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good lesson nicely put together. It digs into Genesis 1–3 to lay the groundwork for a Christian’s view of God, man, sin, and redemption. Instruct that person to draw a straight line anywhere on the page. Q. Visit and go to Worship Resources/Adult Discipleship to see everything we have available. He knows you and what you need. We are currently using the back to school series on work with our students. This verse says that we’ve been saved and called to a holy life because of Jesus, not because of us. He knows you better than anyone else ever will, and He knows how you’re supposed to fit into His plan. Which one do you think would be the most helpful? Yes, sex is a God-created gift for marriage and is intended to glorify him. The first team to make their bowl of ice completely vanish wins! This name would have been used in a more informal or cultural context, for Paul this would be the Jewish name of Saul. Why wouldn’t you want to choose to live out God’s purpose? Yes, God intended work to be a blessing and privilege for people. If He’s going to go through all the trouble of giving you grace way before you’re even around, and then calling and saving you—I don’t think there’s any way you’re an accident. A. You hid it under your bed, wrapped it, and excitedly counted down the days to their birthday so you could give it to them. Bible Studies. What are some ways that you can point others to Jesus? The line can be any size and point in any direction. But God is not going to force you to live according to His purpose; it’s a choice you’re going to have to make for yourself. The spoon? What is the true source of the brokenness around us? If it were left up to us, we’d probably be like the fork—trying to do something that we were never meant to do! A. Do you believe that God has a purpose for you? And then it says something really cool. 6. Scripture: Psalm 139:1–18; Ephesians 1:3–6; Psalm 104; Psalm 136:1–9. Q. He made it his mission to arrest and punish those that preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We all use them pretty much every day, right? Scripture: Genesis 3:1–6; Revelation 12:9; Revelation 20:2; John 8:44; James 1:13–15; Matthew 4:1–11; Ephesians 6:10–18; 1 John 1:9; Hebrews 4:15–16; 1 Corinthians 10:13. That’s kind of how I imagine God feels about your purpose. After Ananias spoke to Saul, he could see again. As God’s and our enemy, Satan uses doubt, deception, and lies to entice us to distrust and disobey God. Is there hope? We do not have correspondence courses, but we do have journals that are included in the Student Packs for each of the studies. We are sure it has, but don’t have any specific feedback about that. We discover our purpose when we meet Jesus. It’s a choice that you have to make. The cup would have worked so much better! God’s plans and purposes will stand firm forever. A. Jesus was the light that had knocked Saul off his horse and stopped him from going to Damascus. If someone came in here now, they’d never know there had been ice there at the beginning of the night, they’d just think it was water. Have you ever thought to ask God those hard questions we talked about—like why you’re here and what you’re supposed to do with your time here? Why couldn’t he keep the same name? Don’t you think He knows what He made you for? What tools has Jesus given us to help us with our new purpose/mission? Click here for extra resources and ideas. You can create opportunities to serve others in your community just to show them that Jesus loves them too. See? God sent a man named Ananias to confirm the calling the Jesus had given Saul—to preach to Gospel to others. Have you ever shared you faith story with someone? Is it hard for you to commit to following God’s purpose for your life? They may seem strong and sturdy, but just like that ice, they soon vanish. But the game isn’t finished until there is no trace of ice left, only water. But I don’t have any plans for the fork—why don’t you use that? Yes, God promised and sent a Deliverer who defeated Satan, sin, and death. Comment It’s a very intricate process, one that takes a lot of time and focus. In Jewish circles Paul would have always been known as Saul. Young Timothy had the same problem. Bible study on our purpose of life. Scripture: Genesis 1:26–31; Psalm 8; 1 Corinthians 10:31; Revelation 4:11. Pass the paper back to the original owner. If you’re worried about what your purpose is, yet you’re running around lying and disrespecting your parents—well, you’re not living out God’s purpose for you, because you’re not living in the way that you know He wants you to live. It also includes a fun opening game - Straight Line, Squiggly Line. Admin | Lesson 80: Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life (John 15:1-6) | About us Paul spent the rest of his life trying to fulfill the purpose that Jesus had given him. Have them pass the paper to the person on their right. Then be sure to check out the Holiday Bundle: First let me say thank you for providing lessons such as this free of charge. Your So What studies have been marvelous and educational. Give each preteen 3-5 minutes to make a “new creation” using the lines drawn on their page. Then use The Christian Mind, which further builds on Identity & Purpose to create a biblical worldview. We get sad about maybe having to give up our own purpose. When you come across a commandment, or an instruction on how to live, don’t look at it as a rule. Do I have worth and value? How do I handle anxiety? 10. God works in you to fulfill a purpose. It’s not your purpose, it’s His. Afterward, he decided to change his name to Paul so that everyone would know about his change of heart. Thank you for this wonderful report! He’s not going to force you to live according to His purpose. Saul was probably terrified but he decided to ask whom it was that was speaking to him. You were given a straight line and a squiggly line, but you managed to create something beautiful out of it. Okay, I kind of wanted to do something else with the spoon. Sure, God has a purpose for you. Those are really big questions, right? Have you ever really thought about how God intricately knit you together before you were even born? There is no doubt that Paul experienced a significant change in his life, but his conversion was not highlighted with a name change. DOWNLOAD PDF OF THIS LESSON >. If you do, please share! How to Help Your Teen Find Purpose in Life - Mark Gregston - Read Christian homeschooling help and advice with home school resources and Biblical guidance for home education. Scripture: Genesis 1:28–31; Genesis 2:8–17; Revelation 22:1–3, 14. Q. How can you begin to follow God’s purpose for your life if you don’t know what exactly it is? We recommend starting with Identity & Purpose. Okay, I need a volunteer to come up here. After preteens have finished, judge the drawings and choose a winner for “Most Creative” or “Best Drawing.”, After the activity, say: You made some great “art!”. Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life was? Scripture: Genesis 1:27–28; Genesis 2:18–25; Matthew 19:3–6; 1 Corinthians 10:31; Ephesians 5:31–32. God knows everything. He changes our lives and gives us a new purpose. This is just what I needed! So really, who do we think is better equipped to be in charge of your life’s purpose? There’s no trace of the ice left at all! Thankful for this study to teach my students! A. God knit you together. Yes, God designed marriage for our good and his glory. Truly, God has already revealed a lot of your purpose to you through His Word, so it’s important to make sure you’re living according to that. They can do anything they want to melt the ice—they can blow on it, rub it in their hands, use the towel, or even crush it with their feet. Q. That’s just not its purpose, no matter how much I thought I knew it could work. You see, Jesus had a different plan for Saul. Sex only within marriage—is that realistic? Jesus gave him a new identity and a new purpose. Identity is so important for teens, but especially for those whom the world wants to “label”. Have you ever wondered why exactly you were put on this earth, and what exactly you’re supposed to do with the time you have here?

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