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BY Tom Jenkins, Journalist. These steaks are filled with tough muscle fibers that break down nicely when they encounter the acidic ingredients in a marinade. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. But lose the salt shaker. This will make sure the onion doesn't fall apart while cutting it. A sheet pan is good for so much more than baking cookies; it’s indispensable for roasting vegetables, making sheet pan dinners and hot-holding food in the oven. 15 Secrets from Top Chefs That Every Home Cook Should Know. Chefs are ingenious at finding ways to reuse food trimmings and scraps since it's essential to keeping their costs down. An image of a chain link. A thin coating of regular mayonnaise will prevent the fish from sticking to the grill and add a beautiful brown color when cooked. 10 Cooking Secrets From Great Restaurant Chefs Slideshow. Taylor Tobin. Since you're cooking a fresh meal instead of eating a packaged one, you're starting out with much less sodium to begin with. I’ve heard it all—older onions make you cry more, avoid tears by using a sharp knife, freeze the onions or cut them under running water—but if an onion wants to get you, it will. It doesn’t even have to be a sweet ingredient; play around with savory ingredients like rosemary and orange zest, two things that can take your favorite sugar cookie recipes to the next level. You know what you like, so don’t cook with onions if you hate them! You can learn more about our data collection and use practices in our Privacy Policy. Anyone can learn to grill a steak or saute some vegetables, but sauce-making is an essential skill. The Food Network is helpful when it comes to cooking tips, but these pro chefs are sharing their number one kitchen tip that makes meals more delicious. Over-mixing causes toughness by developing gluten in the flour. These are called fond in classical French cooking because they’re the foundation of a great pan sauce. When it comes to prepping a well-made meal, safety and flavor take equal billing for professional chefs. But, if you’re eating the noodles hot, you don’t need to rinse them to stop the cooking process. Cooking Secrets of Chefs. When you’re sweating onions, add a small pinch of salt. 12. You can still make a perfect steak by buying less expensive cuts like top sirloin, flank or hanger steak. This is one of those common cooking myths. Check your email to confirm your subscription. 11. Here are 10 secrets for the kitchen from great restaurant chefs. This simple trick promotes airflow around the meat, cooking it evenly inside and out while preventing the center from bulging up. By the end of the cooking time, you’ll create a set of nuanced layers of flavor that will make your food stand out. Don’t be afraid to add something weird and surprising to baked goods to make them stand out. Simply serve them with a drizzle of good olive oil and flaky sea salt for the perfect appetizer. If you’re not prepared, you’ll be overwhelmed and in the weeds, which probably means your chef will yell at you a lot, too. If you keep them in an airtight container, place them on the bottom and elevate your food with bunched-up parchment paper — and don't eat 'em!). The enzymes in the onion do a great job at loosening up baked-on grime and grit. and within reach. Sure, instant-read thermometers are great for making sure your steak is cooked, but so is a simple cake tester (like this one for $4.33 on Amazon). Get the recipe here. This tip applies to sheet pan dinners, roasted vegetables and pan-fried foods that get a beautiful sear and a golden-brown crust. "Put a dish towel under your cutting board to keep it in place as you chop things. This data is an integral part of how we operate our site, make revenue to support our staff, and generate relevant content for our audience.

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