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Account active to. A wine with a bold bouquet certainly had to have an impactful taste, right? I wouldn't choose it in my every day regular life though. Browse through range of collection by Franzia Wine and get your favorite one today! 500 ML = 3. When it comes to red blend wines, you can never be exactly sure what you’ll get. This is a 5 liter box and it was on sale at Albertson’s for $13.99 so obviously the price is right. After adding up the scores of both brands, Vella won with a 1.29 lead over Franzia. To satisfy more of your wine-o needs check out: The College Guide to Pairing Girl Scout Cookies with Wine; 6 Affordable, Classy Wines for Students on a Budget; 3 Things Every College Student Ought to Know About Wine 5 L = 34. In the table below you will see grams of alcohol and corresponding percent alcohol ranges. Buy The Bottle. Example: A 5 oz glass of wine with 12% alcohol will have 96 calories. Serve chilled. Don’t ruin food by pairing it. View All Nutrition. A higher ABV wine will taste warmer and bolder; almost like a slight burning sensation on your palate. While Franzia wine may very well be made with the backwash of wrung-out rags used to clean another winery’s barrels, I’ve tried two of their blends now and both were better than I thought they might be. A five-liter box (most boxed wines are only three liters) costs less than $20 – that comes out to $0.59 per glass! Min. ... Unbeatable value so you can share quality wine with all your franz. | Same-Day Delivery Available | Curbside Pickup offered in the majority of stores 5 x 12 = 60. Multiply the serving size (in ounces) by the percentage of alcohol. When you think of boxed wine, who doesn’t think of Franzia? Max. 500 ML = … Absolutely right! Serve with pork, chicken and seafood. Explore our wide variety of boxed wines at the lowest prices. Sign up for seemingly random, always entertaining, notes from your franz. Way back in 1906, Teresa Franzia's vision of hand-crafted family wines came to fruition (pun intended), and the Franzia Wine Company was born. 2.) Serving = 5 oz. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Overall, we’d happily sip any of these delish boxed wines – Bota Box, Black Box or Franzia – at the next holiday hoopla. With so many options to choose from, I rounded up a few of my favorite tasting pals to compare five different red blends in blind taste test. I’d be uncorking all night! Add Bottle. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. 60 x 1.6 = 96. Taking a sip of Black Box’s red blend, we found it to be pleasantly powerful. One less wine glass to wash. Franzia is the official wine of college students who don’t like beer and want to feel fancy, or are having a Catalina Wine Mixer-themed party. Go. 4g Carbs | 120 Calories | 1g Sugar. 60 x 1.6 = 96. If you're looking to slap the bag, it's great. This tasted like suntan lotion and regret. A satisfying dry red wine with cherry and plum aromas. “Fancy! 500 ML = 3. Franzia is designed to go anywhere you go with your franz. Franzia® Fruity Red Sangria Red Wine. So settle in, pour yourself a glass, and get ready to be franz for life. 2.) The brand's been a house wine staple for over 100 years. But outside of the amazing price, Franzia’s Dark … While we did sip these in a blind test, we did peek at the end at pricing. Serve chilled. of wine. Here's a simply way how to figure it out how many calories are in your wine: 1.) Multiply the result by 1.6. This is Franzia. Taste testing can be tricky business. But some occasions, like a festive Christmas Eve dinner, call for something just a bit fancier than punch — red wine comes to mind for me! More body and flavor than blush wine, softer than traditional red wines. As for me, I’ll be snagging a box of Bota Box to share with company over the coming weeks. Franzia even rode out the bumpy road of Prohibition by selling grapes grown in the western United States to winemakers across the land. 10.6 g of alcohol in 3.4 fl ounces is 13% alcohol by volume. ... WINETOSHIP.COM is a specialty fine wine and spirits online store with 12 years of experience. This classic brand got high marks for its value. But outside of the amazing price, Franzia’s Dark Red Blend also impressed us with its rich bouquet. Franzia Chillable Red - 3L Box Ship wine today. There’s definitely some complexity to this.”. Have Franzia® Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine delivered to your door in under an hour! Boxed wine makes it significantly easier partake in the Bachelor Sip and go straight for the plastic opening. since. You might also like. My rating is a solid “not terrible”. 1.5 L = 10. We immediately picked up on tart cherry and cranberry notes — perfect flavors for the holidays. Taste-wise, we found that this blend had a bold flavor. Something about those dark fruit flavors and a touch of spice had us thinking fruitcake (in a good way!).

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