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Go get your work footwear and find what is the measurement between your elbow height and the ground. See the table below for the best workbench height corresponding to your height: Lighter woodworking with power tools demands less bodily movements. Lighter woodwork, using power tools, and detailed woodwork, such as cutting joinery, asks for workbench heights around 2-4" below the elbow height. Inside: This DIY Garage Workbench is the perfect mobile, multifunctional build to organize your garage… All the 2x4 components (legs, shelf brackets, and home) are cut from 6 8-ft. 2x4s, with only a few inches of waste per board. The workbench is the center of any workshop. What is the perfect workbench height for me? It approximately corresponds to the “belly button” rule of thumb, which is another staple in woodworking. Install 2x6 and 1x4 boards between the studs with 2-1/2" drywall screws in predrilled holes. Set adjacent shelves at different heights. Plywood allows you to change the top for a low cost. You can almost double the amount of quart-can storage if you use 2" x 6" boards. Tweet. Assemble the three 66"-long, main frame components and legs, using 2-1/2" drywall screws. That means the ideal workbench height is 2 to 4 inches below your elbow height. screws. See the table below for the best workbench height corresponding to your height: Working with electronics demands greater attention to detail, so you should have a higher workbench. Again, waste is minimal, helping keep total costs super cheap - a mere $ 73.06! A 2" x 6" board will also safely hold two 1-gal. I could only find arbitrary numbers online, but nothing specific for my own height. These are some examples of how you can personalize your bench according to your wants and needs: If your shop area’s going to be located where there’s an open stud wall (no drywall covering the interior wall), you’ve just discovered an often overlooked storage area. 25 Jan. Share 161. The 1x12 shelf can be any length, but the distance between brackets shouldn’t be more than 4 ft., and the shelf shouldn’t extend more than 18 in. If you want to store items under your workbench, remember to leave 6" of clearance for your feet, both in height and in depth, so you can get closer to your workbench instead of keeping your feet too far and having to lean in an awkward position that forces your lower back. This design fits in just about any shop space, whether it’s a corner of the garage or a wall in the basement. The best material for a garage workbench top is plywood. The workbench is the center of any workshop. A garage workbench comes in many shapes and sizes and can be created to fit a variety of garage needs. As a final note, precision work, such as working with electronics, requires elbow support - add 2" to your elbow height and you are good to go. The workbench includes a bottom shelf and drawers for storage. drywall screws. Make sure the sheet is flush with the back edge of the workbench frame and that there's a 1-1/2" overhang on each end. This pooling also causes to heart to overwork - since more blood is “stuck” in the lower areas, the heart needs to work harder to pump blood to other areas of the body. So I came up with this plan for the ultimate garage workbench and table, as well as some serious tool organization (so long, plastic totes!). long. (I know I am.) Simple Workbench Plan. Place the remaining sheet of plywood onto the glued sheet, with the sanded side up. A slight heel may help decreasing strain in the Achiles tendon, but remember to take that into consideration when measuring your workbench height. As the builder states, this is a classic design that won’t wear and tear, is … A 1" x 4" board will hold quart-size cans, as well as most aerosols. Also, stagger the shelf position to make screw installation easier. I’m 6'0” tall and that sounds like bending constantly. Heavier woodwork that demands downforce, such as working with hand tools, requires worksurfaces from around 8" below your elbow height. This avoids excessive strain in your back when moving your workpieces around and in your shoulders when you are working against gravity to raise a tool and drill a hole or hammering a dowel. This is why I believe you should measure your elbow height and custom build your workbench. The way they work is by slightly allowing your body to sway, the mats allow you to move subtly and that already causes you to change body position, circulate your blood, and move your muscles. What is a good workbench height for hand tool woodworking? Just like every other “modern” construction “standard” such as sinks, kitchen countertops, and so on. This workbench’s design does just that. If you often build bulkier items such as furniture, go for a lower workbench. Top 3 Free Garage Workbench Plans. Garage workbenches … Finally, note the rounded corners on the 2x6 boards. To round the corners, cut them at a 45-degree angle and then file or sand smooth before you install the shelves. My solution was to build a small cabinet to prop up my table saw, plus it doubles up as storage space for all my blades, push sticks, and a smaller crosscut sled. Use 2-1/2" drywall screws. Consider your type of woodworking. These are based from the ground to the work surface. thick 4x8-ft. sheet of plywood. Hand tool woodworkers use even lower 32” height for extra leverage during hand planing or chiselling sessions. Wearing safety footwear that is comfortable and allow wiggle space for your toes, in both height and width, also helps. The best thing about DIYing is to make your project your own. Here are some guidelines: A word of caution about loading the shelves: if you decide to use the between-stud shelves, position them so that you can’t stack items more than one row high. It also has easy-to-assemble drawers and a shelf for convenient storage. Attach the side panels and back panel. This limitation in body positions leads to less variations of posture and movement, which can cause issues such as blood pooling in the lower regions causing sore feet, swollen legs, and varicose veins. It has a 2’ x 6’ work surface, one shelf for storage, and a handy area to store your shop vacuum. Make sure the screws penetrate into the workbench frame. 71K Shares. Then mount the angled 2x4 braces to the studs and to the horizontal brackets with 2-1/2 in. 02 of 17.,,, Position the shelf on the horizontal support and secure with 1-1/2" drywall screws. It is very important to change body position and posture frequently, so you relax muscle groups and promote blood circulation. However, measuring your elbow ensures your arms and shoulders have the motion and the reach necessary for your style of woodworking: Standing is a natural body position, so in principle there are no problems. Inside: This DIY Garage Workbench is the perfect mobile, multifunctional build to organize your garage, store items and complete your projects all in one space.

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