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Will definitely be … But, my advice to anyone is don’t give up and keep on fighting for what you’ve earned. 24 reviews of High Level Health "This medical dispensary is my favorite in Denver. Prayers answered plus bonus. Worked great & good flavor. We hope to see you again!! I wouldn’t have made it this far without Hadit.com. I have been smoking flower for 41 year now, so I feel I’m a great critic. I learned to stand up for me, and how not to surrender and walk away mumbling about losing out again. The Platinum Valley strain that was generously provided to  sample was outstanding, great flavor, high THC content, motivating and inspiring. Hadit.com has helped me with expert experience and advice on how to navigate in the VA world since I started my journey in 2009. Members offer vulnerable personal details at times, for the purpose of helping others in the struggle. Thank God and your hadit.com website! © 2017 Dope Directory. Now they are carrying the Dragon Tears RSO Oil, and Rick Simpson Oil. This is the original location, that was medical only when it opened almost a decade ago. No real direction as a company. We had a really great crew of people doing work. They’d flash the lightning and thunder and deny and I would put my head down and go away and just lick my wounds. International Association of Better Business Bureaus. I requested my claims file and sifted through every page. I think it is admirable that High Level Health does what they do to give back to the Veteran’s community. 9 reviews rated 4 stars. Thanks for sharing your feedback from your visit! We are so happy to hear about your experience with us!! I did not know anything about the VA claims process. My story, but that’s not what this is for. High Level Health take great pride in the flower and their effort has produced various awards year after year. Every work experience is unique. The number of Vets helped by this site must now number in the tens of thousands, if not more. Hey there Cheeks716! without this forum I would not have gained the knowledge in order to properly document in request an increase in my service connected disability for my degenerative disc disease.I want to thank everybody that’s involved with this forum. If you want informative service with a friendly smile, you can’t go wrong here. l am service connected for: and I have successfully, helped at least 40 other Veterans get service connected and most of them is a 100% service connected and I credit 95% to hadit.com and I think hadit.com is the best help website on line, and I want to personal thank, all of the hadit.com moderators, and Carla for all there expertise in helping disable veterans, in negotiate a very complicated Veterans Affairs claim process. Good afternoon smokermissy! Will take out their money problems on employees and expect no response other than "okay, boss". I don't like having to write this review either. More about High Level Medical Clinic Customer Thank you so much for the kind review! I truly believe we can make life better for each other and build strong community bonds showing everyone we still have more to give. Click to filter by 3 stars. 18-3700 Larry O. Pendleton v. Robert L. Wilkie, Veterans Affairs and Veterans News from HadIt.com, Support HadIt.com with a purchase of this, United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder in the United States, our question has probably been asked before so the fastest way to find the information you need is to, CHAMPVA for Children who are not dependents, Agency Information Collection Activity: Authorization To Disclose Personal Information to a Third Party, Agency Information Collection Activity: Statement of Dependency of Parent(s). Site administrators are helpful and run a tight ship. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our flower being dry, we will be sure to pass that on to our grow professionals to improve the quality of our product! Keep up the good work, I hope to be one of your best customers. If you bruise it you will be insulted and given ultimatums. One thing that was distinguishing was that they only carry pure oils, no BHO. I compared each rating decision against the underlying evidence and laws in effect at the time the decision was made. Hadit.com for all things concerning Health, Benefits and Family for Veterans. You can tell they work hard for great results, and it shows!! We hope you'll continue to visit us and try out even more. Best prices, quality, and service you can find in Michigan. was stop 2 of 8 on my bday bud crawl...thanks! He greeted me with a smile, courtesy and started right away explaining the company, and the product, the differences, etc. Worked … The two men I have seen working here seem The two men I have seen working here seem friendly enough, but not overly friendly. Drove 4 hours one way to get here, and after checking out a few closer dispensaries I gladly would again. At High Level we appreciate all feedback we can get to ensure our patients are getting overall satisfaction with their experience. Both High Level Health locations are now Med and Rec, 21 and older. Good afterrnoon Aries The Poet! I learned a lot of information about claims, especially about what is important in filing a successful claim. Got the BBE today 100% P&T .Started the journey 2010 with a Pro Bono Attorney . Have a beautiful day! What benefits does High Level Health offer? VA Disability Claims Discussion Forums – Welcome to the community! Thank you for you feedback! If you like to be held down to one specific job and not taught anything to further yourself this is the place for you. Trying to make this as short as I can! They are not a handout or charity. See you again soon! Can a 100 percent Disabled Veteran Earn an Income? The decor is spot on, and clean. That advice and a few hundred bucks meant the difference…100%….between me losing and winning. It is a pointless waste of my time. Have a GREAT day!! And the staff is so friendly and helpful. Emotional rollercoaster of a job and really not worth your time or energy to support these selfish people who wont look out for you as an employee. Contributor advice and content is appreciated and free. As you would expect, the brands that sell stay on the shelves. Thank you SO much for your kind review, we hope to see you again!! That is our goal here at High Level, we would like everyone to feel better after visiting us! found a few strains that I really enjoyed! Good morning mroos21! They have partnered with the Veterans Administration and Eastern Colorado Healthcare System. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews If you are a Veteran, Spouse, Widow or dependent then you are finally home. For my first FDC for PTSD, I was scheduled for a C&P Exam & attended it on 07 April. At that point, I made it my #1 priority to learn more and while I was doing some internet surfing to figure out what went wrong with my claim, thats when I found Hadit.com in 2008. I am one of the first members backin 1997. High Level Health is a dispensary to which I will return. We strive to always provide excellent products and service, and we're happy your experience was amazing! 100% SC P&T Can they reduce payment amount after re-examination ? as someone who dislikes north, green peak, skymint, it was refreshing to come here and see good state licensed product. The information on hadit.com led me to a 90% rating and a clear path to 100%. Thanks to good folks on here like Carlie and Berta, I was increased to 100% VA, granted SSDI and my Wife is now paid to be my VA Care Giver. We appreciate the kind words very much. This forum helps relieve the brain crushing nonsense we are subjected to in this VA process. Thanks, I wasn’t disappointed :) See you again soon. Looking for amazing? In 2009, I filed new claims which were subsequently denied. Rate your employer. The verified purchase badge appears on reviews written by users that have placed an order from this listing on Weedmaps. Don’t give up!! We hope to see you again soon =D, I asked god to please let me live long enough to see Marijuana legal (decriminalized). Copyright © 2019 | Hadit.com Veteran to nice people and have the best prices around, Hey there dk809756! The HLR form did have an option on the form to request an “INFORMAL CONFERENCE CALL” which I checked off so I could explain my disagreement with the rating given. The place was very clean from walk-in, bathroom, and in vendor room. I go to the one on Colfax. Company politics, favoritism, disrespect from the management. I hadn't been really high from just flower in forever, but a few good bong rips of LA puck & the Kush put me down like a teenager. Michelle explained the company’s background and local their grow was. that call NEVER CAME! I received a decision letter about a month ago saying it was granted as secondary to my service connected GERD. There are others that discover cases, evidence avenues, fast letters, handbooks, and more. Clean and well set up; super easy to find, and Anthony is the best budtender I've come across as a patient. Thank you for stopping in our location, we value your opinion! I found that to be a ridiculous grant and immediately started my long, arduous battle with the VA for an increase.

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