do you need chem for computer science

But just so I get this right, if I look at for example the melting points of some of the transition metal molecules I would then arrange them in (for example) increasing carbon chain length and then look at the trend of melting point? What you measure (pH). And how do I change their properties, or am I supposed to find the molecules with that many c-atoms? Hi Sarah! We all know you don’t really care about that and nobody else does, but doing this roleplay really helps get you your personal engagement marks. If you want you should definitely post this on because theres a lot of IB students on that forum that will definitely benefit from this. You’ve now reached the part of your IA, where you’re supposed to start analyzing your methodology. You should then add a hypothesis (what you think will be the result – this can be written at the end to fit your data, but don’t tell anyone) and an explanation of why you think that will happen. Hello! Entrepreneurship Stream (Co-op, Specialist) This will require some research that you will do for your conclusion anyway, so we will come back to this in the end. I just wanted to ask a question, but I don’t want to sound stupid, if I for example want to look at halogenoalkanes and their boiling points do i have to search for all of their names and then put it on the website? This is a list of all the equipment that you used, usually written in bullet points. Remember not to highlight the averages, I think it makes a difference but I’m not sure. Although it would be interesting for you to compare things in your study, such as Lemons and Oranges, your IA needs to have quantitative, not qualitative data. I have shown both a sketch and a photo example below: The next thing you have to do is your experiment. Also do you have any suggestions of topic??? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. For something that has bars (a ruler, a beaker, a thermometer, you know…anything with lines) the uncertainty is the value of 1 bar divided by two. I am doing something similar for my Chem IA but rather I am attempting to remove chlorine from different NaCl concentrations using adsorption with activated carbon. Read the abstract (If you have time, otherwise read the first and last sentence of the abstract). Thesis Format Review Guidelines, Online Master of Computer Science in Data Science, Illinois Computing Accelerator for Non-Specialists (iCAN), Graduate Student Annual Evaluation Process, MCS On-Campus General Advising for Registration, Architecture, Compilers, and Parallel Computing, Programming Languages, Formal Methods, and Software Engineering, Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates, Computer Science Visionary Scholarship Donors, bachelor's degree from The Grainger College of Engineering, Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science. re: “I am doing something similar for my Chem IA but rather I am attempting to remove chlorine from different NaCl concentrations using adsorption with activated carbon. Anyways, hope this helps! See what they did and apply it to develop your Research Question (use a different chemical/change temperature instead of pH, whatever works). If you’ve really left it for the last minute, you may be tempted to write it on an online simulation. degrees have scientific requirements. When you look at the graph example that I put above, you can notice that my data points are surrounded by these weird thingies that make it look like a big plus sign. We now move on to the core of any IB assignment: efficient bullshitting. Don’t worry too much about it. Citing pictures is a pain and can cause copyright issues. That would be something like Halogen Period Number/ Carbon Chain Length/ ,,. This will give you more to discuss but will require you to do exactly twice the amount of lab and graph work. This usually involves plugging in a sentence like this one: Say again, what you studied – your Research Question, What were your results – describe the trend in your graph, involving numbers. degree might require a basic chemistry class, but engineering degrees often require more than one. I would outline the statistical methods you use to manipulate the data you get. Yes – you would open up all Fischer SDS’s for the chemicals you were looking at, and then put down the one property you are writing your IA about (for example, Vapor Pressure). All you need to do is: Talk about something that inspired you to do this study (could be the research you did, could just BS and say that you are extremely passionate in your topic or interested in the chemical you decided to use). I agree with one of the other commenters, definitely post this somewhere if you haven’t already, genuinely calmed me down.

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