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There is a train station in Diamond Creek but little else in the way of public transport. 2. Notting Hill ranks poorly for access to trains, schools and congestion, and it ranks fifth lowest for open space in the city. Eumemmerring is a small suburb neighbouring Dandenong South. Broadmeadows performs fairly averagely across the board except for proximity to education, on which it scores well for. Its only poor score is for congestion. In most other areas assessed in this survey Chelsea Heights is an average performer at best, with particularly low scores for tree cover, walkability and topographic variation. 4. New properties on Homely. St Albans scored well for road congestion, excellent proximity to schools and great access to trains. The suburb would also benefit from more schools, more tree cover, improved topographic variation and better walkability. The suburb is most lacking in open space, where is among the top 10 worst performers in the city, and it has a relatively high crime rate. The suburb’s less desirable qualities are the limited topographic variation, congestion and crime rate. It ranks very low for culture, cafes and retail, but this is balanced out slightly by good scores in employment, crime and for having a leafy, hilly landscape. Ivanhoe is Banyule Council’s most liveable suburb. For better overall liveability, the suburb needs significantly more retail, cafes, public transport, employment, schools and walkability. There is also no train station. In particular, Kealba has few cafes, a low employment rate, is relatively far from schools and residents are forced to be car dependent. Ardeer’s strengths are its open space, and the public transport is decent. Keilor Downs has a shopping centre so it rates well for retail along with having little traffic, a low crime rate, good amount of open space, and great proximity to schools. The suburb doesn’t do as well for culture and cafes, although it does outscore Malvern for retail, where Malvern East ranks fourth overall, and trains. Epping has a good-sized retail sector along with a decent amount of open space. Other areas the suburb rates well for are buses, tree cover and topographic variation. The liveability of Strathmore’s much smaller sibling is supported by nearby trams, minimal congestion, an excellent amount of open space and great topographic variation. Where it doesn’t do so well is in retail, crime and topographic variation. The suburb also doesn’t have great access to schools and has very little open space, but it is a solid performer for retail, cafes, trains, buses and walkability. Three areas that let down Caulfield East’s mostly positive attributes are its open space, congestion, and topographic variation, all of which it receives low scores for. Where Altona North does best is in culture. As well as coast proximity, the suburb benefits from having its own train station, great bus access and plenty of open space. Oakleigh’s excellent retail plus great walkability, culture, cafes, trains and buses underpin its place in the top 100 of this list. The suburb also has a low crime rate. Access to trams (route 75 runs right through the middle), tree cover and topographic variation are Burwood’s key strengths. On the other hand, it achieves low scores for having congested roads and a high crime rate, and is among the worst suburbs for secondary education proximity and open space. The suburb ranks in the top 10 for lack of traffic congestion, in Melbourne, but in nearly every other category assessed in this study, Lyndhurst performs poorly. People from … The minimal amount of public transport plus low scores for culture, cafes, and retail detract from Altona Meadows’ excellent open space that ranks the fourth best in Melbourne. Positives of the area are the extremely good crime score and excellent amount of open space. This small suburb (population 2480 according to the 2016 census) borders Flemington at the base of the Melbourne International Gateway, better known as the “cheese stick” art sculpture. Dandenong North doesn’t have much in the way of retail, cafes and culture, and it doesn’t have any public transport beyond buses. Culture, retail, employment and cafes are all in good supply in Huntingdale. Hawthorn is a relatively sold all-rounder: it ranks in the top 50 for culture, retail, cafes, employment, tree cover and walkability, and eighth for trams. McKinnon ranks number one for train access and second for secondary education. People from Greece(3%) like to live in this suburb. Walkability is also decent, but the lack of schools, trees and hills brings down its overall score. 16 kilometres north-east of the CBD, Watsonia offers great access to trains, school proximity and decent scores for walkability, tree cover and topographic variation. The only factors where it’s in the bottom half are topographic variation (just), education, then open space where it is the fourth worst citywide. Bundoora offers easy access to both primary and secondary schools in addition to university campuses. Gladstone Park, which borders Tullamarine, is Hume City Council’s most liveable suburb. Lilydale excels in the area of topographic variation and it experiences little traffic. In most other areas the suburb rates below average, most notably in the retail, cafes, open space and walkability categories. Where Kingsbury lacks is in amenities by having very few shops and cafes and low scores for culture and trains. What the suburb lacks most is walkability, shops, employment and public transport beyond buses. In most other categories assessed its scores are good to average, except for access to trains where it performs poorly (there is no train station in Bentleigh East) and there’s minimal topographic variation. A lack of public transport, poor walkability and low employment hold Knoxfield back from offering better liveability. Masterplanned Taylor Hill as yet offers little in terms of liveability, with its only positive scores in this study being in the crime rate, congestion and proximity to education categories. The areas McKinnon could most improve in include congestion, open space and culture, and there are limited shops and cafes. The elements Bundoora performs the worst for are crime, retail, access to trains and coast proximity. Lalor’s neighbour Mill Park has excellent bus access and proximity to secondary schools. More rent ranking... 3. The area has a low crime rate, good proximity to schools, widespread tree cover, and it is easily accessible by tram and bus. It is also easily accessible by train and has a low crime rate. What drags down Sunshine’s overall ranking are very low scores for crime and tree cover, both of which rank fifth worst in Melbourne. People from Singapore(5%) like to live in this suburb. Doncaster East’s neighbour Donvale has very small retail and cafe sectors and public transport is scarce. Home median rent ranks No.585 among 2088 suburbs of New South Wales. Have you taken the quiz to find your ideal suburb. Located 23 kilometres north-west of the CBD, Taylors Lakes has a well-sized retail sector and rarely experiences congested roads. 5. 4. More shops and fewer congested roads would enhance its ranking further. More shops and fewer congested roads would enhance its ranking further. 3. Maidstone ranks poorly in most other categories, mainly cafes, access to trains, education, tree cover and topographic variation. St Helena is between Eltham North and Greensborough 21 kilometres north-east of the CBD. The suburb is disadvantaged in this study by being far from the coast and being without trams.

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