cheesy lasagna made with bread

If I have extra remaining after assembling the lasagna, I freeze it for a future pasta night or I eat it right out of the pot while the lasagna is baking — because that is how I roll folks! Let me give you the low down on the different parts to prepare. This is basically how I make my bolognese and we love it. Easy to make and tasty to eat. The lasagna doesn’t have to be swimming in sauce but it should still be sort of moist. Tent with a layer of parchment/baking paper (this pervents the cheese from sticking to the foil) followed by wrappping tightly with a layer of foil. Here we have a super delicious breakfast treat for you Via Twisted. The one rule that I have for layering is that you must start and finish with meat layers and that’s it. You can lose the egg too if you’re completely opposed to adding it, but I always find that the egg makes the ricotta layer fluffier and it helps it hold up as a layer. I have a béchamel one I make but not as often but I will share that one soon too. Next up is this sauce. If I’m making it for just us then I will make two and freeze one to have in a pinch at a later day. I describe below how I assemble mine and you can tell from the pictures how I layer mine and with how many layers, but it’s really your choice how you want things layered. It’s just the best!! Let me start by saying this isn’t an authentic Italian lasagna. If you’re using fresh sheets than you don’t even have to worry about all that and good for you! In a large bowl combine the ricotta, beaten egg, spinach, salt, pepper and the mushrooms once they have cooled a bit. While the sauce is simmering prepare the ricotta. While the lasagna is ‘resting’ make your garlic and herb cheesy bread. If you don’t want to use frozen spinach then definitely use fresh and just chop and sauté it with the mushrooms. Greeks love to add clove and cinnamon to their meat sauce and thats how I have always made my bolognese. Ricotta layer, In a Dutch oven heat oil to medium/high and sauté onions, carrots and celery for 5 min or until veggies are starting to get tender, Add the garlic and sauté for another minute then add the meat and brown meat until mostly cooked then add the wine and continue to cook meat until most of the liquid has evaporated, Then add crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, clove, oregano, bay leaves, cinnamon, broth or water and bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer, cover and let simmer for an hour, stirring periodically and adding more broth or water if needed. This a great little recipe that I love and make a lot and it’s about time I added it to the blog. You can learn more about me, 3 Cheese Loaded Lasagna with Herb and Garlic Cheesy Bread, Roasted Turkey Breast Roulade With Cranberry Herb Stuffing, ½ cup frozen spinach strained or 1 packed cup of fresh, 1 cup of mushrooms of your choice cleaned and chopped, 2½-3 lbs of ground meat of your choice- this one is with ground beef, 1 ½ cups of broth or water plus more if needed, One 500 gram box of Barilla oven ready pasta sheets - or your choice of pasta, oven ready, fresh or boil first pasta, 1 large bowl of hot water -optional and details in directions (this is only if you’re using oven ready pasta), ½ cup fresh herbs like parsley and basil to garnish each piece with, 1 loaf of your favorite bread cut in half length wise, 2-3 tbsp chopped fresh herbs of choice - I used parsley for this one but you can do a combo of herbs and chives too. Sprinkle the top layer of meat generously with the remaining mozzarella and all of the Parmesan cheese. It’s rich and filling and so full of goodness. Set aside or if making ahead let cool for an hour and refrigerate overnight. Season them with salt and pepper and set aside to cool. My husband loves all the different textures and layers and I have to agree. I don’t know about you but I like a little bit of sauce in mine. Then bake for 30 minutes, remove parchment and foil and continue baking for another 15-20 minutes or until golden and bubbling, Remove from oven when done (keep oven on for cheesy bread) Let stand for 20 minutes before cutting to allow it to set a bit which makes it easier to serve, While the lasagna is ‘resting’ make your garlic and herb cheesy bread, In a small bowl combine the softened butter, garlic, herbs, salt and pepper and spread cut side of each bread with the butter mixture and sprinkle both evenly with cheese, Place them on a baking sheet and bake open faced until bread is crispy, golden and cheese is bubbling. Makes 1 large dish of lasagna or two smaller 8X11 ones It’s just one that I have been making for years and me and hubby love it and it’s my go to recipe that I use whenever I’m making it for a crowd or for company. Hope you love it as much as we do! This allows them to absorb a little moisture and soften up a bit. If thats to much spice or one too many dimensions of flavour for you then definitely leave them out. Hi! Optional step - Place your noodles In a large bowl of hot water while you assemble and this will help them soften and by doing this I have found that the pasta doesn’t absorb as much of the sauce.

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