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A. There communications at every stage I could not fault. Cookies help us deliver our services. 1875. View and download the latest L.Ercolani catalogue. Copyright © CHOICE FURNITURE SUPERSTORE 1998 - 2020, CFS of Leicester T/A Choice Furniture Superstore , Registered office: Grosvenor Works, Grosvenor Street, If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Not applicable on These are Quaker dining chairs in sought-after light wood. This dining chair is available in Soft-sheen Lacquer. The simple definition of a Windsor chair is that the back and legs are attached to the seat. Ideal for customers who wish to have full service. This dining chair comes with Wooden seat. This Quaker arm chair encompasses a tall u-shaped, bent wood seat back as well six turned spindles and supportive armrests. Traditional wedge joints, where the legs come right through the seat and a wedge is then inserted into a cut, before the leg stump is hand sanded flush with the seat, both provide a lovely design detail and a very strong joint. Refinished solid elm.Polished natural colour, waxed finish . What are finish/color options available for this dining chair? Q. SH 17.75". Solid construction and great finish. However, wood is a natural material and varies in colour, grain and structure. This definition gives the designer great room to select different themes and create huge variety. Read our Privacy Policy, We use cookies on our website to give you the best experience. Enjoy shopping with this code Whether you stay in a compact apartment or a spacious abode, the dining chair fits perfectly into any space. But it should not deter you from enjoying those beautiful and carefree moments with your family that fill happiness in your life. Below are the dimensions of this dining chair. The Guardsman protection plan should not be confused with the insurance plan. Landlne : 0116-296-3800 Service only available for orders located in England & Wales. By continuing to use our site , you agree to our use of cookies. This definition gives the designer great room to select different themes and create huge variety. Not only does it provide a comfortable sit but it looks beautiful too. Lucian R Ercolani, or the "Old Man" as he is affectionately known in the company, founded ercol in 1920. Further strength is provided by the H-underframe.This timeless dining room furniture is designed to complement any of the dining tables in the range and will be finished in your choice from a selection of ercol lacquer colours., with Cushion Fabric-C673 (100% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-C674 (100% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-C675 (100% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-C685 (100% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-C686 (100% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-C687 (100% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-C689 (100% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-C710 (100% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-C711 (100% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-C712 (100% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-E081 (43% Polyester 33% Acrylic 15% Cotton 9% Viscose), with Cushion Fabric-E532 (35% Cotton 28% Viscose 25% Polyester 14% Linen), with Cushion Fabric-E632 (54% Polyester 35% Polycotton 11% Viscose), with Cushion Fabric-E662 (72% Polyester 28% Viscose), with Cushion Fabric-E663 (72% Polyester 28% Viscose), with Cushion Fabric-E671 (72% Polyester 28% Viscose), with Cushion Fabric-E672 (72% Polyester 28% Viscose), with Cushion Fabric-E681 (100% Polyester (Chenille)), with Cushion Fabric-E682 (100% Polyester (Chenille)), with Cushion Fabric-E683 (100% Polyester (Chenille)), with Cushion Fabric-E684 (100% Polyester (Chenille)), with Cushion Fabric-E700 (100% Polyester (Chenille)), with Cushion Fabric-E701 (100% Polyester (Chenille)), with Cushion Fabric-E702 (100% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-E703 (100% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-E704 (100% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-E705 (100% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-E706 (90% Polyester 10% Viscose), with Cushion Fabric-E707 (90% Polyester 10% Viscose), with Cushion Fabric-E708 (88% Polyester 12% Cotton), with Cushion Fabric-E709 (88% Polyester 12% Cotton), with Cushion Fabric-G360 (42% Velicren 39% Viscose 19% Polyester), with Cushion Fabric-G924 (52% Polyester 38% Chenille FR 10% Acrylic FR). This premium upgrade will cost you 15% of your order value and the service includes: If you are looking to buy Rauch Furniture and you do not want to assemble it yourself, then you have an option to have it assembled by using our Professional Furniture Assembly Service by simply ticking in the ‘YES’ option provided on the Cart Page and the service will be added automatically on to your cart with your product. They feature Ercol’s characteristic stick-back look, creating a greater sense of space and light. A. They feature Ercol’s characteristic stick-back look, creating a greater sense of space and light. They have become a much sought after British classic. Q. Lucian was prolific in putting his mind to huge variety. A. Superb Ercol Gate legged (drop leaf) table and 2 Ercol Originals 1875 Quaker Dining Chairs …

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