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a rhythmic and involving soundtrack, burning calories and toning your When I stopped played in a middle of a song, I noticed something interesting. Games. Nintendo Life: May 24, 2014: 30 . This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Keine Lust mehr auf Fitness Studio? B. in der jeweiligen Landeswährung angezeigt). It has been created for the sole purpose of entertainment and knowledge. The controls are utterly wonky and it makes no effort to engage the player. I figured those would be trolling or joke posts, but that's pretty sad. The motions are repetitive by nature and some can even hilariously involve standing totally still, but the scoring is inconsistent regardless. It plays itself! My wife and I saw this last night while we were just perusing the eShop. In unserer Kundenservice-Rubrik findest du weitere Informationen. I'm sure Patsy Salviato doesn't care what anyone says about her because she still got paid regardless of how well received the game was on Miiverse & the internets. 4.3 out of 5 stars 257. Hättest du gerne einen Körper, um den dich alle beneiden? Well that woman scares me, I won't be sleeping well tonight. Did someone order a sad attempt at a fitness game? Die Zahlung erfolgt mit Nintendo eShop-Guthaben, das über den Nintendo-Account nutzbar ist. What's sad is the developers created Miiverse user accounts pretending be enthusiastic fans who just purchased this amazing game on Wii U. Released May 15, 2014. However, cracks show as soon as you take a look at a sample from the song list. I'll wait for the patch before picking this up. On start-up, you’re asked to provide a variety of stats which will help to create a fitness profile to match your Body Mass Index and lifestyle. There are currently no topics for this game. Um Inhalte für Wii U oder Systeme der Nintendo 3DS-Familie kaufen zu können, wird zusätzlich eine Nintendo Network ID benötigt und das über den Nintendo-Account nutzbare Guthaben muss mit dem Guthaben deiner Nintendo Network ID zusammengefasst worden sein. But hey, some of us enjoy off-putting bodysuits, as well as all things "unnatural and uncomfortable!". Wii Sports Club (Wii U) Nintendo. The oldest, largest and most accurate video game database covering over 280 platforms from 1950 to date! Losing weight and getting active isn't always an easy task. And why it's 11GB. Games consoles have somewhat bridged the gap between fitness and fun before, but this really doesn't take advantage of the medium and ends up without a solid direction. warm-up exercises, an intensive training phase and a final relaxation Falls du die Software weniger als sieben Tage vor der Veröffentlichung vorbestellst, wird dein Guthaben sofort belastet. All Rights Reserved. Der Inhalt kann vor dem offiziellen Erscheinungstermin nicht gespielt werden: {{releaseDate}} . This Web site is not endorsed, sponsored, nor otherwise affiliated with Nintendo. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form without consent from NINWR, LLC is prohibited. The thought of returning to this game for your daily dose of exercise is enough to send us running to the hills, so it may help shed a few pounds after all. Sorry to ask but I hope they're up soon, When i turned on my Wii U the other day & this popped up on the wara wara plaza, i nearly slapped my tv. The astroturfing on Miiverse is not cool. I've never gotten the whole workout game thing. campaign. The game’s visuals are lackluster as well. I was very impressed with this purchase! O2 games made the decision to focus on making its title a real training program, and this direction is admirable in this regard. @Ichiban Why does this thing even have a miiverse community? The app is currently in Alpha, so more support is being added in each update. Dieses Produkt ist durch technische Schutzmaßnahmen kopiergeschützt. Sorry to double post, but this is pretty sad. The list is sorted by game titles, their developer(s), publisher(s), released for and release date by Japanese, European, and American respectively. @JacketsNest101 Because all games get one? They do not seem particularly effective to me. Instruction manuals for Features and Services are available on the Wii U Console. Wurde das Guthaben noch nicht zusammengefasst, erhältst du während des Einkaufs die Option dazu. Bring the gym into your living room, forget the stress and Die Fitnessmeisterin Patsy Salviato wird dein Personal Trainer sein. It’s the first disconnect of many, as she wears a variety of off-putting bodysuits that even early 2000’s Britney Spears would have turned her nose up at. At least in Just Dance they have the decency to auto-mark it as a mistake, but Fit Music simply does not care. This game would have been better if they added Alyssa Milano. Calling her a monster is a bit much? Sie führt dich durch die verschiedenen Phasen des Spiels, mit personalisierten Schwierigkeitsgraden, die in Zusammenarbeit mit dem SHRO Philadelphia und der Human Health Foundation konzipiert wurden, mit denen zusammen Fit Music an der Kampagne Fight Obesity teilnimmt. The warm up modes are not scored, which kind of defeats the purpose of playing the game. Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch auf der Nintendo-Webseite! The entire contents of this Web site, unless otherwise noted, are Copyright © 1999 - 2020 NINWR, LLC. Fit Music for Wii U - Trailer videoSchaut euch den neuen Trailer für Fit Music for Wii U an,, der uns 57 Sekunden aus dem kommenden fitness-Game zeigt. There is Fit Music for you now! Für den Kauf dieser Inhalte gilt der Vertrag zum Nintendo-Account. It looks like the chroma keying has not been properly applied, giving her a fuzzy outline. I wondered why it was $14.90 rather than $14.99. consists of 2 releases. Hosted by 44 Bytes. ™ and © for all products, characters, and indicia related thereto which are contained herein are owned by the companies who market or license those products. "she wears a variety of off-putting bodysuits that even early 2000’s Britney Spears would have turned her nose up at. In one of the exercises I just constantly moved one foot away from the Balance Board and it kept giving me positive ratings. Nach der Anmeldung kannst du die Angaben überprüfen und den Kauf tätigen. This is a great idea in theory, and it does alter the intensity of the exercises, but with little explanation at how this works or what the different sliders specifically mean, it feels unfinished. Only people w/ the Basic would buy this, and they can't. body has never been so much fun. Serious Sam Collection - Two-Thirds Enormous Fun, One-Third Crushing Disappointment, Cake Bash - Delicious Multiplayer Action That's Too Tasty To Ignore, Just Dance 2021 - Still Fun, But Feels More Like A Cash-Grab Than Ever Before, Arcade Archives Zero Team - A Long-Lost Coin-Op Relic That's Worth Unearthing, Chicken Police - Paint it RED! Once you’ve moved on to some 3-star routines, there’s very little reason to go back to the simple head-bobbing of earlier dances. For a list of non-gaming software on the system, see Wii U system software.

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