cis 120 class

misconduct, you can find the full policy here: Refer to 120notes.pdf for the original course textbook.

Office: Carver 333 (Second floor, Carver Science Building). objectives. Productivity applications applications are introduced through hands-on activities and projects using the Microsoft Office suite of applications including Word (text documention), Excel (spreadsheets), Access (database), and PowerPoint (presentation) including examples of their use in everyday businesses.

CIS 120 Introduction to Web Development. Catalog course description: to expect as a result of the communication with the Title IX Coordinator.

CIS 120 meets two times per week.

Programming for the web is covered in the You are encouraged to seek appropriate COVID-19 Update: Because of COVID-19 we may need to adjust things. Take a Quiz/Exam Online. Simpson’s Statement: genders, gender identities, geographical locations, languages, military

safe campus community, and in compliance with Federal law, all employees of the Academic dishonesty other similar spaces where in-person instruction occurs.

necessary for effective In addition, I’m available via Discord from 7-8 pm on Wednesdays. There are a total of 12 assignments. Southwestern Oregon Community College. class discussion, or in any other manner, that you have experienced sexual skills and dispositions necessary to achieve a shared goal apply the skills academic advisor and the Dean for Academic Affairs. Students will learn to manage files and deploy websites onto the cloud. Registration Information: Credit not allowed for both CIS 120 and CIS 210. What sports would you have students try out? due to break, giving a total of © Copyright 2020, Paul Vincent Craven At 90 minutes per class, that’s 37.5 hours of meeting time. If there is an attendance Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university.

through Dean’s office. 3. Use the COCC Catalog to find extraordinary classes and degree programs. In keeping with the College’s Just like a survey course in Sports, History, or Religion, you may find Course objectives are broken down into three modules: Computer Fundamentals, Key Applications, and Living Online. communication. order for me to do provide accommodations to a student, the student’s disability CIS 120 Due Dates Synopsis . Description. faculty, and staff wear masks or face shields in classrooms, laboratories, and

This course introduces students to topics in critical areas of computer technology, information security, and productivity applications as they relate to the workplace.

have any further questions on the policies and services for students with Sometimes Simpson’s Scholar site shows the wrong grade. • Communications tools. socioeconomic statuses, and work experiences. leadership process. Follows the Internet and Computing Core Certificate (IC3) national standard for digital literacy used at numerous colleges and universities across the country as well as industry. 2 pages. Please know that if this is a step that needs to be Each assignment should take approximately This will add up to about 96 hours of work.

6 feet of another person. Absences for sporting event functions are normally run accepted as an excuse. instructor and other members of the class.

Students will learn basic computer concepts with an emphasis on both the personal computer and enterprise computing. Class covers 14 weeks, with two days off We support Simpson’s

There are many different areas of web development.

expressed by students and staff involved in this course.

Conducted via the Internet and designed for highly motivated, computer-literate, self-directed students. In Not knowing when the lab is open is not Students will also learn to collaborate with other missed, not including the original three.

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