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This chunky soup uses simple, flavorful ingredients but is satisfying and comforting, and perfect for when you’re feeling under the weather or to warm you on a cold winter’s day. Arguably one of the most popular dishes from an Indian restaurant, chicken tikka masala can be on your table in just 30 minutes when you make it in the magical Instant Pot. With just two ingredients, this paleo Instant Pot recipe will result in melt in the mouth buffalo shredded chicken to be enjoyed in tacos, sandwiches, or on a baked sweet potato. #theendlessmeal #thanksgiving #sweetpotatoes #thanksgivingside, This Paleo Pumpkin Roll is a grain free version of the classic dessert. A wonderful, healthy chicken dinner for busy weeknights that's paleo, gluten, grain and dairy free. | #thanksgiving #healthythanksgiving #paleo #glutenfree #dairyfree #grainfree #paleo_diet, 40 Aprons | Healthy, Easy, Delicious Recipes, The Endless Meal | Easy + Healthy Recipes. Zuppa sounds so much better than soup, and this Zuppa Toscana takes it one step further, because it takes all the flavors of Italy and puts them together in one delicious bowl. #paleo #paleopumpkin #healthy #easyrecipe #dairyfree | @realfoodwithjessica. This easy Vegan Sweet Potato Soufflé recipe is perfect for an allergy-friendly healthy holiday side dish. With all the things which make pizza amazing – pepperoni, Italian sausage, and pizza sauce – this soup is rich, filling, and delicious. #pumpkinrecipe #pumpkinbars #thanksgivingdessert #flourlessdessert #paleodessert #glutenfreedessert #lowcarb, Incredible paleo cranberry orange bread made with a mix of coconut and almond flour and naturally sweetened with honey. See more ideas about Recipes, Paleo recipes, Paleo. Are you missing french fries? #paleocookies #pumpkincookies #glutenfree #healthy #easyrecipe #dairyfree | @realfoodwithjessica, PIN TO SAVE FOR LATER! Sample Syrian cuisine by making these Instant Pot paleo stuffed grape leaves; filled with ground beef, dried fruits, and Middle Eastern spices, the parcels are cooked in a tangy lemon broth. Also gluten free, nut free, and dairy free. #comfortfood #chickenrecipe #soup #souprecipe #glutenfree #whole30 #dairyfree #paleo, Incredible paleo chocolate chip coconut flour pumpkin bars that taste like pumpkin pie. Why you should do a paleo diet. This Paleo Whole30 Ham and Potato Soup is thick, creamy, and so filling. With Dijon mustard, rosemary, and garlic, this paleo-compliant ground beef stroganoff is both fragrant and tasty, and it can be made in the Instant Pot in less than 30 minutes. Whatever you do with pulled pork, whether that’s piling it on top of burgers or inside of tacos, this paleo-friendly recipe will help you make it in just 30 minutes. Would you believe that these ground turkey and beef meatballs – which are bursting with Italian flavors – take a miniscule 8 minutes of cooking time in the IP? You can serve these Swedish meatballs with a variety of sides; zucchini noodles, mixed veg, or any other paleo side you like, but whichever way you serve it, it’s going to be delicious. A paleo, gluten free, grain free, low carb treat to enjoy anytime! Plus, they're paleo, gluten free, and dairy free! Enjoy great food while keeping your waistline intact with some simple food swaps. Swap beef for turkey in this Instant Pot chili recipe and you will have a dish which is just as flavorsome but even lower in fat, and high in protein. Wonderfully vibrant, this beef and kale soup has a rich and creamy texture thanks to the coconut milk, and a little (or a lot of) chili powder to give it added oomph. I eat and live the Paleo lifestyle everyday. Sweet chili sauce is a must for when you want to add a little heat to your eats, and this one can be made in less than 25 minutes using only paleo-friendly ingredients. #pumpkinpie #healthypumpkinpie #glutenfree #paleodessert, Beautiful paleo pumpkin pie bars with an almond flour 'sugar cookie' crust. #bananabread #chocolate #glutenfree #grainfree #paleodiet #paleo #baking #dairyfree #healthysnack #quickbread. However, this collection of no-hassle paleo Instant Pot recipes will show you just how easy it is to prepare soul-satisfying meals – like butter chicken and cauliflower chicken – which are full of natural goodness without any of the processed, refined foods and dairy products which you’re working so hard to avoid. It’s delicious while being gluten free, dairy free, and low FODMAP. These baked jicama fries are a perfect side dish for those following keto, low carb, paleo, whole30, and vegan diets. Butter chicken sounds like a dish that’s delicious but incredibly unhealthy, however, you’d be surprised how healthy it is with this Instant Pot version which uses coconut milk for its trademark creaminess. Boost your intake of omega-3s by using sea bass in this delicious seafood gumbo, which takes a mere 25 minutes in the Instant Pot, or a little bit longer on the stove. With a deliciously rich and thick sauce, this chicken cacciatore (which translates as hunter), is full of healthful vegetables like onions, peppers, carrots, and mushrooms and is paleo, Whole30, and keto-friendly. Sauté the vegetables and garlic first and your chicken and rice soup will be bursting with flavor, and don’t worry about the carbs because the rice is made from cauliflower. Tender cake and a creamy filling that is gluten free, dairy free, and naturally sweetened. #paleo #paleodiet. These gluten free and paleo almond butter blondies make a protein-packed healthy treat! Now here’s an intriguing idea; sausage and pizza…in a soup! If you fancy a chili but want a change from ground beef, switch things up by making this white chili chicken which is creamy and smooth thanks to the full fat coconut milk. #theendlessmeal #mushrooms #bacon #creamymushrooms #baconmushrooms #garlicmushrooms #mushroomrecipes #garlicbuttermushrooms #whole30.

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