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Write down everything happening around you at this moment. Would you rather have an easy job working for someone else or work for yourself but work incredibly hard? List three things you would like to have accomplished by this time next year. What does a new beginning mean to you right now? What circumstance has altered your path the most. What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of? What is truly worth focusing on today? If there was a solution to your anxiety, how would it look? Even the best writers need them to help get some ideas going or help them reimagine how they can journal in a new way. How many jobs have you held, and what you did you learn from each. The world is a weird place right now. Do you believe in ghosts? What’s something you’ve let go that once meant the world to you? What’s something that you are thankful you didn’t give up on? Describe a time you decided not to buy something you thought you couldn’t live without. Who are the people you have in your life who support you. This list of 365 one word art journal prompts will hopefully help you inspire to create fun pages all year round AND is now updated for 2018 with a FREE printable – so you can now take this list with you everywhere! Answer them one a day, in the order listed below, or just jump in and answer them in any order you like. Enjoy your weekly writing prompt ! What are your financial goals for the year? Things you’ve done that you previously thought you could never do. to help give you the best experience we can. When was the last time you did something for the first time? Just respond to the prompt however you’d like. What is one reality you need to come to peace with? What did you do this year that moved you closer to achieving your dream? April 9, 2020 Lifestyle 121. If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would you live? You can have the confidence and support you need to build a life you love, benefits of journaling with pen and paper here, Songs About Perseverance Through Heartbreak, 29 Books to Read When Your World is Falling Apart and Your Heart is Broken, 12 Books You Will Want to Read When You First Become a Single Mother, How to Survive the First Month as a Single Mom, Thriving a Single Mom’s Guide to a Happy, Positive Life, Empowered Single Moms Life Coaching Community, Journal Prompts for Self Reflection During Winter Social Distancing, How to Find the Best Deals On Amazon Prime Day. What political party do you consider yourself a part of. Would you rather be in jail for a year or lose a year off your life? 50 Journal Prompts to Get You Through Quarantine. List five traits that you love about yourself. While my introverted self loves being inside and spending my days in my backyard, I know it isn’t as easy for everyone else. The Self Exposing Nature of Dealing with Pests, Three Things I Had to Do Before I Got Paid to Be a Writer, How to Reset Your Balance When Guilty Pleasures Create Havoc With Your Life, Instructions to Remain Perky When Confronting Lasting Wellbeing Changes, A Definition of Success You Can Finally Take Action On, Why You May Feel Unhappy With Your Life and How to Change It, Things to do today, this week, this month. 40. What are the pros and cons of having children. This collection of journal prompts is organised in a way that will help you answer a really wide variety of questions about yourself, your relationships, your strengths, weaknesses, hopes and dreams. How would you like people to describe you? What’s the next step you’ve been thinking about taking, for far too long? What do I miss about my ex and life with him? What kind of drama do you sometimes get caught up in? Why/why not? It’s up to you. From waking to sleeping, how would you spend your last day. While searching for journal prompts for anxiety relief, I discovered Tiny Buddha, a beautiful blog and community for finding peace and happiness. What is your most vivid memory of the kitchen in your childhood? Why? How can I grow from this breakup? Write about three things you’re grateful for this month. What could I begin to do to soften and love this scared part of me? Would you rather have all traffic lights you approach be green or never have to stand in line again? Whether you’re starting a new story, slaving away at that first draf, Posts about writing prompt written by thesolitarywordsmith, Writing prompt (to anyone who cares it's here https://www.goodreads.com/story/show/388593-peace-in-the-rain?chapter=1). journal prompts for anxiety relief. 3 things I am grateful for–you could do this every day. Your email address will not be published. Make a bucket list of 100 things you would like to do in the next 20 or even 40 years. What do I want to do differently tomorrow? What situations, circumstances or people seem to trigger this negative emotion within me? How did it make you feel? Oct 16, 2020 - Explore Jamie Grace James's board "Depressing Writing Prompts", followed by 130 people on Pinterest. You’ll never be anybody special.” If not, what can you do to change that? A divorce or a breakup is painful even. What would make you feel spiritually fulfilled? An event that turned out differently than planned. Journal about peace. What did you do this week that moved you closer to reaching your goals? Journal about heartbreak. Use these prompts to get over a broken heart. What are you in control of at this very moment? What would you ask for if a genie granted you three wishes? As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? What have you been given that you’re grateful for? Would you rather move to a new city or town every week or never be able to leave the city or town you were born in? Three things you and your best friend have in common. Write a letter to someone you need to forgive. What’s the hardest thing you’re trying to accomplish or cope with right now? What is one thing that you need to start saying yes to and why? I often feel…(angry, irritated, mad, sad, cheated, belittled, shamed, etc), If I had to name one emotion that seems to live deep in my core, it would be…. When did you last read a book, why did you read it, and what it was about. Depending on your end goal for journaling, journal prompts can help you achieve it. What are your thoughts on a current news story. What’s something you’re grateful for outside? What’s one good, recent example of someone with a bad attitude completely misjudging you? What do you feel like your life is missing and how can you get more of what you need? A whole year’s worth of questions to help you get your inner-most thoughts and feelings down on paper. What are the top ten qualities a friend should have? Over the past month, what have your actions been silently saying about your priorities? What did you to make yourself proud this week. Fill your art journal page with all the things your inner critic says such as, “You’re not good enough. What do I believe I am? What do you appreciate most about your life right now? You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. What has your inner voice been trying to tell you lately? What are your top five goals that you want to accomplish by the end of the year? I have chosen your post, A Week’s Worth of Journaling Prompts: Healing the Past, for the #JournalChat Pick of the Day on 4/2/12 for all things journaling on Twitter. 38. Being quarantined can … Why are you grateful for this photo? sometimes, they dont. What was your favourite subject at school? Is where you are right now, where you want to be? Follow on Pintrest Happy Wednesday Writers! One thing you say you think, but really don’t. Answer them any way you please. What’s the best thing in your life right now? Write a letter to be read by each of your loved ones after you’ve passed away, Describe a moment you remember with your mother. What are five things that you are really good at? What book(s) have taught you a powerful lesson? What is the most important thing in life? 39. Why? Finding the perfect journal is a necessity. Sometimes I journal for clarity, other times I journal to process an emotion I’m struggling with.

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