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By Christopher Schwarz Woodworking Magazine, Autumn 2005, pages 12-15 Drawboring is one of the simple reasons that so much antique furniture survives today, some of it as sound as the day it was made. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he’s…, Frank Klausz reveals the family secret – how to make the watertight wood-on-wood joint for the bottom of his sharpening pond – a boatbuilder’s joint taught to him by his grandfather. By Tim Johnson One of the best buys you can make for your tablemounted router is a set of stile and rail cutters. Just…, I finished yesterday fitting the three bottom drawers to the Campaign Secretary I’m building and I started in on building the gallery – it’s all dovetailed now. Over the next hour, WOOD magazine's Kevin Boyle will show you step by step how to build an arts and, Following our step-by-step process, YOU can make beautiful cabinets: just one, or an entire kitchen', Learn to cut incredibly strong half-lap joints by hand or with a two-step process using a tablesaw a. furniture comes on the spring twine, as it is subjected to stl'ain and to rubbing against the wires every time the piece of furniture is used. In the PWM shop, there was no usable bench empty and…, Tool snobs beware: This post is about an inexpensive tool that is useful for woodworking and without an ounce of style or charm. The theme of Issue 9 is sawing , understanding sawtooth technology and how to use that knowledge in…, This week I’m getting ready to build a Shaker firewood box for the I Can Do That column in our sister publication, Popular Woodworking. And there were a couple things I was wondering about. We don’t need to do the math because the engineers at Kreg Tools have done it for you. I do have set of boxwood-handles pins…, I’ve been doing quite a bit of drawboring lately while building a couple cabinets for the next issue of Woodworking Magazine. I’d be more…, This weekend we gave away our antique Arts & Crafts sideboard to some friends who have just bought a house and I installed the new Gustav Stickley 802 sideboard I’d built with the help of Harvey Ellis’s pen and German technology. The trick is that the slots cut into the two faces to be joined must be perfect. Kevin Boyle and John Olson design and build nearly every project you see in WOOD® magazine. It adheres well to wood, doesn’t require a thick application, and lasts a long time. The…. The mortise is a cavity cut into a piece of wood, and the tenon is the end of the adjoining piece that is cut down in size to fit snugly inside – with glue, of course. These joints really aren’t that hard to do as long as you stick to my sound fundamentals of wood working: Measure twice, cut once; Buy high quality lumber; Use the correct tool for the task; Don’t hurry; Practice safe procedures; Measure two more times before you make that cut. It’s an easy detail to create, but a sure sign that the maker is paying close attention to the details. They’re fussy, time-consuming and easy to screw up. Joinery is one of the most important skills to have as a woodworker, and it’s also one of the most talked about, demonstrated and addressed. This morning I sneaked into the shop and hid there for three hours…. After all, the plane is designed to make things straight and flat, so using a curved cutter seems … let’s say “counterintuitive.” But the more I use a curved iron, the more I like it. While it does provide a wider gluing surface than a straight butt joint, a miter cut usually needs some help. It was one of the original three counties formed by William Penn in 1682, under a charter signed by King Charles II. and size (8-1/2″ long). Utilizing under stair storage space is just the start to organizing, decluttering, and revamping your home—there are infinite possibilities for what comes next. It’s 1996, and I’m a newly minted managing editor at Popular Woodworking. A perfectly symmetrical…, I’ve been working on a cherry and bird’s-eye maple entry table for the October 2012 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, and as I was installing the upper drawer stretcher I remembered how puzzled I was when faced with cutting my first one. The man has an English chest problem like I have a hammer problem. There was a time when woodworkers didn’t have things like pocket screws, beechwood biscuits, miter saws, and dado head cutters. After many years of teaching students how to make these doors, I’ve got a trick or two up my sleeve to simplify the process and remove some of…, Stile and Rail Joinery A reversible stile and rail cutter makes perfect-fitting frames for doors and cabinets without dowels, mortises or biscuits. Joint Design on the Stickley Magazine Stand. © 2020 Meredith Corporation. – Pam Niedermayer Short answer: Because that would be a tricky or weak solution to the problem we faced. Being able to spot a potential problem is the gift of experience, but it is also like a tranquilizer dart used to take down a rabid African elephant. I usually…, My next project is a close copy of a walnut side table from the White Water Shaker community. A pocket screw is inserted at a sharp angle into one side of a piece of wood so that it will project out the grain end of that piece and into the piece to which it is being joined. I’ve never…, Though Charleston is the most ethnically diverse and open Southern city I’ve ever visited, its taste in furniture has long been English. There are two basic ways to create the dado groove. You can observe or enter into a debate about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, and you can follow that on a tangent about what’s the best type of pin for the angels to dance on, and someone will likely come along to sell…, In 19th-century English workshops you could be sacked (fired) for wearing eyeglasses. But is there a reason to pick either drawboring or wedging over the other technique in terms of the strength or durability of the…, In the Stickley side table from the November 2006 issue, there are enough variations of mortise and tenon joints to give your hands and your head a real workout. The pieces need to be the exact length and the cut surfaces need to be as close to perfect as you can get them. I was first taught to cut my tails first, though I’m also comfortable cutting the pins first (I spent a whole year cutting pins first so I…, One of the best recommendations I’ve ever received in the world of hand tools came from a power-tool user who has 660-volt three-phase pumping through his veins. Yet many woodworkers…, Last weekend I built a dovetailed campaign-style officer’s trunk for the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association and several of the members were shocked when I drove the carcase dovetails together. The plain and simple pine boxes with trays.

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