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Besides lending color to the hands, mehndi is a very powerful medicinal herb. A must check-out! Huge floating stones were placed deep inside the sea and formed a bridge. Regular cleansing of toxic materials keeps one healthy. 3. If you enjoyed this, you can check out other interesting blog posts on different urban legends, conspiracies, and mythologies! Instead of fostering scientific temper, the congress has provided a forum to seed the minds of young people with pseudoscience. We know that there are some copper plates, inscribed with Vedic scripts, buried beneath the Main Idol. According to Hindu mythology, there are fourteen different worlds (not planets). Below, in the brain, occurs the Brahmarandhra, where the sushumnã (nerve) arrives from the lower part of the body. Here are our recommendations if you want to know more about Hinduism: Ramayana, translated by Kamala Subramaniam: This is our number one recommendation. In fact, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism have all originated from the primary religion of Hinduism. Wearing toe rings is not just the significance of married women but there is science behind it. In Yog, Brahmarandhra is the highest, seventh chakra, with the thousand-petalled lotus. Goldberg has covered Indian teachers like Swami Vivekananda, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who graced the American shores with their knowledge. The scientific temper which Jawaharlal Nehru espoused and sought to inculcate in every Indian was essentially meant to promote an eternal quest for truth based on reason, rationale and facts. Hindu religion has bestowed ‘Tulsi’, with the status of mother. According to Agama Sastra, the bell is used to give sound for keeping evil forces away and the ring of the bell is pleasant to God. When we sleep in this position, iron from the whole body starts to congregate in brain. As per one approach, it was founded when the sacred word or chant OM was expressed. When King Nimi died, the prophets created a baby from his dead body (the process is called Mantha). This also explains why Sindoor is prohibited for the widows. The duration of echo is good enough to activate all the seven healing centres in our body. Throwing Coins Into A River. Detailed Report on Hathras Horror – Complete Story, Space travel can trigger dormant herpes viruses: NASA. Miles. Perhaps the most popular approach states that the highest deities were oblivious to their own presence before the existence of time itself. Thus a person regularly visiting a temple and walking clockwise around the Main Idol receives the beamed magnetic waves and his body absorbs it. However, the scientific reason behind bells is that their ring clears our mind and helps us stay sharp and keep our full concentration on devotional purpose. The main idol is placed in the core center of the temple, known as “*Garbhagriha*” or *Moolasthanam*. It is a remarkable antibiotic. Worth a read! The book also has interesting facts on our rituals, which we perform on a day to day basis. Similarly, in ancient India, idol worship was established so that when people view idols it is easy for them to concentrate to gain spiritual energy and meditate without mental diversion. When Lord Shiva beheaded Lord Ganesha, Lord Ganesha’s face was replaced with an elephant’s face. This is a must-read! Weddings are stressful, and often, the stress causes headaches and fevers. By fasting, the digestive organs get rest and all body mechanisms are cleansed and corrected. Cloning? The underlying principle behind fasting is to be found in Ayurveda. The significance of this eating practice is that while spicy things activate the digestive juices and acids and ensure that the digestion process goes on smoothly and efficiently, sweets or carbohydrates pulls down the digestive process. It will keep it healthy by regulating the blood flow to it and menstrual cycle will be regularized. Thank you for reading! According to conversion practices that are in use as per Hindu Vedic Literature - 1Juug= 12000; Sahastra= 1000; 1Yojan=. It is said that snakes do not dare to go near a Tulsi plant. The story revolves around Lord Shiva and every line of this book will keep you on your edge. The answers themselves go into varying degrees of complexity since there have been different approaches at different times. Polytheistic? Time travel, teleportation? Possibility of nuclear weapons? You could name a disease and find a chapter on it. If you have 3 different objects in front of you, your thinking will change according to the object you are viewing. In Hindu culture, people greet each other by joining their palms – termed as “Namaskar.” The general reason behind this tradition is that greeting by joining both the palms means respect. ‘Peepal’ tree is almost useless for an ordinary person, except for its shadow. That cause problems related to blood pressure and our heart needs to work harder in order to overcome this asymmetry of Magnetic fields. The nerves that start from our brain spread across all your body. When they accept your respect which came from your reduced ego (and is called your shraddha) their hearts emit positive thoughts and energy (which is called their karuna) which reaches you through their hands and toes. The most evident example of this is Lord Ganesha (Son of Lord Shiva) who had a face transplant. Hindu mythology does not often have a consistent, monolithic structure. Earth is considered the lowest of the seven higher worlds. The moment we ring the bell, it produces a sharp and enduring sound which lasts for minimum of 7 seconds in echo mode. Normally the wrist portion is in constant activation on any human. Our ancestors were much more advanced and scientifically strong than us. Wearing toe ring on this finger strengthens the uterus. Hinduism propagates idol worship more than any other religion. Apart from this another reason is that Our body have significant amount of iron in our blood. According to psychiatrists, a man will shape his thoughts as per what he sees. A few years back, traditions in Hinduism were considered mainly as superstitions, but with the advent of science, it is becoming evident that these traditions are based on some scientific knowledge and transmitted from generation to generation as traditions. Before this, the universe was not in existence and also absent were the concept of time, earth, heaven and space. This Bride Sang While Walking Down The Aisle, But Its Her... How to buy condoms in India – All Kind of Funny... ‘Avengers: Endgame’: Emotional, fun but perfunctory, Ranveer poses with ‘God of cricket’ Tendulkar. Sushrut rishi, the foremost surgeon of Ayurveda, describes the master sensitive spot on the head as Adhipati Marma, where there is a nexus of all nerves. As the wedding day approaches, the excitement mixed with nervous anticipation can take its toll on the bride and groom. Hope you had a good time! 3. The roots of mythology that evolved from classical Hinduism come from the times of the Vedic civilization, from the ancient Vedic religion. The shikha protects this spot. 8. They knew about the existences of the solar system, gravity, knew about the speed of the light, the distance between Earth and Sun, they knew the science behind the eclipse when the whole world thought of it as some sort of black magic, they estimated the circumference of the Earth and also the length of a year. … To an extent, the same is achieved through handshakes and hugs. https://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/shocking-science-in-hindu-mythology/166952, https://edition.cnn.com/2017/03/03/world/believer-hinduism-nine-myths-debunked/index.html. According to Hindu mythology, the life of Earth is actually a day of Lord Brahma. var aax_src='302'; On the forehead, between the two eyebrows, is a spot that is considered as a major nerve point in human body since ancient times. According to Hindu mythology, the life of Earth is actually a day of Lord Brahma. The knotted shikhã helps boost this centre and conserve its subtle energy known as ojas. A Reply to Pakistan – Final Solution! This *Moolasthanam* is where earth’s magnetic waves are found to be maximum. When we sleep with head towards north, our body’s magnetic field become completely asymmetrical to the Earth’s Magnetic field. The Puranas deal with stories that are old and do not appear (or fleetingly appear) in the epics. The Tilak is believed to prevent the loss of “energy”, the red ‘kumkum’ between the eyebrows is said to retain energy in the human body and control the various levels of concentration. This tradition is not just about sitting on floor and eating, it is regarding sitting in the “Sukhasan” position and then eating.

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