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The nice thing about these burrito bowls is that I can just pull them out of the freezer as I leave for work in the morning. My new obsession is meal-prepping. Meal prep shouldn't take a day. Black Beans: Beans are an excellent source of fiber, protein, and folate. I love all things farmhouse, rustic, vintage and historical–basically anything that has a story behind it. Transfer and let cool. I’m already working out how many boxes we have to make them in. And such a great way to have meals ready! On the other side of the same pan, add boneless chicken thighs (or breasts). I started this blog in 2012 when I ended up at home with 2 small kids unemployed and a wee bit chubby. Your email address will not be published. Mix the spices in and let the rice cook for the remainder of the time. Cook for 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Season with salt and black pepper. Hello! Fiber is good for your digestion. I can help you with “What’s for dinner?” too. This page may contain affiliate links. But, sure meal prep is the way to go, thank you Kelly:). On the day you want to eat, here’s how to bring your meal prep chicken My name is Olena Osipov. Ground Chicken burrito bowl meal prep is perfect for planning weekday lunch or dinner. I’m an Iowa girl who has spent my whole life in the midwest. I can help you with “What’s for dinner?” too. you also have the option to use frozen rice or quinoa that you can cook in the And it is way healthier for you. Your email address will not be published. It’s a good Then, reduce the heat, and let it simmer until the chicken is fully cooked (no longer pink in the center) or reaches the temperature of 165 F. It will take around 15 minutes. The lime rice was the kicker! Remove from the stove and rest for 10 minutes. We love to eat like this! Thank you for linking up at Embracing Home and Family! First, on one side of the pan, I drizzle my broccoli florets and red onion wedges with oil and season with a chili seasoning blend—any seasonings you like will do. And I could make extra for my lunch too We don’t have that boxed rice, but we do have something similar in packets which can be microwaved. seasoning as a dry rub, and rub it into the meat. With just 10 minutes of Meal prep shouldn’t take a day and I believe that Chipotle chicken burrito bowls with all the fixings take a lot of time. I can save myself $10 I would spend on take out cause this is definitely comparable. Guacamole may be used instead of sliced avocados. Cook your rice according to instructions and add in the paprika, cumin, cayenne, and black pepper 5 minutes before it’s fully cooked. It is against the law to republish recipes anywhere including social media, print and all world wide web. I actually like to cook 2 cups (dry) so we have leftovers. What a great idea and they look so yummy too! Cover the rice and cook for another 5 minutes. When eating a meal that is prepped like this, do you heat it up again? One of the recipes was this chicken burrito bowl which is part of healthy meal prep monthly series. If you make a purchase, we will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Not only are they tasty, but they are good quality, real food that is more nutritious than so many other quick lunch options. Salsa, cotija cheese, sliced avocado—whatever you like! It consists of all your favorite ingredients – Any protein, cheese, beans, corn, salsa, sour cream, guacamole or avocado all served on a bed of rice or lettuce. Divide arugula, sliced grape tomatoes, drained corn, and black beans into 4 glass containers. These chicken bowls would be an awesome meal to have for lunch or dinner!! With quinoa, lettuce, store bought salsa, and taco seasoned chicken breast, corn and black beans. To cut back on time, I slice chicken breasts lengthwise right in the tray they came in, which saves washing a cutting board and reduces cooking time. Required fields are marked *. Burrito bowl meal prep, chicken burrito bowl, chicken burrito bowl meal prep, ground chicken burrito, ground chicken meal prep, Mexican chicken bowl, grated cheddar or Mexican cheese blend, optional. And more than in love with my Instant Pot. This time-saving meal-prep chicken burrito bowls recipe will help you get healthy lunch on the table at work, school or home quickly without sacrificing flavor or your hard-earned money! microwave as needed. But, keeping that Welcome to the Inspire Me Monday link-up! It is meant to be eaten room temperature (stored in the refrigerator at home) , which is most school or work lunch situations. Good luck with the new school year. Wishing you all a safe and healthy start to school, Pyrex 3-cup Rectangle Glass Food Storage Set Container (Pack of 6 Containers), Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Sterilizer, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, and Warmer, 6 Quart, Easy-Seal Lid, 14 One-Touch Programs (This is the Instant Pot I have…), Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller (Ceramic/Kamado Kit). Avocado – Ain’t a homemade chipotle bowl chicken without avocado or you could use this avocado crema instead, Cheese – Shredded cheddar or Mexican blend works well. Hi, I’m Niky! Now those chicken burrito bowls look amazing. Then sauté black beans and corn with a bit of taco seasoning and salt. For others, it’s prepping the bare bones basic components, and using them to make freshly cooked meals each day. They don’t contain a ton of calories, either. To get the most accurate representation of the nutritional values, you should calculate them with the actual ingredients used in your recipe. I recommend these ones here because they are more sustainable that will leak into your food. This homemade taco seasoning is good not only on ground chicken, but also chicken thighs ( try this Spicy Mexican Chicken) and chickpeas (Chickpea Taco Bowls). Top with cheese followed by chicken, beans and corn. This is Join me as I decorate, create, and celebrate life’s little moments with you. Whichever method you choose, consider cooking extra, so you can put it in the freezer and have it on hand for other quick meals in the future. Now mix in paprika, cumin, cayenne, and black pepper. I am three years retired from being a school librarian and wish I knew about these when I was working. For me, I’m making my burrito bowl meal prep dinners with broccoli and red onion, which last pretty well even when chopped. My favorite burrito bowl from Chipotle is with chicken, so I had to find a way to make a homemade version. All it takes is 30 minutes to make them, and you’ll have your lunches (or dinners) covered for a couple of days. Let it cool down and shred it with two forks. If you prefer lighter containers, these ones here are a great option. I'm a mom to 2 boys and a wife to Alex. Mine looks messy because my beans were the end result of unsuccessful Instant Pot experiment. Top with cheese followed by chicken, beans and corn. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For the beans, I just drained and rinsed, and seasoned them with a little fresh lime juice and some freshly ground pepper. Many are inspired by my Ukrainian heritage. I made this recipe last night. After all, we all have busy lives, right? If you are interest in a vegetarian burrito bowl, then this Chickpea Taco Meal Prep Bowl is perfect for ya or more dinner recipes here. I store them in my work fridge, and by the time I am ready to eat lunch, they are partially thawed. And they contain a ton of potassium. Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. day. Omg this was Amazing! Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). This Chicken Burrito Meal Prep Bowl has all the taste of takeout. the rice. Thanks for your support! From Chicken Quinoa Burrito Bowls, to Southwest Chicken Burrito Bowls, to Paleo Chicken Burrito Bowls, here are a nine easy chicken burrito bowl meal prep ideas and recipes you’ll love.

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