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Enrique Olvera opened Pujol (Mexico City), his flagship restaurant, in 2000 after being graduated from The Culinary Institute of America. Other standouts include a Maruata taco of fried fish named after a beach town, and a grandma recipe of bean-stuffed enchiladas with a mild tomato sauce called enchiladas placeras. This informal, colorfully decorated restaurant open since 2013 specializes in tlayudas. Olvera also indicated seasonal and local ingredients will dictate the cuisine at Cosme. Here’s a choice collection of New York City restaurants. ‘Nuff said. Over the past two decades Pujol has been a model of both consistency and adaptation in Mexico City. Enrique Olvera is the real deal. The benefit is being offered purely on a “best effort” basis. Any disputes with regard to the quality of goods/services availed shall be taken up with the merchant/service establishment directly. Note that the tripa here is not of the honeycomb variety, but is instead made from veal intestines. But if you have a choice in the matter, go on a weekend when the giant steamer is turning out an excellent goat barbacoa. Any disputes arising out of and in connection with this program shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the state of Delhi only. All-day eatery for contemporary Mexican bites by Enrique Olvera and Daniela Soto-Innes, served alongside an approachable, yet sophisticated beverage program by Yana Volfson. To book, call American Express Concierge Services. In the event of a reservation cancellation, the Card Member will be subject to the restaurant’s cancellation policy, which will be communicated to the Card Member by Concierge at the time of booking. The leading Italian chef has spoken out on the role of the food community at an international event centred on the transformational power of food for change. Plenty of less traditional inventions worth tasting include a charred carrot tamal smothered in hoja santa sauce (shown) and beef tartare tostada. A branch downtown on Delancey Street may have better tortillas, which are made periodically at the counter. Find out all the other tips and secrets to making the perfect creamy rice pudding in the capable hands of French chef Gaetan Gentil, from Michelin-starred restaurant PRaiRiaL in Lyon. Indeed, this is one of the city’s best and most reasonably priced Mexican restaurants in the city, and the tacos come with guac. Skip to main content 372 Lafayette St, NoHo, NY 10012 (347) 662-3522 Sometimes known as Oaxacan pizzas, these giant rounds of masa dough are rolled thin, cooked to near crispness, and topped with ingredients that often include quesillo, black beans, cactus strips, jalapeños, tomato, and avocado — plus meat or poultry. Driven by the intellect of Chef Enrique Olvera, the dishes at Pujol are formed by both Pre-Hispanic and contemporary techniques and reference the flavors of the Mexico’s milpas, taquerias, markets, and oceans. on the 50 Best Restaurants List. While El Cantinero (see below) shows what Mexican food was like in the city four decades ago, heavily influenced by the Tex-Mex of the time, Javelina takes this Mexican regional cuisine and gives it the scholarly bistro treatment. Taqueria Sinaloense opened not long ago in Marble Hill, after an unrelated place with the same name closed in Elmhurst. A shaggy dog wearing a sombrero is the logo for Casa Enrique, a small but celebrated restaurant in Long Island City. While much Mexican food in New York comes from the southern part of the country, Sinaloa is a coastal state situated in the northwest bordering the Gulf of California. Tacos Morelos was once a street cart on Roosevelt Avenue that may have introduced tacos placeros to the New York City area. Beatrix Potter is best known for her children's books depicting the adventures of Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin and company. Opened in 2003, Don Pepe presaged an era when the Mexican sandwiches called tortas were super-sized and rendered glamorous as massive feeds for any meal. In order to service the new restaurant with the freshest tortillas possible the chef also indicated he will open a tortilla shop in Brooklyn. Though the restaurant’s prices rank with a higher-end restaurant, the space is casual and lively. The grocery was founded in the 1980s and is still owned and operated by Polo Teco and family.

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