gm diet cabbage soup recipe

By the way, how do you differentiate good fat and bad fat. Thank you for your help! So, eating more red cabbage may help you lose weight. What I have for 4th day is 1 liter of milk and 2 indian banana , chosen only 2 banana s because it’s little heavy (150 gm each).my plan is to have it in 4 portions. I m sure this time I will loose minimum 3-5 KG let s see. 4) On day 1 can I have fruit juices? Oh thank you.. Thats a great relief. Can we also take raw mango (green) with vegs for Day2? So yes on white. I am an employee of Microland, trust me GM diet works 100% this my 5th day and i shred 5kilos surprising me when i check my weight in the morning, i really felt the justification for the effort what i had put, now am feeling light and relaxed…………… all thanks to GM – it was published on Yahoo……….thats how i followed…….. Mr. Paul, do u mind sharing ur mail id with me? anyways thank u so much for ur blog.. am preparing the wonder soup today….. Can I eat brown rice , yougart or Egg with one cup of tea in breakfast or any fruit as I don’t want to eat veggs tmrw morning? And you can be sure that no foods that have come near a deep fryer are allowed either. Afternoon – 1.5 bowl of Watermelon, 1 glass of water Can i add little sugar in milk. But yes a cube is fine. I have a question. Can Thyroid patients follow this diet when in control with meds? peppers, more of another veg, no worries there . So if you feel full on water stop . Potatoes tasted like heaven today morning with chopped onions, celery, ghee and a dash of spices!!! Hi, I think that the weight loss also depends on the person’s BMR? Tip: You can prepare large quantity at a time and simply warm it whenever the hunger pangs hit you. i hope it gives me real results and also give my smile back with confidence. One More: Orange- 1/2- 7.45 pm Pick local veg that work. Hey! Anytime you find yourself hungry on any day of the GM Diet, the wonder soup is the way to go. Carrots are OK, never ever use cooking spray, so bad for you, try organic coconut oil, use some to saute if you need. I experienced to reload the website lots of times previous 5) No, unless you want to gain weight. Natural always better. When you cut caffeine, sugar, wheats and such, you will feel detoxy so to speak for a few days.Hang in there. I trust what you said.but do I have to start again from day1 or can I just continue since its my day3 worried I really want to lose my weight dear author. beware of canned soups. me along with 7 friends have started .. lot of motivation going around.. we are on our first day…made a full plan on google doc and shared it with everyone…but still have few doubts…havent got my reply for previous query.. there are friends from interior regions where u do not get all the fruits …. Never a bother. Smwhr it is mentioned after 3 days n smwhr has written atleast after 2 weeks Will it vary the results. Does the timings hamper the weight loss? This site is AWESOME! Are there any risks in following the GM diet 2 weeks in a row ? are there any risks in doing it? hi.. 2dy s my 4th day.. i m doing well.. bt i didn’t feel tat i m losing weight.. really on 8th will my weight reduce? Day 1 today I had lentil soup thinking its good but il start day 1 tmrw with loads of fruit! Breakfast Recipes Under 350 Calories. 3. 1st 7days I lost 4kG bt when I do it again I don’t lose anymore, wat might be problem? Tell me what you have eaten and rank the last 3 days. just no tubers, peas or corn…. Can dry beans like(kidney beans, garbanzo etc) added to the soup? The White/green cabbage contains more vitamin K than the red ones. There is a problem along with your web site in internet explorer, may test this? You sure can, just don’t use corn or peas…. I’m curious to try the diet plan however need to know If people with health issues like hypothyroidism and PCODS can go for such a severe diet plan.? Serve hot. I am going to try GM diet next week. Is adding tamarind to any dishes during the diet good or bad? Is this fine? can u please prepare detailed gm vegitarian diet and forward it to me Cabbage Soup on the Stovetop: 1) Heat a large nonstick pot or dutch oven over medium heat, add … PLEASE HELP !! please do, I always look forward to hearing how folks do. lentil,s have protein, etc. Hello. I have to take water when I m thirsty. normal off diet, stick with 2 to 3 servings of fruit. So be careful. Potato or starchy veg only when we say. I am planning to have rice for breakfast and lunch. Start off with the onions and green pepper. Make sufficient quantities each day so that when hunger pangs hit you, you have something you can quickly warm up and eat. keep going, let’s see what happens after day 4…. I didn’t add tomatoes or celery is that ok?! 2) beans are not vegetables they are legumes. Well, am i thyroid patient so i guess i should avoid cauliflower and broccoli too but will go with the remaining vegetables, thanks alot . Why are you adding beans to the soup? thank you for the instant reply! Please help me with this. Hi, Thanks You. What i am worried about is brown rice… As i m a hostelite and dont have much options… Keep in mind less is not better. Oh my, 3 cups of curd? Can i add 2 pieces of carrot just for taste on day 2 & 3, Also can i add little bit of soya sauce and vinegar for taste. 2 are basically 2 servings of fruit. Im now on my 2nd round, fourth day! Hi, I have started the gm diet today, I have a question regarding the soup, is there a substitute for cabbage in the soup since my doctor told me that i should not be eating cabbage??

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