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Hopefully this helps someone else too :). So sweet of you. I was so pleased with how they turned out so moist and how easy they were to make. Fast forward to my sons birthday (he is only 14!) Chocolate Root Beer Float: Chocolate cake mix and Barq's root beer, desserts - holiday - cake - Cooking Styles - Everyday Cooking Styles - cupcakes - chocolate cake - Father's Day - Cake Mix Cake - lemon cake - bundt cake - Two Ingredient - Spice Cake - strawberry cake - chocolate cupcake - Chocolate Bundt Cake - Lemon Bundt Cake.  I highly recommend that if you make it into a layered cake, that you use 8 inch pans (a perfect fit)  and line the bottom with parchment paper. I added 6 tablespoons of flour and my cupcakes turned out perfect! Id say maybe a bit over 7 with just whites? Thank you!! I just hope it tastes good. Waiting for it to cook now, although it smells delicious. I think this is too much. The flavor is very good, but the texture is very dense, almost like a steamed English pudding. Trouble shooting is how you learn. Hence the reason I am reworking it to try and get it right so everyone can have success with it. I would try googling 'strawberry cream cheese frosting' and I am sure lots of recipes will pop up. I say this to almost every comment on here, but this recipe is so hit or miss and I don't know why! Follow the recipe as it is stated. I don't know about you but I always seem to have those pudding and jello mixes all over my pantry. ~ from ~ these festive little cookies are so easy to make and perfect for your Holiday Parties and Christmas Cookie Exchanges! Possibly. I’m not entirely sure. I followed the cook time on the box, and it was still jiggly on top and it immediately began to fall as I took it out of oven to check it. It may not be good for cupcakes as some have said. 102 Comments. That's a good point. I would make sure the fruit is well drained, and you may even want to dab it with a paper towel to make sure the strawberries are really dry. So as I mentioned, I bulked the recipe and made 130 cupcakes. Or, I have seen red velvet pudding in the stores. Betty Crocker Cake Mix and a Can of Soda is really all that you need for this recipe, and the best part is that you can try different flavor combinations for different occasions. I apologize this response is so late, I hope you found a way to make the cake. Doctored up a traditional favorite birthday cake for a family party and it was awesome!!! Replace the water called for on the package with dairy. Can I use heavy whipping cream instead of milk? I made this and it was AMAZING!!! Hi! problems with the original recipe? I didn't fill it more than halfway this time but they still fell as they cooled. I frosted with a homemade caramel frosting. I use it with the pudding cake mix and it worked just fine. I added 3tbsp of flour to the remaining batter and the remaining 24 cupcakes cake out perfectly. In a mixing bowl, combine the butter and vanilla extract, beat using an electric mixer until fluffy. As others mentioned, mine too fell. I have to make this cake today so really cant afford to mess it up , do you have any revisions ? Jelly doughnut? It fell flat, but I'm layering and icing so not too worried about that, but I can't decide if I did something wrong or not because it has a wierd tang to it (is that the sour cream). Servings 12 So instead of a 2 layer cake, maybe do a 3 layer cake so that you don't overfill the pans. I have made this countless times and I use the now 15.25 oz cake mix and the smaller box of pudding. Out of 4 mixes only one didn't fall. I ruined a whole batch of dinner rolls with old yeast...that still ticks me off. I think they recently changed all the sizing on the cake boxes because when I first wrote and published this post the cake mixes were that 18 oz size. What about Key Lime--- Use Lemon cake mix & Lime jello mix? Making this recipe now for 'voting day's themed cake pops. How about white cake mix and lemon pudding. Hi Tammy! Just be sure to only fill the cupcake cups halfway. Well, I made my cake mixes exactly as directed with 3 eggs, 1/3 cup oil, and however much water, then proceeded to add everything in this recipe as well (for anyone who lost count, that's 7 eggs per box of mix!). But the cake rises while baking so it works out. Has the recipe for this changed any ? I would try adding a few more tablespoons flour next time and see if that helps. My batter ended up being so thick that just as I was going to turn my mixer off it quit working. The only revision would be to reduce the amount of moisture in the cake. Ham, Asparagus and Swiss Quiche + Pineapple Dump Cake - Dinner and Dessert! The recipe incorporated sour cream, instant chocolate pudding mix, and a variety of […]. DO NOT prepare the pudding, just use the dry powder. GF is usually dry and gritty. Also I want to do a strawberry cream cheese icing. When adding ingredients to a box mic you HAVE to add a few tablespoons of flour to the mix. Any idea for how long?? I have actually never compared this recipe using a regular cake mix vs a pudding cake mix. Once all ingredients are mixed, thoroughly mix on medium for about 2 minutes. Has anyone tried this with a Gluten Free cake mix? One pan burned. I baked lemon cake with lemon pudding cupcakes. In a large mixing bowl combine the cake mix, sugar, flour, salt, egg whites, vanilla extract, milk, buttermilk, and sour cream, beat with an electric mixer until combined, 1-2 minutes. Do you have a website or cooking blog? Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberry cake mix and A&W root beer Hi, I tried your recipe with a dark chocolate cake mix and a chocolate fudge instant pudding mix and it was amazing!!! You're so kind Linda. All of them are now 15.25 oz. Yours sounds delicious and I would like to add the extra ingredients. The cake tastes great and is very moist, but they’re so smushed you can’t even take them out of the wrapper to eat them ? This Cake Is So Good, It Should Be Illegal! If you want a light layer cake and are planning on placing a filling between the layers and then adding frosting, they're not your best bet. Not overly impressed! Oh, check all ingredients to make sure they are not expired. I’m going to try round two and add in more flour and a bit of baking soda. I don't think it would change the outcome but I can't be certain. Plus is less leveling but I am sure it isn't suppose to fall. So moist and delicious, with a very delicate crumb. I think part of the problem with the cake falling is the dairy/ fat ratio. They turned out great! I used Duncan Hines Butter Cake, melted butter instead of oil, full fat sour cream, full fat milk, instant sugar free white chocolate pudding mix, extra vanilla and Princess flavoring (husband loves this) and the extra six tablespoons of flour some posters said gave them success. I get really nice comments about this recipe and then really nasty ones. It's very helpful :) I too have never had problems making a cake/layered cake with this recipe. I just made this recipe and my cupcakes and cake fell horribly. I made 24 cupcakes and had a little left over batter. Adapted from, Combine the cake mix and soda in a bowl. Updated 7 Jan 2015 , 11:47pm Overmixing the batter is one, humidity and location is another, and opening the oven door during baking.

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