commercial keyless entry systems

As much as we don’t like to think about the worst possible situations, it’s always better to be prepared. Give us a call at (800) 675-3015. Keys allow people access 24 hours a day. Some disgruntled employees might refuse to return their keys, others might simply throw theirs away. With keyless entry systems, the owner does not have to wait around for the key to be returned or worry about someone with a key to the building. Users need to be within a certain distance of the reader to trigger an unlock. Biometrics — Some businesses choose to use more advanced credentials to identify authorized users. Commercial Keyless Entry Systems: When it comes to being able to control access to your building, this is considered by many to be perhaps one of the most critical factors involving commercial security. In addition to this, magnetic locks are fairly easy to install, which is why they are often used by commercial businesses. Mobile, cloud-based systems are more adaptable, giving organizations greater flexibility to meet ever-changing business needs. This means they won’t need to make sure they have something else with them when they’re on they’re way to work. We do one thing, and we do it well. Automatic alerts on unauthorized access or attempt to access are also given to business owners or security personnel. From keyless entry systems to security cameras, our locksmith and security systems help keep employees, facilities and data protected at all times. However, advancements in access control technology are enabling businesses move beyond the outdated lock-and-key methods. We already know that asking former employees to return their keys isn’t always as easy as it should be. People are less likely to forget or lose their smartphone compared to a key card, and it also means less up-front cost for businesses. Keyless entry systems combine the best of modern technology with durability and ease of use that make them perfect for your multi-family property, small business office space, retail storefront, hotel, airport, restroom, or mixed-use commercial building. With this, you’re always in control. While these credentials can vary, key cards are the most common due to the fact that they are generally cheap to manufacture, as well as easy to manage, easy to secure, and simple to program. Many people have heard of keyless entry systems. Locked exterior doors can prevent dangerous people from gaining access, and that can literally be a life or death situation. The best keyless entry system for a commercial setting will vary based on the building, the number of employees, and the security needs of the company. Surveillance cameras are always a great tool; however, they can only do so much, and at some point or another, you will require an access control system in order to lock and unlock your doors whenever your employees need to enter and exit the building. The black stripe on the card contains time polarized magnets in multiple tracks, which creates a longer data set as opposed to those held within a Wiegand card. Even if you’re at your most hoarse, you aren’t going to lose your voice at home. $159.99 $ 159. We built our keyless entry system to have the absolute best traits of the other keyless entry systems. This can be done quickly and easily. The door can be opened remotely by using an access control system. Easy-to-install keyless door locks for office spaces support mobile credentials, key cards, fobs, and Cloud Key credentials, and are backwards compatible with legacy access control systems. However, a system such as this can be a lot more expensive than other keyless systems. To keep the door locked, power must be supplied to the lock. You can choose when you want someone to be able to get in and when you don’t want them to. Remote access — A cloud-managed keyless entry system also gives you the benefit of remote access. They are typically installed in the door frame and at the top of the door. The force that the magnet creates is so strong that the door cannot be opened. In short, keyless access control locks let authorized users unlock a door without needing a physical key. They are relatively easy to use and allow access within a matter of moments. Advanced access control systems like Openpath track all entry activity in real-time, and provide detailed reporting. For example, users on the Openpath access control system can be required to complete a FaceID scan on their smartphone before unlocking the door via the mobile app. GoKeyless offers commercial keyless entry door locks from leading manufacturers including Trilogy, Kaba, Schlage, Simplex, Lockey, Yale and more. When people come into the building, they just have to type a personal identification number into the keypad. Security has always been a priority in the workplace, whether it’s giving each employee a set of keys, or hiring a security guard at the front door. Talk to an access control specialist about your needs, and to see how Openpath keyless entry systems can work for you. Biometrics can include fingerprint scans, facial recognition, and iris scans. This works exactly like it sounds like: you give out cards that get access at different times. As long as they have their smartphone with them, they can gain entry. Electromagnetic locks are fail-safe; i.e., they unlock automatically when the power goes out. Our locks not only cater for the traditonal lever handle doors but also sliding doors. Radio frequency identification is made up of a reader and a card or a tag. Part of the reason why this is true is because we specialize as a commercial locksmith. “Biometric Access Control” is even more “space age” than the fingerprint lock. This means you can have total authority over who has access to your building at all times. In this blog, we’ll cover what goes into our keyless entry system and how it’s set apart from the rest. If you’re still using a key for the lock, then you have to change the locks. We take great pride in matching our customers with a lock solution that works for them and their building. With mobile access control, organizations can leverage the biometrics built into the phone to increase security. With contactless features like Openpath’s Wave to Unlock, users simply wave their hand or phone in front of the reader for keyless entry into the office. In order to retrieve the data, the card will need to be scanned. This enables people to leave the building in case of a fire or emergency. TO CONTROL WHEN PEOPLE COME INTO YOUR PROPERTY. However, a system such as this is a little more complicated than you might think. Keyless entry systems for businesses offer many advantages over physical keys beyond the simple convenience of not having to deal with a key to open the door. It can keep records of visitors, employee attendance, and the general population in a building. Access activity data also empowers businesses with behavioral learning insights to improve space management and inform decisions over time. By that same token, they won’t have access would you prefer they were unable to get in. However, systems that use smartphones allow the user to have a keyless experience. A keyless entry system is one that allows you to have control over your premises. 2. It’s important to keep in mind that all types of door access systems work in a similar manner – credentials are presented to the reader prior to the data being sent to a controller in order to be authorized. The typical keyless door entry system requires electronic or magnetic door locking mechanisms, a proximity card reader or sensor, and each user needs an authorized credential to authenticate their identity. If you are willing to pay extra for biometric systems you’ll find that they’re very easy to use. For example, many of our keyless locks use a keypad. Key fobs allow the user to unlock a door when they are close by.

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