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Raiford is a graduate of Saint Petersburg College in Florida. 1120 0 obj <>stream What happens if the ATM does not give back my EBT card? Can I get information on my P-EBT account and balance in the LifeInCheck EBT app? ©2019 Florida Department of Children & Families, English | NOTE: The DSNAP EBT card will be sent separately from your benefits approval letter. Prescription Discount Card - Search your prescription medication on the app feature and use the provided card at your favorite pharmacy to save money. The LifeInCheck EBT app was developed by Inmar Intelligence, the department's EBT contractor, with the goal of helping DCFS clients manage their benefits in a way that is more efficient and convenient for them. You will be asked to enter your card number again. You will then be asked to press one to report your card as lost, stolen, or damaged. Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is a method of delivering governmental benefits to recipients electronically. You must call EBT Customer Service at 1-888-356-3281 to select your PIN before you can use your card. You can use the LifeInCheck EBT app to get your balance, view recent transactions, mark your card as lost or stolen, request a replacement card, select your PIN, and access helpful information about other benefit programs such as SNAP. Will I be able to use my EBT card in other counties and other states? DCFS also sends alerts about program updates or other important information through text messages if we have a current mobile number on file for you. For county contact information, visit. If you don’t want him or her to have access to all of your benefits, it is possible to limit the AR's access to either your food benefits or cash benefits if you like. Keep your EBT card number and PIN a secret. EBT 1-3 14, 1956, Steps to Change Your Food Stamp Card PIN It is very important that you change your PIN from a quiet location. Report Child Abuse & Neglect: 1-855-4LA-KIDS (1-855-452-5437) toll-free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If the Head of Household did not provide a Social Security number during the DSNAP application process, the cardholder will need to call the LAHelpU Customer Service Center at 1-888-524-3578 to get the number needed to set the PIN and activate the DSNAP EBT card. The EBT card allows you to buy groceries and other items with your cash benefits at participating stores and other locations. Do not enter your card number or press any keys. Enter the four digits you wish to become your new PIN. Other benefits, such as Supplemental SNAP or P-EBT, are issued on a different schedule. Her writing focuses primarily on articles relating to parenting, pregnancy and travel. Keep your PIN secret. The computer systems used to issue benefits and process EBT transactions are also put through rigorous testing and trial runs with FNS before they can be used to handle benefits. This is in an effort to continue to mitigate further spread of the coronavirus and maintain safety for visitors and staff. Assuming you have an active case, you will also need the following: You will then select security questions, create a password and select a PIN (unless you already have one). A notice will be sent requiring you to answer questions about your EBT usage when 10% or more of your benefit amount is used outside of Arizona during a six month period. Large bottle deposit amounts cannot be paid with EBT food benefits. ), Numbers that start with one or more zeroes (0657, 0051, 0001, etc. For information on how to activate your card, read “How do I activate my EBT card for DSNAP?” below. You can also get information on your SNAP or TANF (FITAP or KCSP) case(s) through the DCFS CAFE Self-Service Portal. If your card is stolen or you think someone knows your PIN, you should immediately call customer service at (877) 328-9677 to have your EBT card canceled or to change your PIN.

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