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You can add bacon, more spice–make it your own! Remember that yeasty boxed dough mix? If it doesn’t it, I understand, and I won’t hold it against you; however, if you like having a guide to meals that are truly low carb (or ketogenic), then I think you’ll like this. Eating Keto when traveling can be difficult….but if you plan well you can certainly pull it off….unfortunately there is a saying about best laid plans…. Sharing this because it’s perfect for cold winter months or when you’re fighting a cold or flu bug. This process converts the inactive CBDa compound into the active form of CBD. Let’s look at the hype and some reliable resources to reassure our female (and perhaps our male) members that consistently eating whole, real foods like meat, full-fat dairy, and vegetables and NOT EATING processed packaged foods created in a factory, will result in personal crotch calamity. Knowing the difference could […], It’s our 2nd “Sunday with the Sullivans” LIVECast and this time we’re cozy by the fire. Cooking Keto with Kristie – Which Book is Best? This Keto Creme Brulee is delicious but […], Are you excited for the Big Game this weekend? Chocolate? And those cakes […], Curious about the new book, Growing Up Keto, and whether you might enjoy it? I put together a NEW shopping list for Growing Up Keto so that you can be well prepared for when you have the book in your hot little hands. This is 90-second toast because it’s really pretty awesome toasted, but just kind of ‘meh’ straight out of the microwave. My latest book, Keto Living Day by Day, includes a complete 4-week guide to following a ketogenic diet. No friends, this is a masterpiece! Her experience just speaks to the ways #ketoliving and the […], The headline grabbed my attention, and I couldn’t resist reading a news article about a 46-year-old woman who defended herself against a rabid bobcat. Today I wanted to give you a glimpse into my Keto Kitchen to see some of the tools and appliances that I use […], Okay, you’ve seen 90-second bread, but hear me out. No matter how you slice it, a sweet potato isn’t gonna be a great keto option, especially when you want to enjoy other foods for Thanksgiving. Low Carb Pecan Pie Cheesecake Crust ¾ cup almond flour 1/3 cup granulated sweetener 1/3 cup […], An Advent Calendar is a fun way to count down to Christmas. The mother dressed in a spotless white shirt? You make it once and it becomes “your dish” that others begin to expect and look for when they know you’ve brought something for the buffet. Many of you have watched as the kids have grown up and I’ve become the shortest member of the family! You can find chicken, tuna, salmon, shrimp, crab, sardines, oysters and other sources […], Ready for a challenge? Serve it with fresh avocado, salsa or pico, and sour cream. One is short and simple, but may mean using a bouillon that has a few questionable ingredients. (My response to claims of keto crotch.). Simple ingredients, easy clean-up, and smiles all around! Low carb yeast rolls is one of the very few low carb bread recipes where you can taste the […], We wanted to share another fantastic Keto Success Story from one of the members of our Low Carb Journey Facebook Group. In a previous video we showed you some of the appliances we use everyday….now we want to share to of the most useful kitchen tools I have. Don’t discount how important it is to create new habits. You’d think she’d be smart enough to love a one-pot-wonder like this, but she doesn’t wash the dishes and she doesn’t cook. Seal the jar tightly and carefully add to the simmering water. The first step to making your butter or coconut oil is to decarboxylate the CBD flower. If you’ve never made a Dutch Baby, now’s your chance! You can win […], Traveling keto! Join me to learn how to make keto crepes with Poulet Sauce Suprême (chicken with mushroom sauce) for a main dish and cannoli filling for dessert. No I don’t mean cheat as in higher carbs….I mean cheat as in quick easy meals that will help keep you on plan. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper to prevent any burning. Sunday with the Sullivans – We’re smokin’ pumpkins, Low Carb Pumpkin Spice Fudge and White Chocolate Pumpkin Fudge, chibo Cooking Class – keto Crepes – get the recording, Perfect Low Carb Pumpkin Pie Spice Muffins, Sunday with the Sullivans: Adventures in Grocery Shopping. And if you’re the one in charge of the cooking, holiday stress may also be on the menu. Pumpkin Spice Fudge (version 1) 6 ounces coconut oil 4 ounces butter, salted (ghee for dairy free) ½ cup […], It’s the next best thing to being there! […], That word has popped up in at least 4 different places for me over the past week. Growing Up Keto! Get a nice simmer going, but don’t ever bring the water to a rapid boil. Makes 2 servings 4 total carbs each 2 tablespoons butter, salted 2 tablespoons sweetener 1 tablespoon coconut flour […], Keto Crepes! Consider that there is three pounds of meat in the recipe which ensures that it is hearty and filling. Hint: You can use any of the Keto Cake […], A week or so ago, Grace started making these delicious iced coffees. In fact, in my Facebook group, if you complain of a stall or of not losing weight quickly enough, you’re likely to be asked for a 5-day food journal. A common complaint is that Keto is too expensive, so I wanted to see just how much I could get for under $80..and how many of my recipes I could make with just those ingredients. […], OK, first thing Posset is an English pudding….and it’s sort of like a science experiment and it tastes amazing! This week we salute member Candy Martin for not 1 but 2 “non-scale” victories. We love cheesecake. Unlike our low and slow soups, a stir fry thrives on high heat. One […], Day 4 of #ketotogether and simple is still on the menu! Here’s how to follow the 28 day guide and what you need to do NOW to prepare for September 10th. In this episode of Sunday with the Sullivans Our Keto topic is “how do you eating out with non Keto peeps?” We’ll also find out who won the Cooking Keto with Kristie apron and chat about my briefly about my basil. I looked in my pantry and pulled out some delicious ingredients to make this perfect low carb soup for a rainy weekend or cool evening. Store in the refrigerator and eat within the first month of storage. And I don’t care if you don’t like omelets. Well I decided to raid my pantry to see what I had…and then come up with a plan for all the different things I could […], In this edition of Sunday with the Sullivan’s we create a tasty Keto Easter Bunny with the help of my lovely assistant Mr Keto and fill you in on how we’re handling the “Stay at Home” order in NC! Add butter or coconut oil to the mason jar. Step 4. For Jonathan, his favorite is a plain, classic vanilla. We put together this “inside” view to help you get a sneak peek. For the other nights, the menu is chosen and we will eat a common meal, choosing […], Makes 2 servings Prep time: 2 minutes, plus 5 to 10 minutes to cool Cook time: 3 to 4 minutes Using precooked sausage or leftover sausage or browning sausage ahead of time makes this a really quick meal.

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