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stream Lectures 19 Applied Heat Transfer CM3110 12/3/2019 3 T , outer bulk temperature T, inner bulk temperature L BUT: The temperature difference between the fluid and the wall varies along the length of the heat exchanger. 0000001945 00000 n %PDF-1.3 Steps for design of Heat Exchanger By Dr. Reyad Shawabkeh Department of Chemical Engineering King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals e-mail: rshawabk@kfupm.edu.sa Note: all information including figures and charts were obtained from Colson & Richardson, Chemical Engineering, volume 6) 1. endobj Critical analysis is carried-out at each level to calculate the each accessory heat load and other parameters. 0000009558 00000 n Contents Preface li Acknowledgments liii Author lv Chapter1 HeatExchangers:Introduction,Classification, andSelection 1 5 0 obj <<3f9939e9b1cbe54cb442a982d7074f97>]>> Parallel flow heat exchangers 3. The ultimate aim of this report is to design an Air Cooled Heat Exchanger, preferably of shell and tube type, that can be used to transfer the heat energy generated in the windings of 3-phase Induction motor working at 800 rpm (Assumed). 0000006369 00000 n Use the. j�ɫ��L���j�)�.�ܛr��o��K~���檍���P�J1,�O��]0!\��[��_ stream • Synthesis of heat exchanger networks with the goal of designing a structure that provides the lowest total (capital plus operating) costs. In the design analysis, performance charts and tables describing the performance of the shell and tube heat exchanger in terms of crucial dimensionless parameters were developed. The paper considered a review for the design of a shell and tube heat exchanger. Then obtain the heat duty, Calculate the mean temperature difference using. 1.7 Classification According to Heat Transfer Mechanisms 73 Summary 73 References 73 Review Questions 74 2 Overview of Heat Exchanger Design Methodology 78 2.1 Heat Exchanger Design Methodology 78 2.1.1 Process and Design Specifications 79 2.1.2 Thermal and Hydraulic Design 83 2.1.3 Mechanical Design 87 <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Constant specific heat 8. At last the performance parameters are examined in connection to the concentration of the absorber and mass flow rates. x���AN"A��D�cg��{N�,�.���s�,X��c$��yc� �i��u_wN����>�R�G{�ʜO���\�:V��>N�+z�NO�9L4�#D>�/��ձǘ�f��m ���1��C��]�r?�>w�L"�^�i6�j�nz����G1!� 0000001306 00000 n 1-1 Counter-Current heat exchanger from Example #1 designed with 25% excess heat transfer area (UA=196,000 Btu/hr oF) Assume only sensible heat effects •C2+ NGL feed heat capacity –0.704 Btu/lb F endstream A small-scale heat exchanger is described, suitable for construction as a design-and-make exercise by a class of students. ;;��?�|���dҼ��ss�������~���G 8���"�|UU�n7��N�3�#�O��X���Ov��)������e,�"Q|6�5�? Assume tube diameter and BWG, Assume tube length, the shell or tube side flow rate. �:�9]'S���{�y{��w��{�=��1.��wU۵�A�W��(��7�wE8J��~������7�\/���[��j-s�k�{�݅1�"I���R���_�x}T�5�r{�~����a�O\��7'�sO�9�s̄�D]� Xjh�̑ě�����_�"x|[o�{u?�Y��]� �=Y�q�Œ������7�~9Z=����E�1���0� \%��/c C�c�cF�ws`l'~v�bzM; ɦ�����_E�[!Q:9�.����0��k+h�5����g��K�%�~Z Since NTU and capacity rate ratio accounts for all the ���ܩ3��6ée8{"%��*��eY��PZA� )+Q�[�I�@{s��� q�/��H�����ü㌫��4�{��C"��Kk�姠��5�֎��V��"zde��ֈ��d�p�e�q��F�WbPঈ��D�9�^|��hx�.ԑ���~�_zk#K(�.����om����G��нM�;�ڵU��u�-��|��tP_f�0���Q�(=�;wS�9�mkfO�^ǎx���ّۣ�z�4�mx� Using the information from performance charts and tables, a basic design for the shell and tube heat exchanger can be readily formulated. Heat Exchanger Design Example..(a) Objective: Design a double pipe heat exchanger with bare inner multi-tubes that can be used to cool engine oil with cold sea water.

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