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This type of campaign is ideal for boosting brand awareness and capturing new leads over Christmas. If you’re anything like us, you don’t want to wait until Christmas Day to unwrap that bottle of whiskey you’ve been eying, but you know you probably should. Build your own Advent Calendar, give it pride of place on your mantlepiece/bookshelf/kitchen table/wherever the heck you put your Advent Calendar and enjoy! It also works for teachers to use in the classroom or for students to create their own calendars. Whenever you drink it, make sure to enjoy it. Of course, you’re not restricted to just one spirit type when you build your own calendar. Using mini bottles of booze, toilet paper tubes and Christmas wrapping paper, this festive, Christmas tree-shaped countdown will spread Yuletide joy with every passing day. Here are some ideas for filling in your Advent calendar. The microsite will give you a single link to share throughout Advent, so you don’t have to bother with 24 separate links. Wood House Advent Calendar: A few years ago my cousin asked my father to make her a couple of wood advent calendars. For each one of the 24 days leading up to Christmas, post the new version of the advent calendar on your Story. Do you remember Advent Calendars from your childhood? Complete these to gain access to our powerful calendar builder. Its flagship Whisky Advent Calendar covers everything from peated and Sherried single malt Scotches, to a variety of world whiskies from France, Australia and Japan. If you like Japanese Whisky, Gin, Sotol and XO Cognac in equal amounts, you can include drams of all of them inside one Advent Calendar – and to you, it will be the most glorious Advent Calendar known to this realm of existence. You’ve built your own Advent Calendar! For Christmas this year, I decided to create my own whisky advent calendar with the help of a couple of friends and Master of Malt where I bought my whiskies from. To make the advent calendar, click “Make It” to edit the template. Once your image/video is done loading you can download it. The Easypromos Multi-Stage application allows you to create one single promotion with 24 participation stages, where a new stage is activated each day of the Advent. Share your Advent calendar on social media with your friends and family, customers, or fanbase. We take a few pieces of information to register your account. Wishstar Advent Calendar Bags 2020, Make Your Own Advent Calendar, 24 Burlap Bags with Advent Numbers Stickers, Christmas Countdown Hanging Advent Cloth Bag, DIY Calendar for Christmas Decorations. There’s more than one way to create an Advent Calendar. For each of the 24 days, you can add a photo and a number that represents that day. And these DIY Advent calendars will not only help you keep track of passing days, they also make lovely holiday decorations in their own right. With a miniature behind every door, boozy advent calendars allow drinkers to sample their daily rewards at their own pace, or save the miniatures for a Christmas bash. When clicking the promotion window, users identify themselves through Facebook, Google or their email address. How to add subtitles directly and permanently to an Instagram video. Advent Calendars are calendars that count 24 days from December 1st to Christmas Eve. Once you have completed your calendar, you can publish the finished version. You can still update content at a later date if you wish. We are a small family run business focused on creating unique products from whiskey barrels and recycling them into works of art. Other social media platforms like Twitter or Twitch work well too. This is going to inform the rest of your project. And don’t be afraid to spend a little cash. For starters, we want to show you the experience that your audience will have, once they see your personalized Advent Calendar. For a graphic designer or freelancer, it can be a great way to show off your skills and personality to attract potential clients. If you want to focus on the given day, you can return to the Advent calendar template page and only edit that day’s image. If you do… well, that’s on you, and we here at WhiskeyMade can’t really say we blame you. If you want to get crazy, use a cardboard box and make little compartments. 1. You’ll need to decide what your own followers would prefer: a grand surprise or a well-described prize. Customize the template with your logo, branded images and colors to reinforce brand recall. Whisky (and other) Advent Calendars! Take a look at the branded Advent Calendar launched by Bezoya, a Spanish bottled water brand. Create your own Sherried Whisky Advent Calendar, Choose 1 of each of the most expensive drams to create the Loadsamoney Special, Celebrate Cachaçadvent with 24 drams of Brazil’s most popular spirit, I like to call this one the Sam Smith (read the first letter of the drams). We clean them up and re-purpose or customize them to mark special occasions for avid Bourbon fans like you. The 2020 Advent Calendar is a shareable microsite with multiple promotions displayed on the same website. And, it’s not just whisky you can have in your calendar’s these days however! And if you’re offering discount vouchers to all participants, make sure you emphasize it: “Open the window, guaranteed prizes!”. Grab your advent calendar supplies. So… in what is pretty much a tradition now, Master of Malt / Drinks by the Dram has once again got lots of lovely boozy advent calendars for your Christmassy enjoyment, 24 x 3cl drams for your daily Advent entertainment. now includes an ‘Add to Calendar’ button. You could even combine these options. Or, if you want to be lazy, just hot glue some ribbons around your little airplane bottles and put a festive number around each one to denote when it should be consumed. Required fields are marked *, Type on the field below and hit Enter/Return to search. Here’s an example of how the calendar will change to fit a mobile phone screen: Embed your Advent Calendar on your website or blog and convert your visitors into leads! Advent calendars are meant to get you and your followers into the holiday spirit! A spotlight on Mexico’s first whisky distillery, #WhiskySanta is back! Are you interested in launching a branded Advent Calendar? You could also keep all the promotions open throughout Advent, and then announce all the winners at once, for instance on Christmas Eve. Advent calendars work especially well on Instagram Stories since each Story lasts for exactly 24 hours. First of all, you need to create the calendar: the microsite with 24 “windows” to your promotions. Be sure to save your link or go to “My Workspace” to find your saved Advent calendar. The ready-made templates allow you to customize the promotion with your corporate image. For the next day you can edit your calendar on Kapwing and repeat the process. But without a doubt, an Advent Calendar with various applications will attract more attention! Here’s how to do it without breaking the bank: This advent calendar is available on Etsy from Cisforcardboard. You can use your computer, Chromebook, phone, or tablet to create your Advent calendar.

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