growing tomatoes in hanging baskets

Don’t let the pots dry out. Make sure you hang them in an area where watering won't be a problem. Water the plant and cover the surface of the soil with more moss to help keep the soil moist. When they start to develop a set of proper tomato leaves, carefully transplant the seedlings individually to 9cm pots and grow on in good light at around 16-18°C. The benefits of growing hanging basket tomatoes. This variety of cheery tomato is excellent for containers because of its small, compact growth pattern. Caption: Sow tomatoes indoors. How To Grow Tomatoes In Hanging Baskets. Tomatoes grown in hanging baskets may need water every day in warm weather. Regular tomatoes would grow too large for a hanging basket. Add a slow-release fertilizer —a fertilizer formulated for food crops is a great choice. Fill the container with high-quality potting soil . Hanging baskets and Topsy Turvy planters make a great display on the patio. Planting. Hanging baskets are off the ground and away from many of the diseases and little critters that attack and eat the tomatoes! Tomatoes planted in traditional hanging baskets are planted in very much the same way you plant a pot of annual flowers. For this hanging basket project, purchase Tumbling Tom tomato plants.

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