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She says dudes these days are conditioned to like who the media tells them to like, which is amusing because she’s gorgeous and has nothing to worry about there. Joey wants to know why she doesn’t hang out with the cool kids instead and Jen says it’s ’cause they’re dumb. People die, move and grow up. | Awards 12 Now that you want me, I don’t want you because you might stop noticing me later. Beauty Contest Now we’re seeing Pacey practice his singing in front of Dawson and Mitch Leery. After Joey’s done singing, Dawson goes to get Pacey, who flails his cards. When asked about the advice she’d give today’s youth she uses it as a way to give a subtle ding to Hannah about not judging people based on material things. At Capeside High, Pacey is tossing things out of his locker, looking for a pen in a way unlikely to discover a pen. Seeing as that’s during school hours, it seems like a booby prize. You didn’t want him earlier that day! At the competition, Dawson is interviewing the candidates and one girl says she might like to work with– and this is verbatim, folks– the crippled or retarded children. Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 1, Episode 12 – Beauty Contest, Follow Up The Creek: Dawson's Creek Revisited on Think of the press! And now Pacey’s irritated because Dawson told him not to pursue Joey and he’s like, so you don’t want her, but no one else should have her either? Dawson says he cares about her like a sister and can’t get past that. Pacey in the evening wear portion of the pageant. Dawson’s like, I’d never laugh at you! The sharp lady who wants to work with cripples and retards says she’d help the governor lose 30 pounds in 30 days. And just like that, in a verbal swirl of over-analysis, she’s gone and Dawson is left wondering what the fuck just happened. Dawson’s perplexed that she wants to go so far away. Dawson goes to visit Pacey, who has his own dressing room in a closet, and Pacey tells him not to make any jokes about coming out of the closet. She wins a free day of beauty at a place called “Betty’s Hair Barn.” Sounds swanky. Scriptwise, against these two, James Van Der Beek and Michelle Williams are in a lose-lose situation, but they do manage to deliver some of their best scenes in the first dozen of Dawson's Creek episodes. Jen thinks she means the heels training, but Joey wants to know why Jen’s trying to be friends when Joey’s been such a C U Next Tuesday. Leery leaves and Dawson and Joey get cozy and Jen watches and looks crushed. ^ Was that really Katie singing though? Katie Holmes as Joey Potter and James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery in “Dawson’s Creek.” He’s shocked and actually not that interested now that he has some Joey to muse over. He then says Joey entering a beauty contest is hilarious. All 777 songs from DAWSON'S CREEK, w/ scene descriptions, broken down by episode. She asks if Pacey really thinks he has a chance to win and he says if he helps her lose then it’ll be worth it. Pacey’s in a mood because his dad spent the morning giving him hell for failing school, skipping classes and stealing his car. Decisions. In a number of episodes of Dawson's Creek, Katie Holmes gets up on stage to sing including the songs "On My Own" "I Want You to Love Me" and "I Love Rock & Roll" and potentially others. Denne side mangler stadig indhold "Beauty Contest" er den tolvte episode i 1. sæson. Now he’s basically admitting to knowing her feelings all this time? And she doesn’t answer, but it looks like she’s thinking the answer is yes. Jen convinces Joey to enter a beauty competition to win money for college, while Pacey decides to enter to win money for his own apartment. Shit, man, there’s that emphasis on the black part again. It's when Pacey is telling Dawson about his problems with his father. Rather generous considering all that ongoing snarky attitude Joey gave her about the affair. All 7 songs featured in Dawson's Creek season 1 episode 12: Beauty Contest, with scene descriptions. Womp womp. He’s using the video as a visual aid for his biology term paper. Dawson keeps a straight face. Dawson reaches in and finds it immediately and asks Pacey if he’s okay. As she walks up, Dawson approaches Jen and says she did a great job. Pacey’s with Jen and taunting her about Dawson eyeing up Joey, asking if she’s experiencing any dumper’s remorse in the 6.8 seconds it’s been since Joey captured Dawson’s attention.

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