dunlop 65 guitar polish nitro

Hello Malchik! Dunlop 65 is ok to use on nitro but Gibson or Virtuoso polish work much better IMO especially on necks where the nitro feels sticky. Everything you love about Sweetwater in the palm of your hand.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Only wear cloths that are cotton and well aged. Get Directions | Thomann is the largest online and mail order retailer for musical instruments, light and sound equipment worldwide, having about 10m customers in 120 countries and 80,000 products on offer. As a company, we have a single objective: making you, our customer, happy. Doesn't say anything about applying it to the back of neck that has a nitro … Nah it wont kill ya, just show her. I've used them for years and they are specially formulated to deal with nitro. CDN$6.21. Gibson Brands, Inc. respects your right to privacy. I've been using these for about 3 maybe 4 years now. Unfortunately "lemon oil" is not really lemon oil; often times. Paste as plain text instead, × × _____ Go forth and play - loop it - Go forth and play again Feb 6, 2010 #11. Most members of our service staff are musicians themselves, which puts them in the perfect position to help you with everything from your choice of instruments to maintenance and repair issues. Payment can be made safely and securely with Credit Card, Bank Transfer or PayPal.   Pasted as rich text. guitarman3001, November 15, 2010 in Electric Guitars. We investigate some of the many accessories available for both guitar and bass. When you buy on it will last you years. We have a wide variety of pages giving information and enabling you to contact us before and after your purchase. lemon oil is ONLY for the fret board with nitro finishes I like to use virtuoso but 65 worth well to. I never had an issue with stands because when I'm not using the guitar, it's tucked away in it's case. 65! As far as cleaners go I only use either Gibson or Martin guitar spray. Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by BassAgent, Apr 22, 2011. Display as a link instead, × Dunlop 65 is probably one of the best products out their for cleaning your nitro, or polly guitar. The hosue is keopt at 72 degrees all year round with 50% humidity. Dunlop Formula No. It’s best to avoid spraying it directly onto the guitar, so just spray a couple of times onto a cloth and then wipe down the guitar. Dunlop 65 is ok to use on nitro but Gibson or Virtuoso polish work much better IMO especially on necks where the nitro feels sticky. I just bought a guitar with a nitro laquer finish. × Again it's something you need to do subtly and with as little polish and force as possible. A: Yes, Formula 65 polish is ok to use on a nitro finish. Clear editor. Doesn't say anything about applying it to the back of neck that has a nitro finish. Copyright 2019 Gibson Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. We consistently create the best selling picks and analog electronics, and carry a large line of accessories that set industry standards in their respective fields. Nitro is reactive - avoid dyed fabric, alcohol base cleaners, solvents, rubber, foam, soft plastics - and always check to make sure any guitar stands or hangers you purchase are nitro safe (and even if they are I still use a white cotton cloth on the foam to protect the nitro). Drum Machine With 6 instruments, Contains the sounds of the Roland classics TR-909, TR-808, TR-606, TR-707 and more, ACB modeling technology plus stereo sample import and playback, SD card slot for importing your own mono and stereo samples (WAV... We're looking forward to hearing from you and aim to solve any problems as soon as we can. Is Dunlop 65 cleaner/polish good for cleaning it? Mostly it's mineral oil and lemon scent. Nitro as it ages imparts the most beautiful darkening to any sunburst, colour or natural finish. Privacy Policy | No project is too big or small, so give us a call today and let's talk gear! What about Dunlop 65 Bodyglos? We are musicians ourselves and share your passion for making it. Thanks! Music Nomad MN101 (Best Overall) Ernie Ball (Best Budget) Lizard Spit (Best Premium) Martin Professional; Dunlop 6500 System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit; Gibson Gear AIGG-950 The automotive car industry’s latest innovation, Montan wax is a fossilized plant wax prized for its ease of use and deep glossy shine. Supporting Members list unlimited gear with no listing fees in the Classifieds, get instant Keyword Alerts, and get Free Shipping at the TalkBass Store. 65 cleans your axe quickly and completely, restoring the finish to its original luster. By Thank you for your support! © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved.

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