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With over 156 million Instagram followers, her account is one of the most popular Instagram accounts out there. Moving away from the subject of black and white, Cestmaria is one of the more colorful accounts on Instagram. Selena Gomez. happymundane. 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Filled with sleeping kittens, fluffy llamas, and ducklings with flower hats, this account is the essence of cute and cozy vibes for all of the warm-fuzzy feels. Adam runs another account called @thingsarewhatyoumakeofthem which provides lil' doses of inspiration for artists and creative types. Are you going through a breakup? Instagram: @stephelswood/@emilycoxhead/@donte.colley, Each Of Little Mix Star Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s Solo, Dua Lipa’s Family: From Her Mum Anesa & Dad Dukagjin To, Are Gigi Hadid And Dua Lipa Friends? As things seem even more uncertain than usual these days, it’s comforting to look to the stars. Kick start your day with some positivity. Their motto is "stay home and make something" which is literally perfect advice right now and so on their feed you'll find do-it-yourself stuff like home decor projects, crafts and recipes. Dua's Boyfriend, Who Is Dua Lipa's Boyfriend Anwar Hadid? A post shared by Carissa Potter Carlson (@peopleiveloved) on Mar 2, 2020 at 9:02am PST. Today, we will take a look at 16 Instagram accounts that will add a bit of inspiration and pep to your day. The gritty photography and superb storytelling makes this… Are you catching feelings? I will write a little star* next to their name. It's useful for generating Instagram bio symbols to make your profile stand out and have a little bit of individuality. This account breaks down your sign in beautiful, digestible posts that will make you more in-tune with your star sign and what the astrological future holds. Healthy Chef Steph is a British blogger and entrepreneur. They're focused on … @CoolMomPicks At least we hope our own Instagram account makes make our followers happy. Why Can’t “Smart Girl” and “Beauty Girl” Go Hand in Hand? This account is all about finding beautiful images in everyday life, and it’ll change the way you look at things–and have you art directing your grocery run. Donté Colley is a 22-year-old dancer from Toronto who shares some of his uplifting moves on his Insta account. His own account is full of excellent quotes and daily reminders that, honestly, you're doing great. BuzzFeed Staff. But, there's always Subway Creatures. Something that's always good to do no matter what's happening in the world is have a social media detox and unfollow any accounts that are making you feel sad, anxious or bad about yourself - you don't need them in your feed. I’m convinced swiping through these posts can spark a positive change within you. This site allows you to generate text fonts that you can copy and paste into your Instagram bio. A Beautiful Mess. Healthy Chef Steph is a British blogger and entrepreneur. 13 Instagram Accounts For When You Need A Little Positivity In Your Life. This account is a reminder of the collective human experience and just how wild it can be. This account is the official Instagram of the website of the same name. Welcome! Has the pandemic wrecked your love life? Betches. Real people, real obstacles, and real triumph. "Time is a Helpful Tool": Amanda Kloots on Finding Pockets of Happiness While Grieving, Zoom Date: Liza Koshy on Air Fryers, Emotional Rollercoasters, and Mood-Boosting Makeup. Save some of his many inspirational videos for when you’re going through it, and he’ll remind you to clap back and stay booked and busy! And as Byrdie’s social media editor, I feel it’s only right to pass on some of my favorite mood-boosting accounts to you. Don’t worry, this account totally gets it. Gigi & Bella, Miley Cyrus's Seventh Album 'Plastic Hearts': Release, A post shared by The Happy Broadcast (@the_happy_broadcast), A post shared by Elsie + Emma A Beautiful Mess (@abeautifulmess), A post shared by Dogs Working From Home (@dogsworkingfromhome), A post shared by Healthy Chef Steph (@stephelswood), A post shared by The Happy News (@thehappynewspaper), A post shared by WOOF & WALLS (@woofandwalls), A post shared by The World’s Cutest Adventurers (@mr.pokee), A post shared by Carissa Potter Carlson (@peopleiveloved), A post shared by Donté Colley (@donte.colley), A post shared by Charlotte Freeman (@momentaryhappiness). A post shared by The World’s Cutest Adventurers (@mr.pokee) on Mar 20, 2020 at 10:32am PDT. A post shared by Donté Colley (@donte.colley) on Mar 14, 2020 at 11:06am PDT. Between spontaneous shots of our kids, cool stuff we’re coveting, funny things we see around town, shamelessly embarrassing TBT photos, and Kristen mugging in makeup her four-year-old put on her (or you know, with Ethan Hawke in front of a step-and-repeat)–well, we’re definitely having fun. by Kristin Harris. Woof & Walls shows off cute dogs sat in front of cool street all over the world. JK, your brain is perfect, and this account will definitely make you smile. The Happy Broadcast aims to provide "anxiety-free news" from around the globe, every single day. A post shared by WOOF & WALLS (@woofandwalls) on Feb 14, 2020 at 3:59pm PST. Instagram Fonts. Mr Pokee is a super cute hedgehog and his Instagram feed is sure to put a smile on your face - mainly because it's impossible not to look at a picture of a smiling hedgehog and not be grinning back yourself. Now that we’re inside so much more, people-watching in crowded places feels like a distant memory. Instagram photographer #13: Sophie Loghman . A post shared by The Happy News (@thehappynewspaper) on Mar 19, 2020 at 4:21am PDT. Here, our favorite funny Instagram accounts you should be following now—you’re welcome. How’d she become so popular? Donte's dances remind you to stay strong and love yourself which is exactly the energy we need right now. These are some 100% positive-vibes Instagram accounts you need to follow to feel good right now! Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert has inspired millions of people to push … Replace it with a whole host of good news instead. Follow for your daily dose of thought-provoking relationship-y content. Charlotte Freeman is the author and designer behind this account, which is all about self-love and staying calm in a busy world. Download 'Cross Me' on iTunes. The first thing to say is that you're not alone in your experiences and there's loads of people out there who are also feeling kinda strange about staying at home all the time and finding the COVID-19 news a little bit overwhelming. Steve Maraboli — @stevemaraboli The 50 Most Stylish, Creative, Insider-y Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following Right Now The designers, stylists, beautiful women and ultimate insiders you need to know and follow. So what's the best way to counter a load of bad news on your timeline? The average age of the account is 3-7 years old. If a good manicure brings you peace of mind, you have to give Betina a follow. Looking to stretch those DIY muscles, or just watch awesome things come to life? 9 Instagram post ideas to spice up your account 25 Instagram Apps for Producing Must-See Content How to Find and Reach Your Target Audience on Instagram Lush is a well-known beauty brand famous for creating eco-friendly products and production standards.

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