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The black lattice of this trellis together with the molding of the posts and top piece suggest an oriental look, but different choices of wood, color, and shapes could create a Victorian, rustic, coastal, or sleek contemporary look. When you add these planters to your backyard, deck, or patio, you can add lots of greenery while saving on space. Built-in planter designs can easily transform your outdoor living space from boring to beautiful. They are pretty, practical, and inexpensive. Designer: Hay-Joung Hwang. A map of the best contemporary landscape architecture projects from around the world. Generally it’ll boil down to what kind of deck or patio you have. A corner built-in banquette is a great way to fit extra seating around a small table. Build a square planter to sit, diamond-like, in a corner of your patio or deck, and then add a trellis to two sides of the planter. Cosy garden seating enhances the outdoor lifestyle experience, where versatile, modern outdoor seating ideas extend valuable use and enhance our landscape designs in any city roof terrace or urban garden project. Freelance journalist and interiors obsessive, renovating a Victorian semi one super-slow project at a time. This table would fit in well with a southwestern or rustic look or with a look mixing the contemporary and the rustic. Click to view larger images Mike and his family took a weekend visit to Yanchep Golf Estate to inspect the construction of Place Lab’s first project. Most people opt for something simple built of wood; however, for the more elaborate stone patios, adding a large, custom built-seating location can add a tremendous number of seats on your patio. If a corner of your deck or patio looks bare and needs a little something to fill it, try this tiered corner planter. Built-In Seating and Table in LG Eco-City Garden. If you have a small space or you would like an attractive way to hide an air conditioner or a garbage can that occupies part of your patio, you can save work and make this narrow planter from shipping palettes. To create the look of a woodland boardwalk, place tall box planters around the sides of your deck. Eventually, the vines could be trained to grow across the pergola for more shade. Stone benches are beautiful, as are low. Some really nice detail here with mixed board width on the cladding and carried over into the bench is genius. Check it out: Swings can add a nice aesthetic and comfy seat on any patio. Cosy garden seating enhances the outdoor lifestyle experience, where versatile, modern outdoor seating ideas extend valuable use and enhance our landscape designs in any city roof terrace or urban garden project. To prepare the garden a mattock was utilized to separate the clay into smaller sized pieces. Fasten them to your patio or deck posts to create a railing, or fasten them to your fence posts to soften or disguise your fence. 15 Built-In Deck and Patio Seating Ideas. Gerety Building & Restoration is a full-service general contractor. Grow flowering vines or vining vegetables using the trellis to the back of the planter with more flowers or veggies to the front. Garden seating ideas 1. Outdoor built in seating idea. Try the built-in planters that are both features in one! Here’s our list of 15 different built-in deck/patio seating ideas. As for shape and size, it really boils down to your deck/patio. You can get creative with brick and can create something pretty cool. To prepare the garden a mattock was utilized to separate the clay into smaller sized pieces. Image : Lorraine Young/Verve Garden Design. They also can be changed out after a few years as trends change or your taste goes in a different direction. Discover (and save!) This would look lovely. 33 Beautiful Built-In Planter Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space, 50+ Christmas DIY Outdoor Decor Ideas that Will Wow Your Neighbors this Year, 22 Charming Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations You Must Try this Year, 50+ Fun and Festive Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Christmas. Seating. Build a brick banquette. You can also build concrete benches, but I think stone is better (unless you use concrete to form the shape and add stone on top). This creates the natural look of a woodland glade for your deck. Customize your planter with a translucent stain that complements your décor. And for those of us who prize both design and comfort, neatly executed and practical outdoor seating is a priority. Bring your lawn up onto your roof or deck with the ideas from this rooftop garden. And, you can still create many of the beneficial seating arrangements that we touched on above. No reason why this couldn't be used in a coastal kitchen and continued to the out door area. 8. is a full-service general contractor. Here’s a ton of seating around a propane fuelled custom fire pit. It takes three to six months to achieve the rusted look on the exterior, but the interior remains protected from the weather which means these planters last a long time. Rendered raised bed with built-in seat. Built in Garden Bench Seating | Built in Yard Seating | Built in Garden Bench with Storage | Built in Garden Bench Ideas. You need only add the boards at each end, the base, and a cap around the top. It is actually much better to do this when the clay is dry, instead of waterlogged. White and marbled light gray planters provide privacy with dwarf or small trees, tall plants, and vines trained to grow on trellises behind the planters. Specifically, this article focuses on built-in seating options for your deck or patio. For over 35 years, Keith Gerety and team has provided clients with a hands-on approach while maintaining a personal commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering the best quality construction in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Seating can be a good way to add a splash of colour to your garden. You can mix shallow ones with deeper ones and place them in a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement. Create this dramatic statement planter using concrete blocks and half blocks. Because it’s modular, you can easily create a wall that is as tall and long as you need it to be. Create molds for the planter and the end and corner support for the L-shaped bench. Versatile, comfortable, and attractive, there’s a lot to love about built-in benches. Then clear a one-foot wide space just inside the outline. Image credit: Robert Sanderson. If you’d like to grow flowers, herbs, or salad greens and other shallow-rooted veggies but you think that you don’t have the space, think of vertical space. Native woodland plants would be a particularly good choice for this look. If the area you choose for your planter slopes, tier two or more planters. 1. Outdoor furniture, like tables, chairs, and even. Planning the style of the deck is as important as planning the home interior. The planters should be just slightly higher than the edge of the deck. The watering system is contained within the modular units, and it is designed to conserve water by preventing and capturing leaks. Use larger, less attractive stones as a foundation, and then overlap where stones meet in lower layers with the next layer. Want to add some seating to your deck but don’t want to sacrifice that planting space? Planning the style of the deck is as important as planning the home interior. Add small or ornamental trees, flowering plants, and ground cover to the planters. How to build a built-in deck => Click here for our extensive illustrative guide on how to build both types of built-in deck benches here. An absence of restrictive cables or gas connections means Glow is fully portable and can be enjoyed virtually anywhere. Bust out your trowel and build a brick bench. Mortar isn’t needed for a wall under 18 inches, but use mortar or use a caulk gun to apply beads of masonry construction adhesive between layers, or courses, to strengthen higher walls. This also keeps the primary space wide open for whatever else you might need: fire pit, dance floor, appetizer table, etc…. The two black metal chairs, the two chairs with the plastic seats and chrome legs, and the hanging light strike a retro 50’s feel.

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