best apple trees for ontario

Honeycrisp Some trees are already available to order online for shipment in spring 2021 - the rest will be put online around the 1st of December 2020. Cross between the McIntosh and Red Delicious. Silver Creek Nursery carries these. It was one of the first high quality apple varieties grown in the North. Bred in Nova Scotia, it has notable disease resistance. Agriculture By appointment only 5094 route 125 Rawdon, Quebec Canada J0K 1S0 514-418-4109. The apple can be stored up to six months. won’t be growing citrus or peaches or sweet cherries, there is a Connell Red is the type of apple you want in your yard. It originates from wild forests in central Asia that are slowly disappearing due to human intervention. Skip to content Apples are particularly nice for the homestead, because many varieties store well in a root cellar for several months, allowing you to harvest them and put them into storage without having to can, dry, or freeze them. Nothing is better than an crabapple for feeding the wildlife. Montmorency is the best sour cherry for long term survival. Pretty plant, but not really for fruit. Even some citrus trees like the key lime can be trained upwards to a columnar style. Cross between the Kidd’s Orange and Golden Delicious. They ripen in mid to late August. Cross between the Jonathan and Wagener. Thanks for this great post. This species has been found to be the key progenitor of today’s domesticated apples and each seed is a vast repository of genetic diversity. We sell cold-hardy fruit trees suited to Canada's northern climate. All rights reserved. It is sweet and mild, with no trace of sourness when harvested at the right time. Ideal for fresh eating, in salads or baking. Another advantage of fruit trees is their size. I hope this post helps take some of the frustration out of researching hardy apples. Buying fruit trees 5. We've tried others and nothing stands up as well as this old-faithful. and North Wentworth, Brant, Elgin, Oxford, Middlesex, Lambton, Welcome to Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery . Minnesota 447 / Frostbite apple (zone 3) – These are an older variety, which was identified and used for breeding other apple varieties in the early to mid-1900’s, but not released as a named variety until 2008. They ripen in early September, so they will ripen before things freeze here at our location. Three medium apples equal about 1 lb. A popular choice in Europe and one of the oldest Ontario varieties. Close to 20 different varieties of apples are grown on 16,000 acres in Ontario. The Trust apple tree is dependable and one you can really Trust! What type of content do you plan to share with your subscribers? Or do they need to be harvested before frost and finish ripening indoors? $60 million, which includes sales to fresh and processing markets and on-farm/pick-your-own. our climate. Français, Home It’s best to complete the pruning just before the growth starts in … These trees will be no more than 1.5 – 2 meters (5 -6 feet) tall at maturity. You know, it’s funny – we are marginally zone 3 here – we have more-than-occasional zone 2 winters, but my Honeycrisp is doing the best out of all the apples I planted between 2011 and 2016. Since many plums are not self-fertile, that means you need two or more to get fruit. It is a must taste! Sweet and tangy. Mildly tart, with sweetness as it ripens. The fruit is red, crisp and so tasty! Huron and Perth, Aurora Discovered in 1800 as a chance seedling by John McIntosh of Dundela, Ontario. Large size, firm, sweet and juicy. variability in each of the locations by county, growers are wise Slightly tart; juicy, firm and crisp. It is essential to choose an apple tree adapted to Canada's climate. As a result, they need minimal care in order to thrive. A balanced content of sugar and acid gives Honeycrisp apples a pleasant sweet-tart flavor that varies in strength depending upon the maturity of the apple. The University of Saskatchewan also has extensive descriptions of the apples they grow at their test site, which are worth checking out. Contact, York, Peel, Halton, Wellington, Waterloo We have a collection of more than 300 varieties of apples, and we sometimes have surplus to share. I would assume it is the sugar content that allows them to take a bit of freezing, so it should hold true for any apple variety, but I haven’t actually tested that yet. Trade OnlyClosed to the PublicDaily 8am to 4pm. before planting newer strains or cultivars. We thank you SO MUCH for your patience and for continuing to grow your passion for fruit trees. You can get bushels of pears off a tree once it's mature. Sweet Sixteen apple (zone 3) – These apples are described as having a complex flavor that is almost spicy, and that taste better when grown in cold climates. Medium size with irregular round shape, it’s a green apple with a red splash and white, juicy flesh. Harvesting 14. Cross between the Golden Delicious and Jonathan. We will keep you up to date with the exact date in November. Delicious fresh apple but makes a great pie filling, too. Minnesota 447 is a perfectly crisp late season apple. Tart; keeps its flavour when oven baked. It is one of the very best of the russet apples. Norkent apple (zone 2) – Bred in Morden, Manitoba, Norkent is a very hardy tree, with good quality eating apples. It was planted in 2011, and I have not seen winter dieback at all on that tree. A lot of people have the impression

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