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The Barbara Dex Award has been annually awarded by the fan website House of Eurovision since 1997, and is a humorous award given to the worst dressed artist each year in the contest. France, the United Kingdom and Serbia exercised voting rights at the second semi-final. [58] The organisation consists of a network of 40 Eurovision Song Contest fan clubs across Europe and beyond, and is a non-governmental, non-political, and non-profitable company. [27] San Marino, as well as the newest EBU member, Azerbaijan, made its debut at the 2008 contest. Pyrotechnics were heavily used for the entries from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Germany, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Switzerland. As stated above, a country only has to broadcast the final and the semi-final when it is one of the competitors or voters. 14. septembra gradonačelnik Helsinkija predao je „Ključ Evrovizije“ Gradu Beogradu. It was the first time Serbia had hosted the contest - only 1 year after the country made its debut as an independent nation. The voting order and spokespersons during the final were as follows:[30]. During each postcard a short letter was displayed. Vertically, the table is ordered by appearance in the final. Takođe, statistički je pokazano da bi pobednik bio isti i da su glasale isključivo države članice Evropske unije, što bi isključilo većinu suseda Rusije. Besedilo se sme prosto uporabljati v skladu z dovoljenjem. Nagrada kompozitora za najbolju kompoziciju: Nagrada dosadašnjih pobednika za najboljeg izvođača: Nagrada obožavatelja sa mesta gylleneskor.se: Ова страница је последњи пут уређена на датум 20. септембар 2020. у 08:34 ч. [20] It was designed by Chicago-based David Cushing. [citation needed], At a press conference in Helsinki in May 2007, Svante Stockselius, executive supervisor of the Contest for the EBU, announced that the competition's format may be expanded to two semi-finals in 2008 or 2009. Armenia achieved their best result to date in this edition. U Finale su se direktno plasirale samo država domaćin i „Velika četvorka“: Francuska, Nemačka, Španija i Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo, dok su svi ostali učesnici bili grupisani u dve polufinalne večeri.

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