best time to visit scotland for photography

Glencoe. This can make sunset and sunrise hard work. As you can see from the photo in this post, we didn’t have great weather on our other visits to the Fairy Pools, and we had amazing weather this weekend, so we dashed around looking to get some nicer shots. Days are relatively short in the north over the winter, but in the summer there are very few hours of real darkness. Some years the leaves hang on well into November and other years they are gone by mid-October. With the mountain ranges being directly south from Loch Morlich, they lend themselves best to be photographed at sunrise or sunset. It is short walk from the car part through an enchanted forest, a beautiful walk in it’s own right. This really is beautiful. I hope you found my Isle of Skye photography guide to be useful. Well… we planned for cold rainy Scotland, not balmy Mediterranean Scottish weather! In the south of the country temperatures start to rise and spring begins to emerge. Hi There, lovely summary you wrote! Scotland is at its warmest in summer, which lasts from June to August and sees temperatures of up to 19℃. If that you’re not sure what I’m talking about, fear not, I have a whole post explaining neutral density filters and why you need them, to answer your questions. This does require a bit of effort to reach, in the form of a thirty minute or so uphill hike from the car park, which is easy to find about fifteen minutes drive north of Portree on the A855. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you look on Google Maps, directly across from Slioch you will see the road curves at 90 degrees before going over the stream. So what makes Scotland so appealing and why are some people put off visiting at certain times of the year. It is meant to be a good for evening photography. Call one of our experts or arrange a video appointment for ideas and advice. For information on positions and how to apply, please visit our travel careers website. It can be pouring and overcast in one glen, head over the mountain and drop down into the next glen to find beautiful sunshine. I lived in Scotland for two summer buts never made it over to Skye. However, there will still be snow in the Highlands and the Cairngorms. During the early morning the sun lights up the top of the crags beautifully. Finding the Universe contains affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. So if you are patient, you could wait a bit, or you could Google “exposure bracketing” and you will likely find something to help . It was simply us and nature and patience as we waited for the perfect photo. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter where we share our latest travel news and tips. Hi Andreas, I don’t think it’s crazy as long as you come properly prepared! During these months the scenery changes colour and is a fantastic time for outdoor activities especially Hiking and Mountain Biking, it is a particularly good time for people interested in Photography. We’ve stayed here a few times, and there are a lot of dining and accommodation options here. From a photography point of view we were unable to get anything good here, however, it was worth the visit nonetheless. Thanks for putting this all together. Thanks Marta! But accommodation and dining are not why you are reading this post! A Guide to the Scottish Highlands Islands and Mainland, March 10, 2015 By Greg Murray 30 Comments. That’s very kind of you to ask, but we don’t actually offer this as a service. It is always worth going out and exploring whatever the weather. From a photography perspective, I’d suggest you bring a pair of lenses – something that will go wide-angle, and something that will let you zoom in. Scotland is a country rich in history. During Winter if Snow falls on the Scottish mountains the Ski season will start, this can be a busier time in towns like Aviemore and other Scottish Ski resorts. The clear skies and extended hours of daylight are ideal for sightseeing and other tourist activities. That said, there are far fewer people here in the shoulder seasons and winter. Since 2016 we've helped over 2,000 people improve their photography - you could be next! Just 15 miles from the Kelpies lies the impressive Loup of Fintry waterfall. The lake has two car parks, the Western one, which you will come to first, and then the Easter one. Weatherwise I myself would prefer end of May, especially on the west coast and the islands. Temperatures will start to warm up in spring, ranging between 6℃ and 15℃, and you may even see some sunshine. Thank you so much. In summer for example, there might be wild heather you can incorporate in the foreground, as well as brightening up the hillsides. At the flick of a switch a storm can arrive providing stunning coastal waves. Is the photograph really worth the risk to your own safety or those needed to rescue you if you get stuck. Just before sunrise and after sunset apparently offers a really good balance between the artificial lighting and ambient. Required fields are marked *. All you have to do is hope for a still day so you can capture a beautiful reflection at the same time! As we drove South along Loch Maree it was impossible not to notice the imposing Slioch looming in the distance. April and October are usually the start and the end of summer season in many areas of rural Scotland, many of the attractions and tourist offices open during the Easter week and usually finish or reduce hours after the October half term holidays, but this by far does not mean the end of holidays in Scotland as many areas are getting ready for the Winter season. Made the Outer Hebrides-Tour with Rabbies and found your website during preparations for the tour. Hehe! Dumfries and Galloway forest has been classified as a Dark Sky Observatory. It’s a sharp ascent to get to it, but easy enough for anybody with moderate fitness. You can see this on Google here. Hence the name. My husband and I are setting off on the 650+ mile drive to the Isle of Skye this weekend (Easter, end April 2019) and I have just stumbled across your blog. At times of rain, the river will be higher, giving you faster moving water to play with. I visited in early June last year and luckily we got amazing weather out on the Outer Hebrides and Isle of Skye. Snow comes early in the Highlands. August in Scotland can be a great time to have a holiday in Scotland with many events taking place like Highland Games and Festivals, but this can also have a large impact on accommodation with many places booked up very early. The truth is, you can easily fall in love with Scotland at any time of the year. I wish I could tell you how the weather would be in November. Is driving difficult around that time of year? Being on the west side of the island, Neist Point would be a fantastic location for sunset (assuming the sun is out when you visit!). Please check your e-mail to activate your subscription. One Loch that I particularly enjoyed photographing was Loch Ainort, which is a sea Loch on the east coast of the island. Ideally on a gloomy day. There are several surviving castles serving as popular tourist ... Trossachs National Park. Another excellent Loch to photograph on the Isle of Skye is Loch Fada, which offers lovely views of a Skye classic – the Old Man of Storr (the next entry in our list). In terms of parking, there is a car-park at the Sligachan Hotel, which many people use despite the sign saying it is for hotel guests only.

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