difference between tukey and duncan test

I'm trying to solve the above exercise, but my question begins with which test should I choose: Tukey test or Fisher's LSD? That won’t necessarily just be one pair of groups. This is desirable since it is expected that the testers can discern correctly the marks of chocolate. So from now on we can make the Tukey test to see where the differences … Also in the table we see that the ANOVA p-value for the type of chocolate is highly significant, indicating the difference between the marks. You can’t tell the test to find just one group. Post-hoc-Tests sind Signifikanztests aus der mathematischen Statistik.Mit der einfachen Varianzanalyse, dem Kruskal-Wallis-Test oder dem Median-Test wird nur festgestellt, dass es in einer Gruppe von Mittelwerten signifikante Unterschiede gibt. When I use Bonferroni with my ANOVA, I get a significant effect of Group but the post hoc tests are all non sign. Not knowing much on the differences between the above tests, which would you recommend for my ANOVA post hoc tests? But, if you’re using Tukey’s test, the number of pairs of groups that are significant different is determined by the data. It is limited by requirements for normality and homoscedasticity. I was using Bonferroni in my MANOVAs, and am now doing a final ANOVA as I found something which may be significant (yey!) Equal Variances Assumed. Tukey's honestly significant difference test, Hochberg's GT2, Gabriel, and Scheffé are multiple comparison tests and range tests. Tukey’s will compare all possible group pairings and tell you which ones have differences that are statistically significant. Die Post-hoc-Tests geben mit paarweisen Mittelwertvergleichen Auskunft, welche Mittelwerte sich signifikant voneinander unterscheiden. Tukey HSD is a method to compare among means of multiple groups, as would be common as a post-hoc test after a one-way anova. Pairwise multiple comparisons test the difference between each pair of means and yield a matrix where asterisks indicate significantly different group means at an alpha level of 0.05. Tukey HSD, Dunn-Sidak correction, and Dunn test are all different things, and aren't really alternatives to one another.

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