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Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on January 02, 2014: Lot of good books here for younger readers. Evaluate and treat animals brought in to your practice. Sheilamarie from British Columbia on May 12, 2013: Being a vet sounds like an ideal job to a kid who loves animals. Children’s Books About Veterans Day. The first animal that came in was an adorable puppy with a broken leg. . I have reached my "like" quota for the day but just know that I really like this lens and will take to heart your recommendations as my child really loves animals. Head to Your Local B&N for Storytime at 11am Saturday 12/28 and Baby & Me Storytime at 11am Sunday 12/29! A well-designed book with full-colour artwork and photographs from the Royal Veterinary College, giving a true sense of what it's like to train as a vet. $19.95, Beastly Feasts: A Mischievous Menagerie in Rhyme, by Bob Forbes and Ronald Searle  I'm not sure how veterinarian school was harder. a lot of things Vets did...I had to, it was too costly to have a Vet out for every little thing,,,you learn fast. This was my childhood dream job - I had no idea that 20% of vets were large animal vets! As well as having a love for animals, a vet also needs to have good people skills. Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on November 30, 2013: Elsie Hagley from New Zealand on November 30, 2013: My kind of job, I love working with animals, I do all I can to look after the animals on our farm, and feel very sad when we loose one. Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on October 11, 2013: Lots of great information for kids who want to be a vet. A List of My Top Books for Prospective Vets. Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on May 16, 2013: I love this lens! This picture book takes us through a day at the office with Doctor Nice, who fixes a crow’s broken foot (skiing accident), cures a goat kid’s headaches (hockey game), and mends Mrs. Cow’s tail (slipped on the ice). Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on August 20, 2013: @steadytracker lm: Sounds like you may have a potential young vet there. Even MORE Children’s Books About Pets. (Careers for Kids). Much luv to all our vets out there taking care of our furbabies. Being a vet tech provides many more opportunities to work with animals in areas such as agricultural programs, zoos and research laboratories. I believe that the child in your life will find encouragement and inspiration from these books. Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on November 26, 2013: Merry Citarella from Oregon's Southern Coast on November 25, 2013: This is such a great idea for a lens! Great lens for kids who are working out their future career. Thanks! This is an amazing resource. I really wanted to be a vet when I was little, until I watched a vet deliver a calf on TV. Thanks for putting together this info for would-be animal doctors. Whether they crawl, run, fly, swim or slither, his interest in them never ceases. :). Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on May 10, 2013: @Erin Mellor: Probably one of the most well known and most feared of all vet procedures - I am with you on this one. Honestly, I would love to be a vet. I Want to Be a Zookeeper by Dan Liebman The Ivy Press. I cried all the way home and all night, and gave up my dream to become a vet.... just didn't have the heart for it. $7.29. How to Become a Veterinarian: What They Do, How To Train, Daily Life As Vet, Is It Really The Right C… @NatureFan LM: Thank you - very much appreciated. This book provides a comprehensive look into the role of the veterinary technician. Share. Beastly Feasts, a delightful book of animal themed poems, is perfect for your young doctor who also has a poetic bent. Vicky The Vet. Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on July 29, 2013: It's true, being a vet is a dream job for so many kids. Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on February 23, 2018: A love of animals is certainly a good start when considering a career as a vet. Really enjoyed your lens. Warning: No teddies where harmed in the making of this video! It's so good to encourage kids toward a career helping animals. Meet pet owners and build a good rapport with them, listening to their concerns about their animals. Not altogether surprising really as the majority of people live in towns and cities where space for larger animals is limited. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. When I was a kid, though not quite as young as the audience for these, I just gobbled up the James Herriott "life od a country vet" books (All Creatures Great and Small, etc) - but the required science courses ended up being my downfall on the road to veterinary medicine. Your child will want to read this book again and again. I'm the type who faints at the sight of blood and does not have a calming influence on animals, so this never would have been the job for me. I sure hope many children will work on those A and B grades to quality to go to school to be a vet, it would be so fun if someone contacted you and let you know that, now, that would be cool! As a vet, you will need to be comfortable handling a wide variety of creatures. Anyone wishing for a career as a vet must study a variety of subjects ideally: biology, chemistry, physics, animal science, mathematics, and English. Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on July 21, 2013: Thomas F. Wuthrich from Michigan on July 21, 2013: Excellent, and quite possibly a consequential, lens....which just could be the spark that ignites the interest of future veterinarians. my youngest cousin is 11 years old and she is dreaming of becoming a vet, but then again, didn't we all dream this at least once as kids? Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on May 13, 2013: @sheilamarie78: Its probably every animal lovers dream to be a vet. I wish you well in achieving your ambitions. Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on June 22, 2013: Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on June 06, 2013: Birthday Wishes from Here on June 05, 2013: Another wonderful lens... ;-) There are a lot of children that want to become a vet. Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on June 30, 2013: @anonymous: Thanks Tipi - It would be so cool... Its been a while since I passed by and see that you have added some humor with the video....cuteness! This is really helpful. The next best thing to an internship! Stephanie Maze. As you become more experienced as a veterinarian, build a robust client base, and broaden your knowledge, you would expect to earn more. Good info. Vet Academy is a wonderful book that will capture the interest of most young children. Fay Favored from USA on October 01, 2013: Great idea for an article. Tags: must love animals. Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on January 14, 2019: Thank you for your comment. I am now 11, but I like being around animals and helping them out. ), Paperback Ben Reed (author) from Redcar on August 28, 2013: Stephanie from Canada on August 28, 2013: Great lens!

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