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I can’t find an answer on the web. I will be making this as my family loves chow chow and our favorite store bought made in Winston Salem is no longer available as the canner has had to go out of business. This hairy canine is initially from Northern China and is viewed as the progenitor of different breeds like the Pomeranian. Remove the core from the tomatoes, then slice and dice the tomatoes. Wrong! Chow Chows are loyal and loving to their family members and maybe extremely protective of one or two people. This is the first color that pops into our minds when somebody mentions this breed. Thank you also for the suggestion about the white vinegar. I like to use a wooden skewer to remove any air bubbles that might be in the jar. So, if you’re ready to give it a try let’s get out the canning supplies. Chow Chows are aloof when it comes to guests and strangers. Makin my second batch of this today. Your directions were perfect. Love this recipe! -Female one tan & white with husky markings -Female two is brown -Female three is dark brown and black The rest are males. Do I need to throw the jar away? Set those aside. Thank you for your comments, and for your visits. In the past year or two, jar lids are being made so that they don’t require this warming up process. With the jars starting to heat up, I have my sink clear now so that I can drain the vegetables. Same for some of the other vegetables that are included in it. I’m actually in Mexico so had to sub some ingredients that I couldn’t find–specifically tomatillos for the green tomatoes, and it worked just fine. Add puppy chow in … Chow Chow relish is a great topping for hot dogs, burgers, turkey sandwiches, all kinds of great things. Be Blessed!!! It does not matter with personal preference. Pour Rice Chex in a big bowl. I have wanted to make some but was always intimidated by the canning process. You’ll get it dialed in, and the the blue will be alllll yours. -Steve, (Note: Terry is partly responding to my note in the Newsletter that I won 2nd Place with this Chow Chow that I entered into the 2017 NC State Fair, it’s the second year in a row that I’ve placed 2nd, still working on getting a blue ribbon one day.). Be Blessed!!! Hi Marianne, YOU are awesome. so glad i found your info, its so precise. I will get my ‘canning expert’ friend to help me and we will make a fun day of it! So, if you try it, please let me know how it turns out. And I, like her family members and some very fortunate friends, all enjoyed that true labor of love.”. My vegetables are tender and I’ve removed them from the stove. Smile. If you have a band screwed down tight on a jar, the lid can lose the seal but not come up. If you let it boil hard for very long, it will boil away a lot of this liquid. Can you substitute monkfruit for the sugar? Generally. Chow-Chow was a way to use up all the vegetables at the end of the growing season, and that would vary from one year to the next, so you’ll find lots of variations on how to make it. Hope you have a great day. It can be safely done if you follow the right information. Thank you. Smile. The taste was really good too as I couldn’t wait to try it before i jarred it up. We’ll show you how to make the relish, then water bath can it to preserve it. thanks for the pics! You can just thank me later. You are so right in saying “mistakes happen.” It’s the best way to learn. I hope to do that recipe for you here on Taste of Southern one day. Be Blessed!!! I have shared it with many of my friends who have leftover green tomatoes to harvest.This will be my forever recipe for making Chow Chow. I started out with my hand grater, but found that it was making the pieces too small. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. I’m sorry I can’t be of help in that regard. If you still have the jar you purchased, take a look at the list of ingredients in that jar. We have never personally seen a pure white Chow Chow and they nearly always have some sort of shading. I’ve got my slotted spoon and my ladle ready. Next, use a damp cloth or paper towel to carefully wipe around the rim and top of the jar. Sadly, I didn’t get to make any this year, but maybe next. Thank you, Hi Suzanne, Greetings to Gibsons BC all the way from the heart of North Carolina. I appreciate your visits and look forward to you stopping by again… real soon. Be Blessed!!! Before you purchase your puppy, make sure to check the parents that they have healthy personalities. As an adult, my palate matured and I came to enjoy spicier foods. My husband opened a jar, closed it and left it on the counter overnight! It can come in various shades that are especially noticeable in smooth-haired Chow Chows. I’ve seen canning supplies more prominently displayed at stores than they used to be. -Steve. It seems to have worked for them, but the US Dept of Agriculture doesn’t recommend that process and I’ve tried to stick with their guidelines so as to not make anyone sick. Be Blessed!!! This is a very old breed and the color black has been around in this breed for ages. Chow chow characteristics include its grooming, life span, color dog breeds. Hello, Since I’m working with more solids than liquids with this recipe, I like to use the slotted spoon to scoop up some vegetables and place them in the jar first. At least among my friends and the folks that I know. Thanks!! And, I’ve got my skewer to remove air bubbles, my magnetic wand to lift the lids and bands, and my head space measuring tool all at the ready. Place the funnel in the jar and then spoon your product into the jar. -Andy, Montgomery AL, Hi Andy, Thank you for your very kind compliments on our recipes. I am printing it an mailing it to me friend who does not have a computer. Gently lift the handles up off the top of the canning pot and lower the jars down into the water. I making more tomorrow. Here are some of the most popular Chow Chow colors and let’s see if those colors are allowed in this breed. I hope they’ll consider trying it. It’s such a neat place to visit there in Cana, Virginia. I appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us. I do hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. The signup box is below and you’ll also find one in the top right hand corner of each page. Hi Steve, Thank you for trying the Chow Chow Relish recipe. I have a bunch of apples and tomatoes to work up first. Blue Chow Chows are somewhat more common and are easier to come across. -Steve. Good morning. It will only make a slight difference. Thank you, your demonstration was everything I needed, step by step, because some people, like myself need to know every little details, and you did it !! It’s good stuff. Yay, I just heard lid number 4 go Pop! Canning can be work, but it can also be a lot of fun. But I do think it will be only me and my daughter-in-law eating it, that’s ok. I think even the most timid canner would be able to gain confidence enough to achieve success following your post! I know it’s going to take this big pot of water some time to heat up to boiling, so I’ll start it while I work on the other steps in the recipe. I realize that this appears to be very time consuming and hard work, and it is. You say process for 10 minutes. How cool is that? Hi Judy, At my house, I would just stick it back in the fridge. I hope this helps. Pressure canner is entirely different and don’t think ot is recommended for pickling, but you can use the canner pot to water bath…just leave the weight off so it doesn’t hold pressure. Keep up the great work with your canning adventures. I appreciate your visit and hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. Smelled amazing as it simmered and brought back memories of going to my great grandmas as a kid. I hope this helps. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Carefully position the band over the jar, then tighten it just “finger tight” over the top. Take my word for it, okay? I’m diabetic and use monkfruit. Stir down to the bottom and make sure that you rinse them well. The next jar to be filled is the ideal place for it. Then, chop the cabbage up into small pieces. I do hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. $500 Non-refundable deposit to hold puppie of choice. I used some allspice in place of the cinnamon and cloves. Can you tell me if after a good six weeks or so before being opened if all these flavors will mellow a bit? When the processing time is completed, raise the jars back out of the water and hook the handles back over the top rim of the pot. 1 mile above sea level. Head space is the amount of space between the top of the product or liquid inside the jar and the top of the jar rim itself. I hope this helps. Check it carefully to be sure the entire top and the threaded part of the jar are clean and clear of any food or liquid. Review how much Chow Chow … -Steve. Processing time will vary from one recipe to another, depending on what you’re attempting to preserve. I do appreciate your visit and I hope you’ll visit with us often. The jar lids have a “dimple” in the center of each lid. I gave 4 stars because I haven’t tasted it yet. Combine Sugar, Spices and Vinegar in a large saucepot. Be Blessed!!! Did you know that you can place a wooden spoon across the top of a pot and it will not boil over. That’s a whole different story though. Smile. It is just another of those “old school” tips I learned that I continue to use. This is pretty much the way my stove setup goes for all of my canning adventures.

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