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And whilst the Synoptist speeches and actions stand in loose and natural relation to each other, the Johannine deeds so closely illustrate the sayings that each set everywhere supplements the other: the history itself here tends to become one long allegory. Old deeds for old people, and new deeds for new. The course of reasoning in these … use the word in your sentence. As the scene closes, we hear, with the Macbeths, a loud and persistent knocking at the door. 114. righteous deeds, holy deeds, godly deeds, transformed life. We try our best to collect and create good sentences and wish you can make progress day by day! As regards the first point, it is now generally held that miracles are exceptions to the order of nature as known in our common experience; and as regards the second, that miracles are constituent elements in the divine revelation, deeds which display, the divine character and purpose; but they are signs and not merely seals of truth. Having vainly besieged the fortress of Palestrina, he returned to Rome, where he treacherously seized the soldier of fortune, Fra Monreale, who was put to death, and where, by other cruel and arbitrary deeds, he soon lost the favour of the people. Of the Merovingian period there are still extant several papyrus deeds, the earliest of the year 625, the latest of 692. Relatively affordable and featuring excellent quality, these boots will aid your flight as you run from authorities after another chief performance of evil deeds. If Christians wish to offer any special sacrifice to God, let it be that of grateful praise or deeds of beneficence (r5 f.). And see his good deeds springing from the wound, to sow the world with life immortal! 1 One of the most daring deeds of exploration ever known in South America was done by the engineer A. supervisor of each ward of a city and the supervisor of each village in the county, constitute the county board of supervisors, and each county elects biennially, at the general election in November, a clerk, a treasurer, a sheriff, a coroner, a clerk of the circuit court, a district-attorney, a register of deeds and a surveyor. These three deeds or enactments constituted the early constitution of the South Netherlands, which, with one important modification in the time of Charles V., remained intact till the Brabant revolution in the reign of Joseph II. Help foster your romance by doing good deeds within the community. By all real estate deeds the sale of intoxicating liquors is for ever prohibited in the city; and an act of the state legislature in 1909 prohibited the sale of intoxicating liquor within r z m. It may be noted that it is still common to insert in mortgage deeds what is called an " attornment clause," by which the mortgagor "attorns" tenant to the mortgagee, and the latter thereupon acquires a power of distress as an additional security. Those speeches were intended for quite other conditions, they were for the most part to be spoken at a moment of victory and triumph, generally when he was dying of wounds and the sovereign had thanked him for heroic deeds, and while dying he expressed the love his actions had proved. Their good deeds were often challenged by the evil Professor Cold Heart, the evil wizard No Heart and the monstrous Dark Heart. The history of that conquest itself is mainly inferential; there is the flebilis narratio of Gildas, vague and rhetorical, moral rather than historical in motive, and written more than a century after the conquest had begun, and the narrative of the Welsh Nennius, who wrote two and a half centuries after Gildas, and makes no critical distinction between the deeds of dragons and those of Anglo-Saxons. Indeed, what was going on? Lady Macbeth, refusing to accept such "brainsickly" thoughts, reminds Macbeth of the familiar comparison that "the sleeping and the dead / Are but as pictures." Rejoice, for thou didst suffer many sorrows for these deeds! Its officers are three commissioners, a treasurer, a register of deeds, a judge and a register of probate, and a sheriff. And when we look to practice we find that cruel and even treacherous deeds are spoken of without the least sense that they deserve censure. (chorally) Deed. One night while he lay awake, he tells us, he saw the likeness of the Blessed Virgin with her divine Son; and immediately a loathing seized him for the former deeds of his life, especially for those relating to carnal desires; and he asserts that for the future he never yielded to any such desires. Gallipolis was settled in 1790 by colonists from France, who had received worthless deeds to lands in Ohio from the Scioto Land Company, founded by Col. More astonishing still have been the deeds of the 7r-computers of the 19th century. : It was indeed lucky that none of these bandits seemed to be very adept with a sword. This is a perfect grammar check tool online to add quality to your writings instantly. This union, however, is influenced by the deeds of the man and by the ways in which he walks. : Such a position does indeed amount to a form of epistemological relativism. There are certain deeds and summonses which are privileged in Scots law, the former because they require less solemnity than ordinary deeds, the latter because the ordinary induciae are shortened in their case (see Watson, Law Did., s.v. Click HERE to return to the main page, where details of many dirty deeds can be found. 52) speaks of poets who had celebrated their deeds, but these were limited to events immediately succeeding the death of Heracles. Similar plans were tried unsuccessfully in Ulster, first by a son of Sir Thomas Smith, afterwards by Walter Devereux, earl of Essex, a knight-errant rather than a statesman, who was guilty of many bloody deeds. Verse 14, because God is purifying for Himself a people for His own possessions zealous for good deeds. As to the origin of the heroic sagas as we now have them, Tacitus tells us that the deeds of Arminius were still celebrated in song a hundred years after his death (Annals, ii. Symbolically, the knocking is the knocking of justice, or of vengeance. Indeed sentence examples. Once the affidavit is verified, it will be turned over to the judge so he can use it as a factor in his guardianship decision. Order by Sunday, November 22th The quick-fire dialogue and fragmented line structure in this part of the scene denote a sense of frightened urgency in both characters. There was at last a Sicilian nation, a nation for a while capable of great deeds. The more a sentence deviates from this structure, the harder the sentence is to understand. They are mainly elegiac and in the Ionic dialect, written partly in praise of the Spartan constitution an King Theopompus (Ebvoµia), partly to stimulate the Spartan soldiers to deeds of heroism in the field (`T7roOi icacthe title is, however, later than Tyrtaeus). He called for reform in actions and deeds rather than the safety of linguistic legerdemain: Change and reform must continue. Land surveyors are responsible for writing descriptions of land for legal documents, including deeds and leases. 0000002966 00000 n Сorrect sentence in your content effortlessly using our online checking software tool. The Diplomatarium Islandicum, edited by Jon Sigurdsson, contains what remains of deeds, inventories, letters, &c., from the old days, completing our scanty material for this dark period of the island's history. he writes that it was obscure "both in regard of exceeding antiquity, and also for that in those days there were very few writings and monuments, the only faithful safeguard and true remembrancers of deeds past; and, besides, whatsoever was registered in the commentaries of the priests and in other public or private records, the same for the most part, when the city was burned, perished withal.". The Heathcote collection includes title deeds as part of the archive of a landowning family. Say the word deed with me. Abathur sits on the farthest verge of the world of light that lies towards the lower regions, and weighs in his balance the deeds of the departed spirits who ascend to him. In attempting to pass from Wei to another state, Confucius was set upon by a mob, which mistook him for an officer who had made himself hated by his oppressive deeds. The first five books, which cover the same ground as the Aethiopis of Arctinus of Miletus, describe the doughty deeds and deaths of Penthesileia the Amazon, of Memnon, son of the Morning, and of Achilles; the funeral games in honour of Achilles, the contest for the arms of Achilles and the death of Ajax. The only biographical evidence of his closing years is his signature as a witness to sundry deeds in the "Register of Aberdeen" as late as 1392. %PDF-1.4 %���� Pick Up Wednesday, November 25th Your solicitor will have to obtain the property title deeds for the lender. The conjecture that most naturally presents itself to those who have made no special study of the question, is that an English epic treating of the deeds of a Scandinavian hero on Scandinavian ground must have been composed in the days of Norse or Danish dominion in England. title deeds of the property to your mortgage lender.

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