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This means that there is just an insignificant 10% of smaller feathers. High fill power down (800 and up) needs less weight in down to insulate the same amount of space as down with a lower fill power, so the top-performing and often most expensive jackets use higher fill down for warmer and lighter results. The fill power of down will decrease with time and usage. We measure the quality of down in "fill power", a measure of the loft, or "fluffiness", of a down product. Of course, most modern duvets are exceptionally light, so the differences in weight are minimal, but still important for some consumers. Thus, a higher fill power means better insulation. Most down products in Europe are rated according to the Lorch Fill Power standard recommended by the Swiss-based International Down and Feather Laboratory. Higher quality down will have greater fill power, meaning less material is required to provide the same level of insulation. It’s used to keep jackets ultralight and ultra packable. A result of 450 cubic inches of down equates to 450-fill-power down. The higher the number (800 fill, 700 fill, 600 fill, etc. The fill power rating can range from 300 to 900 and above. If you don't mind your duvet being heavier, feel free to choose a duvet with lower fill power. The higher the fill power, the more air pockets in the down and the more insulating the jacket will be for its weight. The product measures 20 x 28 inches, and it is designed to be only dry cleaned. Down fill power is a measure of the loft or ‘fluffiness’ of the down and its insulating properties. The most common down products have a rating of 400 to 500. Down Fill Power Conversion. Well, in theory anyway. To avoid overheating, they are typically very light. The larger the down cluster the more mature the bird from which it came. Unite Down White Duck Down . What is down fill power? a jacket which has been insulated with the soft and warm under feathers from duck or geese It's been hard to source in the past, but Montbell is now joined in producing a jacket that packs it — see Mountain Hardwear's Ghost Whisperer UL ($375) and Eddie Bauer's MicroTherm 100 ($399). Do you have any questions? Hydrophobic down is certainly very helpful in combatting moisture. To read more about how to care for your down duvet and pillows, visit our maintenance page. Duck down is less fine than standard goose down and considerably less expensive. More resilient down compresses less and will loft higher. HIGHLIGHTS: Set of two; 100% organic cotton cover; Machine washable; CLICK TO SEE PRICE. Fill power measures the quality and loft of down. The higher the quality the longer it will retain its loft and firmness. If you're interested to learn more about down, read more about the differences between a goose down duvet and a duck down duvet. Fill power facts: The higher the fill power the larger the down clusters. Most down products in Europe are rated according to the Lorch Fill Power standard recommended by the Swiss-based International Down and Feather Laboratory. Down Jacket Fill Power Ratings: Fill Power: Rating: 400 – 450: Medium: 500 – 550: Good: 550 – 750: Very Good : 750 – 900: Excellent . You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Fill power is the best quality indicator for down. High-loft goose down is made from the finest down and provides the highest warmth-to-weight ratio of any natural or synthetic insulation. The Rab Microlight Alpine Jacket for women wins big in the style department as well. The secret is high-loft 1000-fill down, which provides more warmth by weight than lower fill powers. UK companies report fill power in cubic inches. Premium fill-power down commands a premium price. The fill power of our duvets ranges from 600 CUIN to 800 CUIN for products with the highest quality down. 800+ Many people consider 800 to be the highest possible fill power, although others will claim that 1200 is possible. The more fill power a down product has, the thicker the layer of air inside it. Feel free to ask us!020 3129 5731 (working days 9am – 4pm, GMT), Customer reviews from Trusted Shops: 4.85 / 5.00 of 9 downduvet.co.uk reviews, 020 3129 5731 (working days 9am – 4pm, GMT). That means that the higher the fill power, the fluffier your blanket will be, and the warmer it will keep you. It also yields a higher test result—900 fill power is about as good as down gets. Compare all down duvets by duvet price, size, season, brand, fill power, ticking and down. The fill power of our duvets ranges from 600 CUIN to 800 CUIN for products with the highest quality down. 900 fill down is the highest quality down commercially available and considered the absolute gold standard of insulation—with an unmatched warmth-to-weight ratio, it is highly compressible, ultralight and amazingly warm. Down Fill Power Explained. This cosy jacket from mountaineering brand Arc’teryx uses a thermally efficient down with a fill power of 850 – that’s one of the highest ratings out of the jackets featured here. Luxury down comforters will often have a fill power rating of 700 or above. The feathers will often be Hungarian white goose down and selected for their large, lofty clusters. We measure fill power in CUIN, or cubic inches per ounce. It is also the most expensive insulation material. UK companies report fill power in cubic inches. At that point, the height of the down is measured and this number determines the down's fill power. A good down jacket should contain lightweight, compressible insulation; in most cases, a down jacket will have the highest warmth-to-weight ratio of any product you own (except for maybe your sleeping bag). when fully 'fluffed up'. Fill power is the best quality indicator for down. ), the better the down and the more loft and warmth it will provide. Fill Power When down comforters list their "fill power," they're referring to the amount of space one ounce of down feathers takes up. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. Standard goose down has slightly less loft, but is more reasonably priced. This number represents the volume in cubic centimetres of a single gram of down, when fully lofted - i.e. Once inside, a set amount of pressure is applied to the down. Where High Fill Power Makes Sense. Like any insulating material, down provides warmth by creating pockets or layers of air which protect against the cold. Goose Down Fill 900 . In simpler terms, fill power is the warmth-to-weight ratio of down. Down clothing and equipment at Webtogs ranges in fill power from 550 (medium fill power) to 900 (very high fill power). Highest Quality, High-Fill Power Goose Down . Additionally, they are 750 Fill power, and the down ratio is set to 90%. The Microlight Alpine down Jacket features 750-fill power European Hydrophobic goose down, which holds up well in a light rain. The thicker the layer of air, the better the insulation. We made a table to help you navigate the different measurements of fill power: To determine the right amount of fill power for your duvet, ask yourself how light or heavy your dream duvet feels. In … These are considered to be low quality, however, as they come from immature geese and ducks and therefore are made from smaller down clusters. Fluffier feathers take up more room—and they also tend to be better insulators. This is all body-mapped throughout the Cerium; meaning more insulation in the places that it’s needed, like on the kidneys, and less in places where you don’t need it, like at the armpits. To counteract this process, regularly hang your duvet outside on a dry day, or in a well-aired room. The larger the down cluster the higher the quality. It should fit close to your body but it shouldn’t be form-fitting, to allow you to comfortably wear one or two layers underneath. If you prefer a very light duvet which is also warm, you need a down duvet with high fill power. The warm, moist air will loosen the tufts of down and create air pockets without sacrificing fill power. In Germany and Austria (where our duvets are manufactured), fill power is measured in millimetres per 30 grams. When down clumps together, shake it loose by hand or put the duvet in a dryer with a dampened (and well-wrung) towel. To calculate this, down is washed, dried, and then put into a device called a Lorch cylinder.

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