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That makes the bank of the Sentiers des Saules one of the most alive and hip places in Geneva in the summertime! Make sure you get there early in order to score the finest viewpoint from where you can admire the majestic cliffs and the spectacular arch all day long! Are you searching for the best beaches Europe has to offer? Albania shows its best side at this delicious cove in the village of Ksamil, nine miles south of the resort town of Saranda. On its smallest inhabited island called Comino, a gorgeous turquoise-colored lagoon can be found, with picturesque surroundings and a small, but wonderful beach. It’s one of the newer spots, in a very cool new area of town , where a lot of cool new buildings are sprouting everywhere. The surrounding sea is home to some dangerous currents, as well as plenty of sharks, so your best bets for swimming are inland spots such as Lake Wabby and Eli Creek. The Old Continent is particularly rich in climate and terrain, offering hundreds of scenic waterfronts waiting to be discovered. There are dozens of accommodation sites very near the coast. Enjoy all these beautiful locations and please remember to pick up any trash as you leave these amazing beaches! Similarly to Greece, Italy, with its 450 islands and 7,600 km-long shoreline, Sicily is also a mecca when it comes to the best beaches in Europe. Those interested in ticking off the most unique beaches in Europe from their bucket list definitely need to plan a visit to Reynisfjaba Beach, located at the southern edge of stunning Iceland. Serra da Estrela is Portugal’s highest mountain range and first national park. Malaga, ... From Cancun to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico’s Northern Yucatan Coast is rapidly turning into one huge resort. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island is undeniably idyllic. Playa de Maro is one of the best beaches in Europe for snorkeling and even scuba diving, with its colorful flora and abundant fauna in its crystal-clear waters. You’ll likely see it on postcards, souvenirs and other memorabilia in all corners of Montenegro. The protected status of the area means its rugged beauty has been maintained and untouched - making for plentiful wild swim opportunities. It is so shallow that you can almost walk over to Ksamil Island, situated right across the white-sand beach. (function() { We’re here to help! This is no race, we equally love all of these spots so we put them in alphabetical order… Ready, set, jump! That would require … you can get 4-Day couple Getaway at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. No Spam! But Europe is home to some of the most impressive waterfalls in the world—whether it’s due to that waterfall’s height, its sheer uniqueness, its geothermal qualities, or other special features. We might not all be able to travel to Europe right now while the coronavirus continues to circulate, but we can still dream of the best beaches in Europe to plot our next coastal escape. Spa 28 in Paris After careful consideration, we decided to go with the Sicilian shores of Scala dei Turchi, which translates to the “Stair of the Turks”, as its most exquisite beach. Every single one of these European beaches is stunning in its own right. Where to Stay: Ecclesia Boutique Hotel offers adult-only lodging just a few minutes away from the beach, with an on-site spa center and Turkish hammam that you should definitely delve into! Bol is home to charming stone houses boasting red-tile roofs, narrow streets and a beautiful marina. The limestone structure is likely the most photogenic part of the Jurassic Coast and certainly deserving of a rightful place on the best beaches in Europe list. Not all of the best European beaches are located on remote islands. // Special handling for facebook iOS since it cannot open new windows Situated within the confines of Butrint National Park, it lies at the south-western tip of Albania and can easily be reached even from Greece. Hiking in Spain? After taking stock of the weather conditions and recognizing a calm sea, near-zero wind and a clear forecast for the next couple of hours, you can tackle the ocean waves with the help of your fins and get inside in a matter of minutes. Planet Earth is made up of 71% water allowing so many opportunities for great swimming. Your email address will not be published. Some cities tend to get unbearably hot during summer. Here are 18 of the best beaches Europe has to offer! Definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, and also the most iconic one in Croatia, the slender stretch of fine pebbles called Zlatni Rat (which translates to Golden Horn) is definitely one-of-a-kind. The colors and smells are almost seductive in the spring when everything is in bloom. BEST CENTRE SPORTS Europe’s Leading Sport Centre. This impeccably clean white-sand beach is best enjoyed during very hot summer months, when the extreme heat is balanced out by the wind and the chilly waters of the Baltic Sea. You can reach Benagil Cave via boat tours, kayaks and organized SUP tours. Where to Stay: The welcoming Elafonisi Resort by Kalomirakis Family can serve as the perfect base for your trip, situated merely a 10-minute walk away from the scenic Elafonisi Beach. Plan your trip with our list of the best ski resorts in Europe. Wanna dip your toes in some of Costa del Sol Spain's best beaches? Home > Where To Visit in Europe Updated: September 1, 2020. 4. It´s a glorious spot with mountain views and lush green forests, and dozens of beaches and little bays from which you can enter the water. Read more about the lovely beaches of Costa del Sol, and the beaches of Barcelona, Spain! For a brief time, a few museums were set up in the smaller homes situated right next to the lighthouse, but they were severely damaged and were simply removed. Zante, Greece. The Best Beaches in Algarve, Portugal Are you guys looking for the best beaches in Algarve to get your vitamin D on? })(); Owned and operated by Stefanie Brendl, who started the company with her late partner and Shark Week personality Jimmy Hall, Hawaii Shark Encounters offers full service eco-tourist packages that allow you to get up close and personal with these predators from the safety of a shark cage. Learn More About Best. You can also rent sunbeds, partake in waters ports, and hop on a few boat tours to discover more of the area from the sea. You may even be lucky enough to share your swim with a seal, dolphin or porpoise, which are all often spied along this coastline. Best beaches in Europe 4/5 - Europe's Best Destinations Official website of the Best Destinations in Europe. Dine on delicious and fresh Mediterranean cuisine at the Mar y Tierra Restaurant. Sign up to our mailing list for free regular updates with travel tips, reviews, and articles sent straight to your inbox! A lot of fun between city and nature! Here are some of the best places in the UK to swim outdoors. The smaller Lake Bundek is a lot less visited and a real hidden gem! Make sure you rest a bit and enjoy the view before you head back, since you’ll need extra energy to confront the ways coming right at you. The stage is floating on the water, making everything even more magical. Coming here is a lovely way to spend a day in the Norwegian Capital. The Best Places To Go in Europe. The Best Day Trips From Paris As amazing as the City of Lights is, everyone visiting should take at least one day trip from Paris. We rank the 25 Best Places to Visit in Europe. Creative Local Businesses’ Responses to the Pandemic, Photographic Project: Lockdown in Brussels. The lighthouse caretakers couldn’t keep up with the ever-changing conditions, so it stopped functioning after 68 years of trials and errors. Note for the winter: this is not only a summer place. Enquire Now. In the summer months, you can swim in the lake during the day and in the evening enjoy an open air concerts under the stars. Created with Sketch. PS – Don’t forget to haggle your fare price for a lower rate! When you are tired of walking around, shopping or having too many aperitivos, QC Terme is the place to go! The Balkans should not be overlooked in your quest to find the best beaches in Europe, considering their pristine beauty and affordability. We took into consideration features and aspects which are of paramount importance to us. The fine pebbled beach might not be too wide or too long, but it overlooks the stunning peninsula which gives home to a private hotel. Created with Sketch. All images & articles are copyright protected by Just a Pack © 2020 All should be visited if you are looking to explore the very best European beach destinations. In the... Are you looking for the best beaches in France? Let’s get started by taking a look at Europe’s Mediterranean coast. That’s why during the summer you should think about going to Seurasaari. But don’t forget your swimsuit and sunscreen. Check this out! Already as a child I was overwhelmed by the extensive axial structure with the several swimming pools, a diving platform and the concrete spectator stands — Julia Krakau, Nordhavn Basin Copenhagen (by Sigrid Charlotte Sturlason).

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