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Pests. My problem is with my JFK, Queen Elizabeth and Chicago Peace roses. Good call on watching for that discolored new growth, though, since that’s an indicator of rose rosette disease. I’m new to roses, gardening in general. I found a lot of lanternfly nymphs in my backyard and whipped up a quick homemade insecticidal soap. Don’t worry, the rose can handle it! This one is an ugly, potentially fatal fungal infection for your roses. Always follow the directions on the label of any chemical solution you use in your garden! This weak looking growth is interesting, it’s not something I can place a finger on, but I can suggest my default procedure of operations if something is wrong with a plant and I can’t quite figure it out. Crown Gall on Roses. We… Read more ». They both damage roses the same way: by boring into the flower buds and preventing the buds from blooming. Oftentimes this is an issue that will take care of itself in minor cases. As you can see from the photos, the rose looks dead on one side. I suggest starting with a soil test to see if the pH of the soil is too high or if the levels of iron are low. Hi Susan, leaf yellowing is extremely common when a rose bush is stressed, especially from the bottom half, which is where the old growth tends to be. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this plant? However, this is a very difficult disease to handle once an infection sets in, so early care is vital. For better control, attack the soil-borne larvae with Diazinon or chloropyrifos. That helps tremendously with flooding and water issues, as does lifting the container onto spacers to allow the drainage holes to do their job unhindered. Why am I showing holes in the rose petals? It looks like it’s only the oldest growth of the rose, the woodiest canes. Have you tried touching the substance? The three shots directly above illustrate rose curculio and its damage. These are some of the more common rose diseases the home gardener will encounter. Attached a pic. I always lean towards letting the problem fix itself in the garden rather than attacking with chemicals, although chemicals have their place in the garden in the right scenarios. I believe this is an example of rose proliferation, what is essentially a harmless mutation of that flower. That picture looks like you’ve got a pest problem, maybe white flies or something of the like. Alternatively you can use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. I appreciated your descriptions of different pests that attack roses. Then, cut the stem several inches below the blackened area. About the pruning, should I do it the sooner the better, or wait, I don’t know, after the blooming? Is it from the wasps that are always around it? I’m having a difficult time trying to find a disease picture online that matches. The base of the plant is very dark brown but the higher stems are green. I’ve read, that this is unusual for this type of old once-flowering rose variety, as they’re normally more prone to rust. It’s important when bringing an overwintered plant outside to do so in gradual steps. Roses want full sun conditions and lots of airflow. I have a David Austin Gertrude Jekyll rose in pot planted in March. I’d guess you got a good amount of heavy rain so far, just as we have a little further east? Can you help me diagnose what it is? Too much nitrogen can create an abundance of new, soft growth that is overly susceptible to this blight. You just never know when it’s gonna strike. Aphids (greenfly) (order … Oh I want to finish this post! Is it the entire other half of the rose bush, or a few canes that are producing the dark red flowers? Again, control is the same as for Japanese beetles and June beetles, but milky spore is not effective against the grubs. They’re pretty tiny, so you have to look close. A client I had in the past picked up a dozen goats to roam the boundaries of their property and remove the invasive pests. Thanks for the great article. A mixture of about a teaspoon of baking soda with a quart of warm water can be sprayed on the plants, or you can use a sulfur-based fungicidal spray. I am attaching the photo below. Can anyone tell me if it is fungus? There are mixed opinions online on how fast mosaic spreads so I am not sure whether I should destroy them or can afford to wait.… Read more ». It can be a smaller mass of tissue or a larger one, and can occur almost anywhere on the rose, but it almost always develops near the soil level or crown of the plant. As in, did you decide to bring it outside one day? It’s recommended that you plant your roses as far away from wild roses as you can, to avoid transmission. In that case we need to be extra careful with drainage. That process involves a modest application of fertilizer, proactive disease treatment, some situational pruning, and a daily… Read more ». I have a 9 month old Zephrin Droughlin climber that has grown to about 6’x15′ around the corner of my house but about 1 week ago the leaves in a couple spots started turning yellow and dying. I have 2 rose bushes that look like they are losing their graft. Infected canes will look bruised and take on a black or purple hue, indicating the presence of infection. leaves are looking like this cannot figure out. If it is mosaic disease, I read mixed information about how fast it spreads so not sure whether I should destroy those plants. We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. Thanks so much for doing this. I just purchased the insecticide soap. Not a huge concern, just means we need to be a bit more diligent in their care.… Read more », I have a rose tree which has grown only one rose last year nothing as this was uprooted by a cat and I just replanted it a year ago. I believe I am dealing with Rose Rosette, Cercospora Leaf Spot, Leafminer, Anthracnose on Roses (it may be this instead of black spot), black spot, (I have these specks for little black insects that I can’t… Read more », So sorry to hear your roses are having so many problems this season! Hi, Thank you for taking the time to say that. First of all the mites are microscopic. In my garden, they come in early spring and tend to be on just about everything. I am not sure if it is fungus or something else. The plant has become much leaner and looks terrible. Feel free to snap a few photos to share if you want to make double sure! If you look carefully around the plant, on its leaves or the flower buds, you might find the tiny little aphids swarming. Then the Chicago Peace, The canes and the leaves all look healthy on the plants, what leaves there are anyway. Using a sprinkle frequently results in… Read more », Much thanks I held off on watering and I haven’t seen any more yellowing leaves. They move faster than curculios and they are NOT crunchy. They have come back all wrong. Nasturiums and other low lying flowers grow fine here. Now that we’ve gone over the diseases you’re likely to encounter, you’ll be ready to hit the ground pruning this season and enjoy a fabulous display of healthy blooms. You want to cut at an angle just above an active bud. How to Grow Black-Eyed Susans, a Garden Favorite, Plant Nutrients: What They Need and When They Need It, How to Prevent and Control Powdery Mildew on Apple Trees. I received this rose in a small, table top pot from a student. Thanks for the great article. Connie Hilker at Hartwood Roses, in Fredricksburg, VA  sent the gorgeous images above and writes: Japanese beetles eat flowers and leaves, and they can defoliate a small plant if we let them. A sharp blade makes a clean cut, and clean cuts minimize damage to a plant while simultaneously helping to prevent infections. If you’re growing roses, you’ve probably encountered powdery mildew before. If all of the flowers forming are displaying this blight, you could cut away the infected flowers liberally (making sure to sanitize your pruners or scissors)… Read more », Hi Matt and readers, I am trying to figure out what is going on with my new David Austin Ambridge rose that I just planted in March. The roses are a peppermint candy cane stripe-really cute, it’s been in the ground for almost 3 years and each year it looks worse. I have many many knock outs, new dawn climbing, lots of drift roses. I wouldn’t worry too much about these, it looks like a minimal bit of stress… Read more », I’ve read through all your rose systems. Here is more about what we do. Cane borers do damage, by wilting part of the cane they inhabit. Such a drama worm-- what a photo op tomato worms are. Likewise it doesn’t seem to be an iron deficiency at all, that color loss tends to be more uniform across the leaf. For now I’d suggest applying a fungicidal spray to help strengthen the plant and contain any spread of fungal infections. There is a link to a Texas A&M article on how to manage this disease on roses.

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