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essential oil recipes essential oil sprayThis post contains affiliate links. If that is the case, I’d cut down the amount of tea tree and peppermint in half. I just made this but I made it a little strong by mistake because my bottle won’t hold 16oz of water. Thank you for sharing! Essential oils, synthesized by plants as part of their natural defense mechanism, often possess insecticidal properties. Tip- if you’re traveling, take a small bottle of this with you. The potential effectiveness of essential oils as a treatment for headlice, Pediculus humanus capitis. The end result: an ant-free home! I am not a medical professional and the information presented here is merely for educational purposes and not intended to replace medical advice. SPEARMINT– Like peppermint, spearmint essential oil is also good for keeping away ants, boxelder bugs, flies, gnats, head lice, mosquitoes, moths, and spiders. She is a former high school biology teacher turned into a work at home mom. If you have smaller or larger sized bottles you can adjust accordingly. Do this often to keep the roaches away. Mix 15 drops of peppermint essential oil and a cup of water in a spray bottle. Let’s talk about the essential oils for lice prevention. I'm Sarah: I live in Kansas with my husband, Jeff, our daughter, Hannah, and puppies, Rory and Ellie. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I’ve been using these hair elastics that are Lice Repellent made with essential oils on my two daughters and this summer was the first time they came back from summer camp without Lice! It’s time to look at some other natural options for head lice. 🙂. I’ll gladly leave a link to this post in my follow up blog about this horrid plague! And it’s great for keeping creepy crawling pests away too, like ants, fleas, mites, ticks, and lice. I’ve sprayed all our furniture, bedding that can’t be washed, car interior, and carpet! This is why we say to shake it before each use – this helps mix up the oils and water more evenly. Shake well and then spray all around your home (inside and out) where bugs hang out or might enter your home. Use lemongrass essential oil to make your own mosquito and tick repellent lotion bars:  find my recipe here. Can I substitute the lavender oil with chamomile oil? DIY Christmas Essential Oil Room Spray 2-Ways, Healthy and Easy Hot Cocoa Recipe for Kids, Homemade Gak Recipe in Less than 5 Minutes, How to Make the Easiest Homemade Playdough Recipe {Lasts for Months! WebMD. Now that you have your lice prevention spray made, you will want to use this on a regular basis and spray your children’s hair after washing. During the last year of his work in the Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Maksimov became interested in the studies of memory effects in aqueous solutions diluted past Avogadro's number of molecules—homeopathic remedies—and by the CAM field. Treatment against head lice is mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus, one of the oldest medical documents written around 1550 BC. Be careful to not use too much. Eucalyptus Eucalyptus globulus (Labill. Hey! Use tea tree to keep pantry bugs away:  Wipe down shelves with a mix of white vinegar and a few drops of tea tree essential oil. LEMON EUCALYPTUS– According to the CDC, lemon eucalyptus is the most effective essential oil for a natural mosquito repellent. Use lemon eucalyptus to make an effective natural bug spray – in a spray bottle mix 2 ounces witch hazel and 2 ounces distilled water with 40-50 drops essential oil (or 20-25 drops for kids 3-9). Tea tree oil is probably the most important ingredient in this spray, which is why it’s a main ingredient for this head lice prevention tool. [2] Sarquis, M. (1979). Oh no, how frustrating! Thanks!! You can leave out citronella if you want. Journal Of Medical Entomology, 41(4), 699-704. doi:10.1603/0022-2585-41.4.699, [6] Williamson, E., Priestley, C., & Burgess, I. Put a few drops of spearmint, citronella, lemongrass, or lavender essential oils on the bracelet to help keep mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs at bay. According to the National Pesticide Information Center, citronella works so well because it masks the scents that are attractive to bugs, namely carbon dioxide and lactic acid. While these essential oils will help keep lice away from your head, you will need something different if you are actually treating it. As any reader of mine will know—I fully believe in the power of plants, particularly when concentrated into essential oils. So let’s try to stop this lice battle before it starts with this lice prevention spray with essential oils. No, I would not use this on pets. CINNAMON–  The strong smell of cinnamon keeps many bugs away including wasps, earwigs, bed bugs, silverfish, and spiders. For young kids under 2, spray onto their clothes (and not on their skin). Lemongrass is closely related to citronella, which is well known for being a great natural insect repellent. Disclaimer: Please know that this website contains affiliate links. Trust me, it only takes one incident with lice to have you making this lice prevention spray part of your daily routine! Thankfully, essential oils can help keep those bugs away! Essential oils are widely used for physical health but not as often for emotional healing. Thanks. He has also acted as a program evaluator for the American Council on Education and a proposal reviewer for the Research Foundation of City University of New York. Always consult your medical doctor regarding your medical care. Had a note today from my kids preschool that they had a case! Below are some of the best essential oils for hyperactivity to promote peace and calm as well as balance emotions and moods: 1. Retrieved from, [5] Yang, Y., Lee, H., Clark, J., & Ahn, Y. LEMONGRASS– I love the smell of lemongrass, but thankfully,  a lot of bugs don’t. *Pin the image below to easily find the instructions later! Hi! I’m just wondering when you say to add a certain number of drops to shampoo or other hair product, how much EO to how much hair product? It kills lice and kills the eggs, it is chemical free and this stuff is amazing!!! Anyways thank you for sharing! According to a study from the School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, cinnamon essential oil has even exhibited the potential to kill mosquito larvae even better than DEET, although it hasn’t been tested against adult mosquitos yet. Is there an easy way to take out lice or eggs ? Cautions: It’s important to note that pennyroyal M. pulegium essential oil has a very high content of neurotoxic ketones (pulegone), so I would NOT recommend its use in homemade lice remedies. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

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