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It's a simple dinner the whole family will love. In that sense, you can think of the Mediterranean diet as a lifestyle as much as a diet. Pair alongside a piece of roasted white fish, and you’ve got a light but filling meal. For this recipe, all you have to do is put the fish on a sheet pan and cover with the garlic-cilantro sauce and bake. Overnight oats are all the rage, but even veteran nutrition nuts might be pleasantly surprised by this unique, Mediterranean-inspired concoction. - EatingWell User, "Loved it! A mixture of tomatoes, spinach, feta, olives and fresh oregano gives portobellos a Mediterranean vibe in this healthy stuffed mushroom recipe. DOI: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.117.030387 and close your eyes — you might just feel like you’re on vacation. Of the original Blue Zones — home to the greatest percentage of people who live to 100 — two are located in the Mediterranean — Sardinia, Italy, and Ikaria, Greece. Plus, there’s just one sheet pan involved, so cleanup is a breeze. Find healthy, delicious quick & easy Mediterranean recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell. If you’re lost looking where to begin when it comes to cooking fish, ditch the pan and throw a fillet into the oven. Fried rice isn’t just a Chinese take-out dish. With ricotta cheese, blood oranges, pistachios, and lavender honey (if you can find it), it’s a fruity bowl that’s just creamy enough to make you appreciate oats again. Featuring the good-for-you foods the Mediterranean diet is known for (think whole grains, healthy fats, lean protein and plenty of fruits and veggies) these delicious dinners come together quickly and easily. But our favorite part about it is that the kind of ingredients it prioritizes allows for some seriously good eating. The effects of the Mediterranean diet on biomarkers of vascular wall inflammation and plaque vulnerability in subjects with high risk for cardiovascular disease. It’s bursting with veggies, but the tahini and nutritional yeast are the real heroes for adding a ton of rich flavor to the crumbled tofu. The Mediterranean diet is a mostly plant-based eating style that emphasizes pulses like beans and lentils, vegetables (particularly dark leafy greens), fruits, nuts, seeds, and olive oil, along with fish, and a little meat and dairy, explains Elena Paravantes-Hargitt, RD, a nutritionist based in Greece who specializes in the Mediterranean Diet, and founder of OliveTomato. This recipe, which makes for a hearty lunch or dinner, features a base of delightfully chewy farro, lentils, and chickpeas, topped with veggies, avocado, Kalamata olives, and feta — plus a bright lemony garlic dressing. The Mediterranean diet, its components, and cardiovascular disease. Cauliflower has been pulverized and microwaved until tender, then tossed with a heap of other veggies and a ridiculously easy dressing. They're easy to transport and even easier to…, The Mediterranean diet is a year-round favorite because it lets you enjoy goodies like grilled fish, colorful veggies, whole grains, and healthy fats…, Eating a bowl of fruit doesn't always fit the bill when your body is craving some real baked goods. Round out the meal with brown rice or quinoa. If you want to take pasta salad up a notch, this … With the Mediterranean area including Italy, how could the cuisine not be super drool-worthy? So, you’re thinking about trying out the Mediterranean diet? This salad mixes fresh, protein-packed boiled fava beans with olive oil-flavored homemade croutons and lots of Kalamata olives for a lettuce-free salad you’ll be eating by the forkful. Make these wraps ahead of time for a grab-and-go lunch or dinner. Plus the lemon juice and black pepper count as free foods! Toss them into salads or eat them on their own as a delicious side or snack. But otherwise, it keeps the cumin-spiced, garlicky flavors of the classic. You may or may not know, but the Mediterranean Diet has been named the “best diet” by US News Health. Beans make for a wonderfully complete meal — especially when you serve crusty whole-grain bread on the side. Combine them in a pan with cardamom, cumin, and some red pepper flakes, and they become spicy, crispy, and totally addictive. If you can't find Campari tomatoes or Persian cucumbers, feel free to swap them for whatever variety looks the best at your farmers' market. Here are 10 Mediterranean diet recipes for beginners to add to your repertoire: When you’re new to the Mediterranean diet, one way to make a big impact on your eating habits (and health) is to consume more beans and lentils. A few wedges of warm pita finish off the meal perfectly. Cooled pasta and a variety of veggies (onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, and corn) are wrapped up in a creamy, herby Greek yogurt dressing. If you want to get on board with a diet that tastes good and has bona fide health benefits, then you’ve found your match in the Mediterranean diet. Not only are these a nice change to typical Taco Tuesday, but the no-cook method makes them even easier to whip up for a quick meal. This quick egg scramble with hearty bread is one of the best breakfasts for weight loss. RELATED: 8 Scientific Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

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