share your track to the company. If you are willing to remix or edit any of our already-released track(s) or any of our artist(s), feel free to contact us about it, we may be able to provide you the stems and the authorizations needed if we like your project and if our artist(s) accepts. I'd highly recommend checking out some organic music … To receive their newest tracks in your demodrop, and see which tracks they support. Distar Records. Original music, only, please. We do respect the copyright law, its rules and principles, because this is how art works. Digital Empire accommodates artist under the Electronic Dance genre. 27INAROW Records. Don’t send the same song twice (but keep on working on your music) include your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel if you have one you are proud of. Versuchen Sie es einfach ein anderes Mal wieder, anstatt an der ausbleibenden Rückmeldung Anstoß zu nehmen. HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC WITHOUT A LABEL. In the first place, Eonity (and its 5 sub-labels) is an electronic music label. Please submit demo. However, not all record labels are cruel to new artists and below is a list of the labels that will willingly accept to listen to your music: East Pole label currently allows demos from artists all over the world and features music genres including electro house, tech house, deep house, and progressive house. Thanks for your visit to our site  and wish you Video Label: Tiny4K Proves Quality Comes First! The label currently accepts music genres including Future House, Dance, Deep House, Future House, and Tech House. We will definitely need you to be different, innovative, original and authentic, to be accepted on our label. The company does not accept material under copyright. There are a lot of artists out there, doing various things, with various quality and skills. You will have to wait for some days for the response. We encourage creativity but only if authorized by the original artist(s) or copyright owner(s). The majority of record labels  don't accept any demo submissions at present times, but perhaps they will after some time. When sending your demo, you should include your name, age, Email address, website URL, and Soundcloud among other relevant information. However, the label does not welcome Mash-up tracks and those made with Acapellas, Soundloops, and Loop Masters. Most record labels shy away from accepting demos because of the challenges associated with it. Write a short and concise letter why you want to be part of SpiceRecordz and how we can help. Original music, only, please. Learn Demo Policies. The label is based in both the United States and the United Kingdom. So, what we do is provide you with a selection of record labels that currently do accepting demo submissions. LLC. We receive a certain amount of demos, we do try to listen to everything, but today’s industry is really competitive and it requires something special to stand out from others. Loud sonic currently features hip-hop music genre. Submissions sent by mail preferred. We are considering other spirit filled Bands for nationwide venues, who are ready and have experience in sharing their music. We do our best to listen to everything we receive, but please, be aware that we cannot answer nor give feedback to everyone. We invite you to consult our catalogs to see if there is anything you would like to remix or edit. Submit a demo (and only one demo) that represents you and that you are proud of. So, what we do is provide you with a selection of record labels that  currently do accepting demo submissions. The following Hip-Hop record labels and music producers are currently accepting demos via DropTrack. Genres such as Pop, Rock, Reggae, Rap, etc… can be accepted on this one. Tim Gordon & Human8 – Stand My Ground (feat. Your demo submission doesn’t need to be perfect. You can submit Rap music here: https://www.omarimc.com/submit-your-music/ https://www.droptrack.com/hip-hop-record-labels-accepting-demos/ https://www.droptrack.com/rap-record-labels-accepting-demos/ Mesa, AZ 85212 We will definitely need you to be different, innovative, original and authentic, to be accepted on our label. Please complete the form below A Video showing large venue performance is a plus. This will  save you some money and time...All this valuable information is available at the 'Contact us' page,or the "Demo policy"  page at the label's website, of course.. There's a right and wrong way to approach indie record labels looking for artists like Sub Pop, it's important to learn the nuances, all … Digital Empire accepts full tracks from artists and makes a decision regarding the quality of your music. For you to send your files to this label, you are required to first upload your files on WeTransfer or Soundcloudthen forward the link to Poolside Recordings. Fairley'Odd Music. The best scenario for SpiceRecordz are fully equipped Christian bands, which are skilled in the Word of God. Some groups under Victory Records are Ringworm and Bayside. We accept demos in all Christian genres, such as: Rock, Pop, Singer / Songwriter, Country, Metal, Hip-Hop, Rap, Latin, R&B & Soul. In my opinion, record labels are an alternative definition of working in togetherness to achieve the objectives of music in the society. Because we are humans and we are interested in creating long-term relationships based on trust, passion and win-win partnerships. Aftermath Entertainment 2220 Colorado Blvd., 5th Floor Santa Monica, CA 90404 Contacts: Angelo Sanders, A&R Director Andre Young (Dr. Dre), President Phone: 1-310-865-7642 Fax: 1-310-865-7068 Email: None Given Website: www.aftermath-entertainment.com Genre: Hip Hop, Rap, Urban, Contemporary R&B Accepting Unsolicited Demos / … Sometimes an indie label is the right move for an artist, and sometimes it isn't. Scheef Records features genres including Deep House, Techno, Minimal, and Tech House.For mailing purposes, the company is reachable via [email protected] Records only accepts full tracks and legal samples. MidiBoi Music. Click a link below to submit your music: Loud Sonic Recordings. Label-Mitarbeiter haben einfach keine Zeit, jede einzelne Demo-Zusendung zu beantworten. Gentlemen Lounge accepts full-length tracks in mp3 format and 320 Kbs. It’s info you should know, whether you’re an artist or an aspiring A&R/Concert Promoter/Music Journalist/what-have-you, especially since the major labels count for around 80% of record sales.

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