gerund as subject exercises

20 seconds . Gerund as subject or object – Exercise. Ebay is the Internet version of the "flea market". authenticity (N) — the quality of being real or true, bid (N) –  an offer to pay a particular price for something, category (N) — a group of things that are all the same type or kind, dispute (N) — a serious argument or disagreement, escrow (N) a service that holds the money while the agreement is being made, flea market (N) — an open air market to which people bring old things to sell, insurance (N) — a  policy that returns money to a person if there is accidental loss, list (V) — post items for sale on the Internet; put something on an official list, resolve (V) — to find a satisfactory way of dealing with a problem or difficulty, showcase (V) –  a place (or page) that shows the good qualities of something, trade (N) — exchange something of equal value, verify authenticity (v) – make sure it truly is what the seller says it is, version (N) — a copy of something that has been changed so that it is slightly different. Exercising keeps you healthy. gerund as object of the preposition. For better understanding, you can learn more about gerunds. Two clauses coordinated with or or nor are also singular in agreement. Directions: Locate the gerund (gerund phrase) in each sentence. –Get– to the final punchline takes a little time. items they would like to sell and find items they'd like to buy. The women start wrapping the chocolate correctly at first. (in general), ~That you and I are studying online → She hates going out at night.

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