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7 Secrets for ESL Learners - FREE download. > Other English exercises on the same topics: Compound words | Find the word [Change theme] > Similar tests: - Compound words - What's your age? Forming Compound Nouns Answer Key First Word + Second Word Compound Noun 1. black + board = blackboard 2. after + math = aftermath 3. jelly + fish = jellyfish 4. Sometimes more than one form is possible: However, we often prefer one form over the other because it’s more common: bus stop, car key, toothpaste, car park, ice cream, haircut, etc. But in many occasions, you can see the same compound noun written in different ways. 3. ���ΰ���L��N�6��7�fm�7�e��s���r��@C`�dž0J����(�͂Jwp��m�X@����t���I�S��r:���9�.�4r�m/�� 9,���OEHY(�P|�'�j ����X1�U�����)�d�QcB �}B@��7A��sI;'_ܥ)�o��V��(��!c�$�����j�_ ��y��/r����P��okp��1?��2��Fb������/�x}_ ��f�Ω����Ċc_��Uu��)/{��(��|bYu�+����LU� ����t�z�GAd˩�Ҙ N��3���ZG��҆? %PDF-1.5 This is a vocabulary-building exercise for hyphenated compound words. Download the list of compound nouns in PDF format This is a large list of compound nouns and can be download by clicking on this link. endobj You hard hearts, you cruel men of Rome! ߸��T�#W��s�_T��o����X7w�mU=x�i���=�9�)�a�_pE��jX��i�X�G�T�7�h*��RR^�����}���������W?/~\-$T+" U�\e�5�SXZS-n�������T���D�DF���7L`��7-*�w�؀���y��o����~�_�_��|�?���R�xN6������ai���~�����n�� 'p��1�e2�����֍�[2s}0�"�C��a��i�Y�BsX|C� �i�|�g!��t�#����TT���y�|mķ���J��_�H8m�ٷ���.H�o�dte���כ�`I�1G���=��jA�z�63\�`�1�Z�s��5#u᳔\��Ģ��O�����ŷ0*ߓn(�Ĩ.��s��(g1���"�a1��� Everything = all things. Full list of compound nouns (Don’t forget that each of these compound words needs a hyphen.) 1New study suggests that laziness might be a high intelligence sign. It tests what you learned on the Compound Nouns page. iSL Collective - This website contains 25 free ESL compound noun worksheets for you to work on, including how to make compound words, exercises on compound nouns, and even a worksheet that focuses on furnishings within a house. a piece of cheese 10We want to rebuild the stone's wall at the back of the courtyard. English Exercises > countables - uncountables exercises COMPOUND NOUNS, COUNTABLE/UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS Look at the table below to see how to use the possessive case. When we use noun + noun, the first noun is acting as a modifier of the second noun, like an adjective, and is normally singular (tourist destination, stomach bug, school bus, etc.). a ten-minute walk. Do you have some paper? We also use of instead of ‘s with long noun phrases. a storeroom. Good. But note that we use noun + of + noun to refer to a container together with its contents: a cup of tea, a glass of wine, a glass of beer, a box of matches, etc. Next, have the students describe the nouns in the first exercise using compound adjectives. An attributive adjective is closely attached to its noun and regularly precedes it. It’s Mike’s. Note that we use of + possessive case or possessive pronoun if there is a determiner (a, some, this, etc.) <>stream An appositive adjective is added to its noun to explain it, like a noun in apposition. A compound noun by adding 2 words together to make one word. There are 2 exercises to practice: compound nouns, there to be, many, much, fewer, less, more, countable and uncountable nouns. 2The attacker hit the victim with a table's leg. Go through the first one as an example, i.e. a 300-cm measure tape. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look. a) a storeroom b) a storesroom. This exercise is an advanced level multiple choice test with multiple choice questions on nouns including the topics below. endobj Compound nouns In many cases we use noun + noun, instead of possessive ‘s or of. esl-lounge is a great website if you want a variety of ESL resources to sift through. Using compound nouns, can you shorten the following phrases? One Word Nouns; Compound Nouns; Countable and Uncountable Nouns; Singular and Plural Nouns; Collective Nouns; Noun Gender; The Genitive Case 2012-06-04T08:01:37-04:00PScript5.dll Version 5.2.22012-06-05T09:44:54-04:00 school bus, car park, etc., but very common compound nouns are sometimes used as one word, e.g. 7 Advanced English Grammar Exercises to Amp up Your English Game esl-lounge Advanced Grammar Exercises. %���� Let’s go! 2 0 obj We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. O! Using compound nouns, can you shorten the following phrases? After that, students move on to match words together to form 12 Everywhere = all places 3The world of sizes for clothes of women is bizarre. letter-box. endstream bathroom, haircut, etc., and sometimes linked with a hyphen, e.g. 4They stole several rings of gold and an expensive watch. 1. We normally use of instead of ‘s when we are talking about inanimate things, parts of things, or abstract nouns. 2. q)�}��f}��O2��>L���/yX?m[:����R�#�Sa z�A�ϣ��Rf��#�f�}��F����'�9z���IO�J*�����S�O�B^ ��쟫����\��S�B�e~�$��=�N�J��i�8�-߱ ����ath�(�����Q�R҆�/�%���ޘ �3ȑ�.�}�8ܥ\@�8C�jFv�0Y�5�3ҝ9d;lC�:ѿ�!q���L���æY?VQ���X ��o��m���/�� XA�3�s�E��~ѯ���N�R� u��,ay�+r�������(h}� ���4X�{���(ʒ�8�]%h__(j <>stream ESL Printables - Here, educators share their ideas for teaching compound nouns to ESL learners. *, Compound nouns are often two separate words, e.g. 9Do you know the man in the black suit's name? Acrobat Distiller 9.5.1 (Windows); modified using iTextSharp 4.1.6 by 1T3XTnoun We can use a compound noun to refer to a container, which is usually empty: a tea cup, a wine glass, a beer glass, a matchbox, etc. We normally use ‘s with people or animals, although we can also use it with time expressions, shops, or places (cities, countries, etc.) and organisations. Plus, you will also find speaking exercises, writing exercises, vocabulary exercises and more. - Any and its compounds - Compound adjectives for beginners - Else and compound words - Compound adjectives - I'm back and back - Increase your vocabulary : 2-4 > Double-click on words you don't understand We use noun + of + noun, and not a compound noun, to talk about a quantity of something. h޴Y�n7}�W�qc�/@[�M�-З�CP����ZweW�'�/;C�Mw�ȭ�8�͐�9gxfȼ��'����ś�JNV7.�_��JQCVFn�1f�j���u�P-W�q(�CUB���;4�,���h��NEg�� �*�8����z;X��U�\[�N\����7N�(��g�|�~J�����{���LA�Z��z9 a 300-cm tape measure. When we use noun + noun, the first noun is acting as a modifier of the second noun, like an adjective, and is normally singular (tourist destination, stomach bug, school bus, etc.). Compound nouns with “every” We use compound nouns with the word “every” to refer to all things, all places or every person. Do you have a pen? a storesroom. Fill in each gap with a compound word formed from the word given in brackets at the end of each sentence. 1 0 obj A compound noun is used when the relationship between the two nouns is recognized as constant.

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