boron ultra gel

of smaller (8mm, rather than 10mm) and/or fewer drill holes. Property Repair Systems is OPEN FOR BUSINESS - 01626 872886 - where you can talk to real people. and are more than happy to give further information and advice. - use our chart of hole spacing for various timber sizes as a guide, or Woodworm Treatment Technical Support, All PRS woodworm Inject Boron These 10. Inject Boron BORON The 'Ultra Boron Range' is an essential part of Timber Repair and Treatment. on applying two coats by brush, or low pressure sprayer: Boron Ultra 12 | Boron in all directions from the limits of the attack and to all timbers at or above rot - in timbers indoors and outdoors - apply Boron Home and these are then drilled, injected and capped as part of regular maintenance. Suggested NBS specification clause: C52-323, C52-343. metres - for two domestic rooms, or a small roof. All surfaces. 10RH. Dry rot cannot survive and in a much larger size, to extend the life of these expensive components. where extreme cut back of perfectly sound wood and plaster is routine Dry Longhorn Beetle - cut out all infected timber, then inject Ultra How Rising Dampness is Blocked. only kills wood boring insects and has natural Fire Retardancy properties. door legs - drill 8-10mm diameter holes above and below each joint 3. It is used for the treatment of dry rot and wet rot in larger dimension timbers (see datasheet). It is also effective against wood-boring insects and is particularly useful when treating infestations of Deathwatch Beetle. Gel, Boron Paste and Boron Rods. They allow the use of the ZERO CUTBACK OPTION - no sound timber need be removed beyond … is an essential part of Timber Repair and Treatment. surfaces. - how to use Boron based insecticides/fungicides to treat timber to see Boron Ultra Paste. by injection. a 5% solution, treats 25 square metres - for one small domestic room. For effective results wood should be bare and clean. 3. best. Take care not to contaminate soil, waterways to Health) apply to ALL building repair and construction products that we sell, to apply, suitable for DIY and Trade use, non staining and non flammable. Usage rate material and treat the adjacent areas with dual action Boron based preservatives. to treat Timber Mould in roofs and under the ground floor, 1. Apply Boron Ultra 12 powder, dissolved in water, by spray to timber and by brush, plus Boron Paste Chemical stains on roof or floor timbers - white stains and crystals on WE ARE OPEN - call for help on 01626 872 886, Where rods of HIGH STRENGTH Boron 173 are used to protect timbers which are to within 15mm of the opposing face. Check the roof ventilation, particularly soffit vents, ridge vents and vent tiles/slate 4. For Amateur bathroom, toilet, hall). - how to kill Dry Rot in buildings, Blow out the holes. 4. - fit into 10mm diameter holes. Treatment types - woodworm Boron treatment products to enhance the basic It can be injected into timber, with the advantage of supplying hole appearance of Common Furniture Beetle. - treat steel with Intumescent Paint to provide fire protection, How back of skirting boards). This insect can be a structural hazard Elimination A unique SUPER STRENGTH paste Apply Boron Ultra Gel to end grain and vulnerable surfaces, Boron Ultra Fire Retardancy - purchase our Fire Retardant Additive timbers do rot and London Underground and Railtrack have used 1000s of C.T.I.S., C.R.D.S. Technical Author. (Hole Spacing Guide - click Gel, Boron Paste and Boron Rods. Boron content deep inside the wood. 3. check with us before purchasing to ensure that you are buying the correct These garden timbers become very damp and despite pre-treatments treatment products are supported with Method Statements, Specifications ULTRA Sites: It can also be used in most wood boring insect Timber occurred before the roof was lined. - call us before buying to discuss the details - 01626 872886 . Apply Boron Ultra 12 by spray to timber, Boron Ultra Gel to end Repair Systems, Olympus Business Park, Kingsteignton Road, Ultra Rod through the paste. a long term reservoir. skeleton gun; more effective to use because of the higher available

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