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Recipe was very easy to follow and I liked that it didn’t require many ingredients. Thank you for sharing your feedback – I added some specific notes regarding larger tails. Is one tail enough for one person? Flip the tail over to the back sea-through side of the tail and crack the ribs in the center. If you’re making this dish for company, you can butterfly your lobster tails earlier on in the day. Thank you for the recipe. Thank you so much, my husband can’t stop talking about it. Use the High setting on the broiler . Dunk it in, take it for a swim, watch the excess drip off your fork and enjoy. I sure hope that helps! I’m glad you love it Lisa! It is from the same sauce I used to cook the lobster, but if you need to make more you can absolutley do that. This recipe looks divine!!! Thanks for asking! posted by Shannon on September 11, 2018 For the garlic butter, mash all ingredients together with a spoon. Thank you for a wonderful dish. That sounds so perfect, Karen!! Tom. Typically lobster tails cook through in about 10 minutes under the broiler. I can’t wait to try this! In this lobster recipe, we have opted for the second option and grilled the lobster meat with a delicious garlic butter poured into its shell from the slit made. Yummy, will always make it this way. Can’t wait to make this! Thank you for all the hard work you put into your website and for your timely response! Is grilling the same? If you have a better way, let me know! I like to use tongs and a spatula to prevent the herb butter from spilling out. Very pretty presentation, good recipe for a special occasion. I’m planning on making this for Valentine’s Day for my husband. Used this recipe for my first time ever making lobster. I plan to prep the tails (except marinade)and refrigerate a few hours before cooking. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Always is a little confusing when we refer to the same thing but have different terminology depending on the country. This recipe starts with a seasoned garlic butter mixture, which is brushed all over the lobster meat. Added dash of paprika to garnish at the end. 2. Used it with five large lobster tails. Sounds like you may have found a new favorite! Thanks for the tips, Lobster is so easy and delicious to make Looks so good but I am confused about numbers 3and 4 in the directions. I hope that helps for next time! Flip the tail over to the back see-through side of the tail and crack the ribs in the center. Don’t like backed, feel free to fire up the grill and and turn this into a grilled lobster tail recipe. These looks so good! Your tips in broiling the list bster really helps a lot. Now, take the thawed tails that have been brought to room temperature and remove their little legs. First time cooking lobster tails – easy and delicious. For the garlic butter, mash all ingredients together with a spoon. Which oven rack do I use to broil…middle or top? In a small bowl, stir together marinade ingredients: 1 Tbsp parsley, 2 garlic cloves, 1 tsp dijon, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/8 tsp pepper, 1 1/2 Tbsp olive oil and 1 1/2 Tbsp lemon juice. However, i found it a little too salty for my taste buds. Thx for sharing!!! . s.setAttribute('data-uid','975113743e-XX');document.head.appendChild(s) Looking forward to trying the sauce on salmon too. Can you please clarify? Thank you for this recipe, it was good. Add the minced garlic and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds, stirring constantly. I made these lobster tails last night and they were amazing!!! Thank you in advance. Thanks for your awesome feedback. Does it look like a serving dish, or is it more dinnerware? I’m happy to hear how much you’re enjoying the recipes. I start checking my lobster tails around the 8 minute mark, and if it looks like the meat is still translucent, I add a few minutes more to the kitchen timer. I would suggest doing some research on grilled lobster and follow a grilled lobster tail method if that’s what you are looking for and this topping would still work for a grilled lobster recipe – the lobsters are still super flavorful even without the dip, but I sure love that dip! My husband said he could of eaten 5 tails, haha! Easy to make and great taste.. Great video instructions. Thanks for sharing your review! tytyty so much for this most awesome recipe in now making these everytime making lobster. Hi Ariana! I would recommend putting it in for 6 minutes and checking it, but it will probably be done! Lobster can get tough when reheated. Twist to remove claws and crack each claw with a lobster cracker. Really, the hardest part was getting the meat out of the shell. You might check with their website to see how heat tolerant they are in the oven. Happy Valentine’s day! I want to make this for our staff, however, my industrial oven does not have a broiler. Thanks. Open the shell using your thumbs and fingers and loosen the meat from the shell (remove vein if present). Readers with gas ovens have reported great results. In one fell swoop, press the knife down forcefully toward the nose, slicing the head down the middle between the eyes. I loved how easy it was to make. Thanks for your wonderful recipe. It worked perfectly and it was delicious. Thanks for stopping by! I can’t tell you enough how good this is! Privacy Policy. They look quite small…, Hi Claudia, you can serve 2 per person if you prefer – it really depends on how large your tails are to begin with or what the budget is for dinner since lobster tails can get fairly spendy , This looks divine! I found this baking method at 375˚F for 20-25 min which might work well, but keep in mind that is for larger 8-10 oz tails so it would be faster with smaller lobster tails. You’re so welcome!! The broiled lobster meat is crazy tender, juicy and each bite is tantalizingly flavorful, especially after dipping into the warm garlic lemon butter. It turned out amazing! Let me know what you think after you make the recipe please. It appears you used a few scallions with the herbs as well…. This is the only way I know how to eat lobster. That really means alot to us . Thank you for asking! I wouldn’t put that into the oven if it’s going to be on broil the whole time. I didn’t add parsley or top with butter, so I’m wondering if that is why there is a pronounced lemon flavor. Hashtag them #natashaskitchen. A super simple, yet elegant way to enjoy lobster in the comfort of your own home! I find this works best with a pair of sharp kitchen shears. Thanks!!!!! These broiled lobster tails contain minimal ingredients and can be expertly prepared by any home cook. Sounds like you found a new favorite and tradition! I’m happy to hear you enjoy the recipe! It is as you put it wonderful!! Thanks! https://www.epicurious.com/.../views/lobster-with-garlic-butter-241503 Turn the lobsters onto the shell side, paste garlic butter into the flesh cavity of each lobster half … it was so good, my husband asked if there was any more. Let me know. Lobster Tails Recipe with Garlic Lemon Butter, very finely chopped, plus more for garnish. Followed your instructions everything went fine until I put it in the oven. Method. It sounds like you had the meat too close to the broiler. Only used 1/2 of the butter the recipe called for and just spooned the herb butter in the pan over the lobsters before serving. Help, don’t want to burn again. Try them with a RIB EYE STEAK, HAMBURGER STEAK, FILET MIGNON, or even BACON WRAPPED SCALLOPS! document.addEventListener('scroll',loadFc975); Where very tough but Can’t wait to make it!! Place the meat back over the outside of the shell. I hope that helps! Never knew cooking lobster could be so easy. Hi Kathy, I prefer this broiled because the buttery juices collect in the baking dish and you use them to create the most amazing butter dip afterwards. I made this recipe today and I have a very good compliment frm my boss. Pull the shell apart to expose the lobster meat. Thank you very much for sharing your recipe. Pure perfection!! Has anyone else thought about this, or am I just being odd? Thank you for the excellent recipes and tips on preparing the lobster! Can hardly wait! You don’t have to butterfly a lobster tail to cook it, but it makes for a much more elegant presentation and is easier to eat that way, so I highly recommend it! Excellent recipe. The lobster tails turned out so beautiful and tasted just as good as they looked!

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