bright make sentence

Brightly colored Gerber daisies or tropical centerpieces are perfect summer centerpieces. The fruit splits, revealing a pale pinkish interior which contrasts with the brightly colored aril. And you, There was televisionish sound coming from a, When people spoke to me, the sounds of their words were Tetris shapes, falling. brilliant implies intense often sparkling brightness. John 1811–1889 English orator and statesman, Sanderson paints vibrant scenes of city life, flowing landscapes and still life of flowers in, Often, however, the epiphanies born from discovery are ephemeral flashes that burn hot and, This option features a wide, 70 millimeter aperture that will make stars and constellations appear, Scholastic is celebrating its 100th birthday and is still bringing, The holiday season welcomes all things merry and, After recording mostly cooler than normal temperatures on the first day of the month, temperatures have averaged 12 to 18 degrees F warmer than normal under mostly, Executive chef Brian Archibald leads the culinary team of the 5,000-square-foot, More than just a tiny blip on your Instagram feed, the, Customers had come in droves to sit beneath the, Unconventional brides may go for something surprising and fresh, like NARS' Pastorale (a rose-gold update on your favorite light pink shade) or Chanel’s Espadrilles (a fiery retro orange-red reminiscent of your favorite Palm Beach, Oregon coast wild coho are slightly improved, as are Sacramento River fall chinook and Columbia River upriver, Post the Definition of bright to Facebook, Share the Definition of bright on Twitter. The fire burned brightly beneath the mantel. CK 1 3171151 Tom was bright. These are accented with brightly colored flowers which match the colors of the rest of the outfit. This style is seen frequently with brightly colored lenses. He'd painted it, She brushes down her hair with a little bit of spit and a smooth of her hand and opens the, Spanish cuisine is not as spicy hot as Mexican, but it is flavorful and, We have here and there a little clear light, some sparks of, Moss spidered across the stone, fresh green. A roaring log fire burned brightly in the hearth and filled the room with the pungent scent of pine. Hence you can pair them up with brightly colored shawls or ponchos, drapey fabrics, and flowing skirts. The hospital took five phials of type A+ blood marked with brightly colored labels. Each day a new candle is lit, so that by the final day of Kwanzaa, all the candles shine brightly. The bars are both long and brightly painted with high fine stucco ceilings. The wax candles burned brightly, the silver and crystal gleamed, so did the ladies' toilets and the gold and silver of the men's epaulets; servants in scarlet liveries moved round the table, the clatter of plates, knives, and glasses mingled with the animated hum of several conversations. Designers have created brightly colored monitors that are small, light, and sleek, especially for ladies. The young, strong shoots are purple-red overlaid with a pale grey bloom, whilst the leaves are of a peculiar glaucous color brightly tinged with red. Wear the leggings under a brightly colored short skirt or a pair of denim shorts and her trademark belt. Like a monument lay the, A spiral galaxy is organized into a flat, rotating disk, usually with a prominent bulge or bar at the center, and trailing, Thereby the incomprehensible majestie of God, as it were by a, On the basis of past and present, we can foresee a very, After hours spent in the mine, the sunlight was stabbingly, The star-studded sky at that latitude was breathtakingly clear and, And in that very spot the face and personality of Christ shone, Their flavour has been described as spicy and fresh, with a, Sometimes star-cluster shells would pop out or real, Students who score between 145 and 153 are considered extremely, And trust me, Susy, added the corporal, turning to Susannah, whose eyes were swimming with water, before that time comes round again, a, To visually warn wolves away from other pastures, Brown sometimes turns to the old European technique called fladry, stringing wire with, All of the disparate influences on their first two albums had coalesced into a, For much of Arsenal's history, their home colours have been, On 16 November 2009, A few hours after crediting that the England national team had a, Cousins Will and Gavin Lindsay decided to fix up the, Overhead was a thatch of buraos, and over these again palms brandished their, The extreme dryness of the air is shown by the roofs of the houses remaining so long, Animal furs used in garments and trim may be dyed, Although eggcrate louvers can effectively cut off the view of bright lamps, the grid itself can become rather, Astrophysicist Marco Ajello of Stanford and his colleagues used the orbiting Fermi Large Area Telescope to study distant blazars, a type of, The nights were now cold, gemmed with a multitude of, Particularly bright people did not turn out to be especially quick-handed, and particularly quick-handed people did not turn out to be especially, For a brief period, when Cotton Oxford were the shirt sponsors, the white shirt was replaced by a, She was all right. Novelty pajamas are generally fun, funky sets that feature brightly colored patterns on the pants and a relatively simple, printed, or plain shirt. How to use bright in a sentence. These small brown frogs are related to the brightly colored poison dart frogs. For instance, they feature different traditional Persian style rug patterns in natural, earth tone colors or brightly colored contemporary style area rugs. Brightly colored moving objects, such as a mobile, can help stimulate visual development. Add brightly colored scarves to some of the actors' costumes, paint the sky background a blue that's brighter than midnight, and mix the music up a bit. Try to take your pictures outside or near a brightly lit window so you don't need to use the flash. These are great fun to work with and give the opportunity to make brightly patterned socks without worrying about changing color or following complex patterns. Antioxidants can be found in brightly colored fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, pomegranate and spinach. In the second case the outer series (calyx of sepals) is generally green and leaf-like, its function being to protect the rest of the flower, especially in the bud; while the inner series (corolla of petals) is generally white or brightly coloured, and more delicate in structure, its function being to attract the particular insect or bird by agency of which pollination is effected.

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