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Whether or not the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess are real in this world or are simply fictional characters remains to be seen. As a drawback, h… Directed by Matt Reeves. This has always been a way to help differentiate the speedster costumes from one another. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The DCEU's Flash, played by Ezra Miller, is still at a very early stage in his career as a superhero and not yet ready to hand over the mantle.,, Superhuman Endurance: This is shown when he keeps up with Batman's motorcycle. A set photo from the production of The Batman suggests that the Flash exists in Robert Pattinson’s universe that will begin in 2022 - but the Wally West version instead of Barry Allen. He's been working for Collider for over a decade, and in addition to managing content also runs point on crafts interviews, awards coverage, and co-hosts The Collider Podcast with Matt Goldberg (which has been running since 2012). Batman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Then again, it’s still possible that in this world, Batman is the only real “superhero” while characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash are all fictional characters people read about in comics. During this time, the Flash was actually Wally West (Barry Allen’s former sidekick “Kid Flash”) who was potentially the fastest and most powerful Flash of his generation. Charlie Schlatter reprises the role, having voiced the character in his first Superman appearance. Affleck starred as the Caped Crusader in 2016’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and 2017’s “Justice League.”, “The Flash” will feature Miller’s Barry Allen appearing in parallel dimensions and meeting different versions of DC’s heroes. Directed by He tends to be impulsive and speaks quickly. His character actually gets two appearances, one alongside the other Justice League members when Wonder Woman is going through Lex Luthor’s computer files, and another much earlier in the film, when future-Flash appears to be giving Ben Affleck’s Batman an urgent message to do with his preconceived notions about Superman and the importance of Lois Lane. In personality, he is a mix between the TV Barry Allen and Bart Allen (Impulse). He decided early last year not to star in the movie, with the role going to Robert Pattinson. And Snyder teased that if you look closely enough, you may be able to spot Zack Snyder making a cameo in the superheroine film during this scene: “If you look carefully, Zack’s an extra in the background. The producer explains how the scene came about and reveals a Wonder Woman plot point that was reshot. Exclusive: See Cyclops’ Gorgeous New ‘Fantasia’ Print, Exclusive: Deborah Snyder on The Flash ‘Batman v Superman’ Cameo, ‘Wonder Woman’ Connection, Exclusive: Zack Snyder Reveals ‘Batman v Superman’ Deleted Scenes Included on R-Rated “Ultimate Cut”, Exclusive: Zack Snyder on the ‘Batman v Superman’ Ending and ‘Justice League’ Connection, These Two Batman Villains Came Close to Being in ‘Batman v Superman’, ‘300’ Sequels Could Go Beyond Greece, Says Zack Snyder, Zack Snyder Teases ‘Justice League’s Official Title and Production Schedule, 'Titans' Season 3 Reveals Starfire's Fiery, Purple, L.A. Lakers-Feeling Supersuit, Collider Movie Club Explores How '10 Things I Hate About You' Adapts Shakespeare for the Better, ‘Mank’ Review: An Exquisite and Frigid Examination of Art and Propaganda, 'Little Fish' Trailer Puts Jack O'Connell and Olivia Cooke in Romantic Pandemic Thriller, At Long Last, Behold the 'Chaos Walking' Trailer Starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, Like 'The Queen's Gambit'? RELATED: How Superman Can Fit Into The Batman's Universe. © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Filming for the new Batman reboot is fully underway and as production goes on, more details are beginning to emerge from the latest take on the Caped Crusader. Ben Affleck will don the cape and cowl once again, returning as Batman in Ezra Miller’s “The Flash” for Warner Bros. Director Andy Muschietti revealed the news in an interview with Vanity Fair. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The Batman Easter Egg Suggests The Flash Is Wally West, Not Barry Allen, The Flash’s infamous logo can be seen near the poster, How Superman Can Fit Into The Batman's Universe, Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, Every DC & Justice League Character Teased By The Batman Set Photos, Why Hillbilly Elegy's Reviews Are So Brutal, Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Gave Ghidorah His First Real Win, Knightmare Deathstroke Revealed In Justice League Snyder Cut Image, Lois Smith & Judy Greer Interview: Uncle Frank, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, And Cruella Movies Might Premiere On Disney+, Coming 2 America Gets March 2021 Release Date On Streaming, Cats Nominated For Best Movie Song At The Grammys, Boss Baby 2 Trailer Introduces New Boss & De-Aging Formula, Doctor Strange 2 Theory: Alternate Universe Superheroes That Can Appear, Ghost In The Shell: How Pilou Asbæk's Batou Loses His Eyes, Scout Trooper Fused Into His Armor Is A Star Wars Nightmare, Toy Story Gets A Simplified Poster For Its 25th Anniversary, Rise of Skywalker’s Desert Planet Was Much Cooler In Early Concept Art, Deadpool 3 Confirms & Celebrates Bob’s Burgers Writers With Crossover Image, What Alexander: The Ultimate Cut Changes About Oliver Stone's Epic, Ludacris Is Happy Fast & Furious 11 Is The New Ending, James Bond Art Argues John Boyega Should Replace Daniel Craig as 007, Star Wars: Even The Rebels Doubted Han & Leia Would Get Together. The trio teamed up to track down and defeat the villains. He is also the founder/editor-in-chief of The Marvel Report since Fall 2015. Screenplay:Christina Hodson As a drawback, he also has a hyper-metabolism which requires him to eat massive amounts of food. The recent Flash Easter egg from the set of The Batman suggests that Wally West, not Barry Allen, is the main speedster of that universe. Affleck had been planning to direct and star in a standalone Batman film for Warner Bros., but stepped down from helming in 2017, handing over that job to Matt Reeves. Michael Keaton, who played Batman/Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton’s 1989 pic and returned to collaborate with the director in 1992’s “Batman Returns,” is also due to appear in “The Flash.” It will also feature both versions of Michael Keaton's and Ben Affleck's Batman. What we didn’t know was how director Zack Snyder would be incorporating looks at these other Justice League members, which include Ezra Miller as The Flash, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg, with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman filling a supporting role in the film.

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