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It comes in two colors (may vary) and 5 frame sizes. The SR Suntour fork travels 75 mm up and down to absorb any imperfection and bumps on the road. This bike is available for just under $800, yet it’s enough bike to bring your trail adventures to the next level. Let’s dive straight into the features of Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive. The first thing I’d change would be the tires, they’d make the biggest difference. However, depending on their height, even older kids can enjoy this beautiful MTB. You can get a mountain bike for challenging trails without getting out of your budget. Typically, the best mountain bikes under $500 have 100 mm which is better, but this bike is much cheaper too. Happy riding! Hi Elian, These are all super bikes and it is up to you which one to choose. Fat Tires are most commonly found on 27.5” wheels. The Adventure Junkies MTB experts looked for bikes that would stand up to some proper mountain biking built with quality componentry. If you haven’t ridden one so far, we recommend Mongoose Malus as it’s great value for the price – fat bike for under $500 – give it a try! So which size would be best for me 16.5 or 18.5. Hi Tiffany, Please read the post about Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 . Cross-country bikes are most commonly designed with this wheel size. But sooner or later (and the former is much more common), the child will outgrow the bike. There should be such a suspension system that can make the bike absorb the shocks of the trails. Not Sure how to Assemble a Bike? So do check out the list and see if you can find something that strikes your fancy. This is the perfect mountain bike for first-time riders that will help you explore all types of trails near your home. All the products mentioned above in the article are the best mountain bikes under 500, which provide you all amazing features. won’t prohibit a rider from carrying it up and down stairs. Any suggestions? Lover of biking, small cats and wannabe mountain climber on weekends. There is a Shimano 8-speed drivetrain that provides smooth and speedy gear changes. The El Oso Niño prioritizes versatility over speed – but even though it might not be incredibly fast, the bike still has a pair of heavy-duty brakes. But, if some aspect of the bike does not suit your fancy, our next-best alternative would be the Cannondale Trail 8. When it comes to controlling, it is an important feature to consider as the mountain bikes should provide easy control. Hi Jeff Balton I am 5’4 110 pounds and I am looking for a mountain bike with full suspension and I was wondering if you could help me find a bike under 500. PRIVACY POLICY . They provide value where it is most needed, such as with components and strong wheels. We hope that more and more beginner riders discover Co-op Cycles because it looks like they might be the new Diamondback – proven to be reliable and a great value! It will be able to take a bit of a beating out on the trails as you learn the limits of riding mountain bikes. Suntour XCT with 80 mm of travel will make the ride smooth as butter. Get her a 16” / 17″ under the Medium size. It stands out from the competition for the alloy 4”-wide wheel set and 4-1/4” knobby tires that are much bigger than some other MTBs. The Dynacraft Firestorm Bike is one of a few options that give buyers very good after-sale services: a two-year component part warranty and a lifetime frame and fork warranty. However, the bike might be a little on the heavier side, due to its aluminum frame. The following are some questions that people often ask for mountain bikes: How much does a decent mountain bike cost? These bikes are best suited for entry level to intermediate level riders. After all, you want a good bike that will actually last. hi i am trying to find the best mountain bike under 400 that has very springy springs and can hit those jump. The difference you should take now is just the disc brake types, which there are two: hydraulic brakes and mechanical brakes. Thanks to their monstrously wide tires, you can comfortably and confidently ride a fat bike over rocks, through mud, and even over deep snow. Also, REI, the manufacturers offer free tune-ups after 6 months of purchase. By. I don’t want to leave it on the balcony, it is on the ground level and feel like it could easily be stolen. I wouldn’t advise going any cheaper than that, so if you have an extra $50, run to your local bike shop and buy the next level. The Mongoose status features a hydroformed aluminum alloy frame that offers plenty of stiffness and durability while keeping the overall weight down. Add to that the 2.25″ wide WTB Ranger Comp tires and you have a bike that is safe and stable, which is the most important thing. Hey Ben, if you’re planning to ride very aggressively, a $500 bike might not cut it for you. Mountain bikes under $500 that are worth your hard earned cash. Hardtails are simple, reliable bikes – and for most of us, they’re the quintessential mountain bike. If you can spare a bit more money to get the disc brake version, that’s even better , Hi Jeff my have $600 what’s the best I can get… I been looking for specialize Cannondale giant diamondback trek and more… What’s the best for that price I been looking too much that am overwhelmed for all this research… I think I need another great opinion like your from other perspective, Hey Brau, for that money, I think you can’t go wrong with a Cannondale Trail 6. A good drivetrain allows you to stay in proper gear at all times – this also allows you to retain speed more easily. Find your size and purchase safely from Amazon. Typically bikes have 1 color-scheme and different frame sizes, this Merax has 1 size and 2 different color-schemes! The Co-op cycle comes in three main sizes; medium, small, and extra small. It can accommodate riders of all sizes while still providing a comfortable and relaxing ride. Or, you can also look for second hand as the last option if you want to get something good but not too expensive. The prices of new FS bikes start around $1,000 for entry-level models. I was thinking about the Cliff 30 or Roam 4 2017. I hope you found the best mountain bikes under $500! Literally all but one, are $500+ now. Great bikes in this line! So, what are you waiting for…Choose your dream model and get ready to ride! As its name implies, the Schwinn High Timber is a great pick for youth riders. Fully assembled, the bike weighs 35 lbs – but the durability that you’re getting far outweighs the slightly above average weight. You can, and we’re here to help you along – with a list of five great budget mountain bikes. In this review, I will reveal the nine different best mountain bikes under $500 you can buy online!PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 situation, all mountain bikes under $500 are sold out. . In this price range, you can’t expect anything superb, but there can be a nice balance between the price and quality. I like to ride fast and aggressive and was wondering if you had any suggestions for me. I am quite excited to introduce this great deal from Cannondale! However, it’s the heaviest. Yet, it still delivers steady gearing and offers easy-shifting 7-speed Shimano twist shifters. I’m compelled to point out the Cannondale handlebar, stem, saddle, and seat post – these components are found even on much more expensive Cannondale bikes and work like a charm! Mountain bikes under $500 that are worth your hard earned cash. But what about the components? The word is out! You should consider all factors and should look for the best one so that the bike can be good for riding long distances on mountain trails. Double Walled Rims: Many bike manufacturers, especially online, lower the price by using weak rims that can bend easily. Either of the two is a good amount of travel for fun rides on bumpy fire roads or recreational rides on moderate trails. Read more about how much travel you need for your style of riding here. You can equip it with the following: Even if you choose none of these, the stock model is already equipped enough to guarantee a fun and quality ride. Searching for a new, high-quality mountain bike without breaking the bank? It has a Shimano 3×8-Speed drivetrain, which provides smooth and reliable gearing. In my opinion, it’s smooth thanks to the wonderful impact-absorption front suspension fork and ultra-fat tires. We tested eight bikes and found them all to be great values and competent machines. Any bike is better than no bike. However, the best trail-specific mountain bike around $500 that we’ve located is the Co-op DRT 1.1. Mongoose Malus comes with a steel frame that puts an emphasis on comfort and strength but does not sacrifice speed and weight too much. Yes - as long as you choose a high-quality bike from a reputable manufacturer. The bike’s wide gear range allows it to tackle plenty of challenges – but how do the tires stack up?

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