blue marvel vs superman

And reading through this thread. show 1 reply . Sentry was highly weakened? ", Superman is stronger than Thor So I don't see how that's possible for Blue Marvel to be stronger than Superman yet weaker than Thor. Blue with little effort could also one shot a moon also implying he's far stronger than that so again... Additionally this isn't all lore supes it's post crisis supes iirc or flashpoint due to the time it was made so what feats does supes have to for those eras that blow blue marvel out of the water? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. 3 years ago. Blue Marvel vs Superman # Blue Marvel I think Blue Marvel is really underrated. ". The DC Universe and the Dragon Ball Universe have many characters whose superpowers match that of some Gods. @King Saturn said: " Blue Marvel should win here. Vegeta will have his task cut out of keeping Superman close to his eyes and not losing him in the heat of the fight. The creator of the Blue Marvel, Kevin Grievoux, indicated the Blue Marvel to be above Superman in strength, but less than Thor. And to make matters worse the Sentry was weakened during that fight even confirmed by the writer. @abelhsu: lol? Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Vs Superman: Who Would Win? Superman's raw strength is unlike anyone. The Blue Marvel's source of power is the energy released from anti-matter. @abelhsu: yes it does. It is the Man of Steel's ability to produce lasers out of his eyes and these can easily rip through many mortal bodies. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Where did he get K.O'd? How do you guys think Blue Marvel would do in a knock down dragout against DC's golden boy Superman. Vegeta would be wise to avoid catching one of Superman's punches head-on. Going through a Red Sun surrounded by kryptonite and crash landed onto Mogo while fighting Superboy Prime. Although Vegeta belongs to a warrior race, he is not completely invulnerable and even in his Super Saiyan Blue form, his strength is nowhere near that of Superman. Superman prime and dealing with his own powers is only really the at the very top of high top tier,just like king hyperion,anti-matter man and blue marvel. Hyperion fighting Gladiator does not make him on the same tier. So much so that some of his moves are almost invisible to the naked eye. Fight takes place on a moon of Jupiter that's uninhabited. Unfortunately for the Saiyan Prince, the Super Saiyan Blue form wouldn't be enough. i was looking at blue marvel stats and bio and he is more powerful then superman .Blue marvel is stronger.He is as strong as a vastly enraged hulk or stronger.meaning his strength could exceed the hulk.By the way i am talking about post-crisis and new52 superman and recent vastly enraged hulk is stronger then modern superman.The sentry too. Clark since he has every advantage outside of energy manipulation and that can be tanked easily. Since Blue Marvel's matter/energy manipulation isn't psychic, rather it's expressed through energy projection, pre-flashpoint Superman's bio-electrical aura counters it, which was Blue Marvel last hope, Superman takes it with low difficulties, because Superman is physically stronger and he's by far faster too. I will agree that Icon and Blue Marvel don't get enough credit for their powers..But beating Superman ; well I don't see that happening for Blue Marvel..Icon , Gladiator,Mon El,and Superboy Matchup a lot better against Supes than Blue Marvel.. Blue Marvel, he can manipulate the anti-matter. Vegeta is so proud of his powers that he wouldn't want to weaken Superman, instead, he would want the Man of Steel to come at him with full force. Be it in the sky or on the ground, Superman is incredibly fast and while Vegeta is quite fast himself, he is not at the level of the Man of Steel. I don't know why the Blue Marvel side keeps saying he wrecked Sentry or is above Sentry, when Sentry was wrecking him in the begging until he knocked him into space but when Sentry bull rushed him to the ground from space he couldn't even continue. Vegeta belongs to a warrior race, which means he has been training to get stronger since he was a kid. Come on give credit where credit is due the man can deliver moon shattering blows he can harm superman with Anti-Matter. I think he'd give Superman a good fight, but he'd eventually lose, in my opinion. Superman is always in an advantageous position against an opponent he hasn't faced before. Depends how they choose to play this out, which sounds stupid; but IMO it does. 0. A one-stop shop for all things video games. If there's anything the Saiyans are better at than most, it is controlling their energy or Ki. The Sentry that fought WWH would stomp Blue Marvel into the dirt. It turns out, he isn't and while it is a surprise, Superman has always relied on his dangerous superpowers and freakish strength to get the job done.

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